Is Lindsay Lohan Going To Call Utah Home?

Though Lindsay Lohan will be receiving outpatient care near the Cirque Lodge rehab facility at least through the end of the week, the 21-year-old may want to hang around the Utah area thanks to her new boyfriend Riley Giles, a 25-year-old snowboarder from California. Friends say Lindsay wants to move to Utah permanently. As for the people she hung around with before entering rehab for the third time this year, a pal tells The New York Daily News, “She could be cleaning out people who have been problematic to her career goals in the past.” Read more.

Lindsay To Be Joined By Sober Companion While Filming In LA

In Touch magazine reports that Lindsay Lohan will return to Los Angeles before the end of the week, when she is scheduled to resume her role on the film ‘Dare to Love Me’. The 21-year-old will be joined by a sober companion on set and will go home with her. “Cirque representatives are looking for a place for her to stay,” Lindsay’s father Michael explained. “It will be somewhere safe, where she can continue her treatment.” The full story at has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan’s Main Priority: Stay Sober

Lindsay Lohan tells OK! magazine that her main priority after exiting the Cirque Lodge rehab center is to stay sober, and stay away from temptations in Los Angeles. “I’m staying in Utah until it’s time to shoot ‘Dare to Love Me’, and then I plan on returning to Utah so I can stay focused, and avoid other distractions,” the 21-year-old said. Asked if she’s worried about a relapse, Lohan responded, “Of course I am! If I wasn’t I’d be living in denial. Temptation is always there but now I’ll avoid it the right way.”

Lindsay Lohan Leaves Cirque Rehab

X17 hears that Lindsay Lohan has left the Cirque Lodge in Utah and reportedly has been hanging out with her father Michael and a friend. “Lindsay has spent the last two nights outside of the Lodge,” a source tells the paparazzi agency. “She requested a DVD player and she’s relaxed and happy. She has her cell phone. She doesn’t need to go back to the center, except for a few out-patient sessions.”

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