Is Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 Things’ About Nick Jonas?

Popstar! Magazine spoke with and of the Jonas Brothers, asking each if the ‘Hannah Montana’ star’s song ‘7 Things’ is about Nick. “With ‘7 Things,’ I think a lot of people do, you know, think it’s about Nick Jonas, and if they think it is, that’s fine, or whoever they think it’s about,” the 15-year-old said. “But mostly that song is about who, um, they want it to be to. Like mostly, it’s if a girl hates her current, or ex-boyfriend for me it’s an ex-boyfriend so I think, you know, like, Nick is someone that was really important in my life, but I don’t hate him. It’s a good song and it’s fun.”

Meanwhile, Nick believes the track isn’t about him. “I think it’s funny. Honestly, I’m not insecure, my friends are cool so it can’t be about me,” Nick said, referencing Miley singing that “you’re vain, you’re games, you’re insecure” and “your friends they’re jerks” in the chorus of the song.

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29 thoughts on “Is Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 Things’ About Nick Jonas?

  1. lefty says:

    i still think that it is about him

  2. Tonya says:


  3. zsofia says:

    Really??? They announced it at E??? OMG!!!! lol! the song is great…i love it

  4. chasity says:

    it has to be about Nick if she showed a picture of her and Nick with nicks face whited out so duh ! I mean I understand that she put “your insecure” “your friends they’re jerks” but she tried to make it for every girl not just about her problems but about other girls problems too because even I know a guy who acts different around his friends so that’s my opinion. I LOVE NICK JONAS ! you can publish this if you want =D

  5. Emilia says:

    the song is most definitely about Nick.
    Miley never denies the fact.
    In the music video she wears a dog tag just like nicks and holds it up and kisses it.
    There is a pic of her and him with his face blanked out during the video.
    Its alright that she wrote the song about it but it was really stupid that she made it a public fact. Whats Nick supposed to do? Just sit there silently while she publicly mocks him?

  6. Arizona says:

    Well People! Can’t Miley write whatever she wants?
    It could be about Nick Jonas and may be not. It’s not our business. Give her some space. Beside, Nick Jonas sucks, he doesn’t deserve to be written on the song. CLEAR?

  7. Unknown says:

    Okay, so in the music video, Miley is wearing a dog tag necklace and keeps holding it up and kissing it or whatever… Nick also has a dog tag necklace. Also, in the song she’s trying to make Nick look bad because he broke up with her. And here’s something I think we all noticed: There’s a picture of her and Nick, with Nick’s face covered up. I was watching the video, and paused it on the picture and got a good look at it. You might not be able to see Nicks face, but I know for a fact that it is Nicks hair in the picture.

    The song is definitely about Nick.

  8. Jeenn says:

    mmm…I don’t know, ’cause in the video clip Miley look the necklace everytime!! and in the part that say ”my dear” he hang the necklace, and the video ends with her hanging the necklace!! what do you think?

  9. ellen (: says:

    I call Nick.


    he’s mine, sorry suckers


    I think we should eliminate Selena next.

  10. katelyn says:

    guys its not about Nick so she’s wearing his dog tag who cares the song is about all her ex bf’s and that picture IS NOT NICK JONAS I know for a fact it is THOMAS STURGES
    i am friends with both Miley and Thomas when I was on MSN talking to Thomas the pic was his display picture with out the white out on his face. so I repeat NOT NICK JONAS IT IS THOMAS STURGES!!!

    kk thanks

  11. girly =] says:

    uh who cares who its about? Miley can write about whatever she wants (and it’s a pretty good song). whether its about Nick or not it doesn’t really matter because I’m sure that song was about more than 1 of her past boyfriends.and the dog tag thing is dumb cause many people have those…it doesn’t mean its nicks,and if it is I think that it was a little rude of Miley to put it in the video because she’s publicly humiliating him and even though he claims he thinks its funny I’m sure its bugging him that she’s doing this.and the same with that kid (whoever it is) in that picture in the video.she was obviously trying to make him mad. I don’t think that’s right.but really it doesn’t matter anymore because I’m sure Miley has different feelings since she is currently seeing Adam Sevani.

  12. Blah says:

    Some people are talking about how she’s saying all bad things about Nick and mocking him and whatever.
    Obviously parts of the the song HAVE to be about him.
    But don’t forget she does the “7 things I like the most that you do.” Its not all about hating its just about getting everything out and saying what you need to say.
    And it is a song she wrote to help apply to lots of people.


  13. chris vdk says:

    If you look closely in the video Miley shows a picture of her with a boy who’s face is covered by a drawing… But if you look at the details in that boys head It is Nick Jonas in the picture

  14. sofia says:

    Miley is super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you

    Miley <3<3<3<3<3

    7 thing I love you

  15. joutdan says:

    Why wont people just leave her alone..she is just a girl.. I think she is the best role model ever and I will do anything for her

  16. Emma says:

    this song is so about Nick….i like the song but she should keep her personal life to herself and not make Nick look bad…i mean he probably broke up with her for a reason…me and my ex broke up but I’m not going to write a song about then put it out there for the whole world to see/hear….she should just stop being so up herself and face the fact that Nick Jonas is better than her :]

    love you Nick xxxx
    Emma xxxx

  17. Emma says:

    people who think she is there role model you need to wake up and get a life :)

  18. c and c says:

    That song is totally about Nick Jonas…………..
    There is so much proof :)

  19. Yasmin says:

    The song was for Nick Jonas. She described everything about him and admitted that she loves those things about him and that she’s sad about the break-up which explains so much about the rebelling! Just leave her alone! Her Life , Her Song , Her Fame , She didn’t tell you to listen to the song now did she? so you have no right to be arguing about it! Respect her and deal with life and how it is. If you can’t be Kind then be vague!
    *She held up a dog tag Nick Jonas gave her and kissed it
    *She held up a photo of Nick and her and put white tape over it.

    She was using them for examples of what a girl would do after a break-up! Gosh! Miley is a great person and so is nick! and when it comes to Miley , I do research , because I HAVE to know what happens to her! she’s my role model! I’m shocked that she even has haters because she’s never done anything to ANYBODY so leave her alone! Especially Nick , Why would Miley do something like that to Nick?! For heavens sake they even go out to grab a coffee together every once in a while! Nick and Miley are great friends! Miley’s not being mean to Nick , Nick was never mean to Miley , Justin is okay with them being friends , put up with it guys! Arguing isn’t going to fix your problem! I think this saying would go perfect for Miley ,
    “Sticks and Stones may break my bones , but words will never hurt me”

    Stay strong Miley!

  20. GURLY GURL:):):) says:

    YO PEOPLE! so…. um Oh I think that Miley made that song because of him because I saw it on E! so people GET OVER IT

  21. PaOuLLhiEne says:

    Who cares about the two of them Miley and nick, I both hate them they’re pretending but obviously they make people laugh bout the way they done things wrong….. stupid couple…i hate people who is so in denial

    what a song!!!! it sucks!!!!

    stupid Miley, and what a jerk guy!!!!


  22. jerisce says:

    well, I can say it’s just a proof that Miley is still in love with that guy which is mentioned in that video
    but if it is nick,we should leave it to her,that’s her life and we should respect,and I also don’t care bout the way she acts on that video,she just showed her TRUE colors,for short,we’re just wasting our time gossiping that stupid things of Miley…..=)

  23. jerisce says:

    well good luck to the paparazzi

  24. Anne Pauline says:

    …, she is so revealing which is the nice thing bout her,for me she did not respect the privacy they had of that guy…

  25. arrah says:

    breaking is being what you are if someone says that she or he wants to break fine,, there are many boys or girls out there ha!!!…do your responsibilities to your boyfriend/girlfriend so that never been hurt…..

  26. nadia says:

    I think it is because when I read miles to go it did say on there

  27. sparx says:

    she sucks and Jonas Brothers rock! Nick shouldn’t care if it’s bout him! Jonas should write a song about this bitch!

  28. Lovu4allways says:

    This song is definitely about Nick.
    Come on, it’s like a window, you can look through.
    Anyway, I still want to know why they broke up?
    They are all so mysterious about it!
    I’m sorry, but they know people will ask about it!
    Think at least of a fake excuse!

  29. Ayeesha says:

    It’s so about Nick!
    And no body else.

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