Is The Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Engagement A Disaster?

Contributed Anonymously:

I’m a fan, and I’m kind of shocked but not surprised that Britney is heading to the altar again, “for real” this time. Of all the people she could marry, why this Kevin Federline guy? It doesn’t seem that wise for her to get married while his ex is pregnant with his baby, and it doesn’t seem right. And obviously, she is not a Britney fan, which makes it appear as if their relationship is going to have a little drama aside before and after the wedding. And how long has she known him? I find it strange how celebrities act as if being in love with somebody is enough of a reason to get married and a sign that they’re marriage material.

Falling in love is easy, but marriage is harder, and with her lifestyle, and with her being so young, I think being a married woman can interfere sometimes and cause disaster. I just think Britney and Kevin should wait and take the time to know each other, because just like and her hubbies, they just quickly get married while they are in love at the moment, then when reality hits they let their careers take over and don’t seem to even have any thoughts or ideas of how a marriage should work.

I think with Brit and Kevin, there will be some trouble. I can’t imagine Britney being married to him now, or ever. If I were to meet Britney now I would shout, “Don’t!! Stop!! Don’t!! Stop!!” and slap her in the face and slap her silly. I just find it weird you know, I don’t think this marriage will last and it will make her more of a joke in her career (as if she hasn’t been a joke enough).

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