Is This The Demise Of Britney Spears?

Contributed by britney_luvr:

In 1999 released her debut album “Baby One More Time” and it seemed then that everyone loved her. The world just couldn’t seem to get enough of this little girl from the deep south dancing along a school corridor with pigtails and short Catholic school girl uniform.

The album would go on to sell over 20 million worldwide and span such hit singles as (U Drive Me) Crazy, Born To Make You Happy and the album’s title track. She followed it up in 2000 with “Ooops…I Did It Again”. The sales shot through the roof as it sold a record 1.3 million copies in its first week alone in the US.

Then came the more mature sounding third effort “Britney”. She unleashed this to the world with a VMA performance that included a snake being wrapped around her neck. While initial sales were quite good, 750,000 in it’s first week in the US, in the end it sold just 4 million altogether. Not bad, but by Britney standards this was considered, unfairly, a flop, and question marks were being raised about how much longer she could go on.

Dogged by rumors of why she split up with boyfriend Justin Timberlake and those rumors of her declining sales and popularity, she decided it was time for a break, so she took 6 months off to record her 4th CD “In The Zone”.

Then came the publicity blitz, that included finally admitting she was no longer a virgin, a number of topless photoshoots, after declaring she would never do such things, and, of course, who could forget that VMA kiss with Madonna. She was everywhere. She then even got Madonna to collaborate on her comeback single “Me Against The Music” which only got to a disappointing #35 in the Billboard singles chart.

Then came the release date for “In The Zone”. First week sales were quite good, 609,000 and it got her to the #1 spot yet again, her 4th #1 selling album, the first female to do such a thing. But since that sales have been poor. Her 2nd week sales were down 60% on her first week sales, dropping to below the 200,000 mark. It also dropped to #3 in the charts. In the 3rd week, again sales dropped and it dropped to #7 in the charts and now in its 4th week it is dropping to #10. In 4 weeks it has sold 1.15 million copies while Alicia Keys new album has already sold over 960,000 copies in just TWO weeks.

Added to that, in the past year she has watched her former boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, and arch-rival, Christina Aguilera take her over in the charts and popularity. There is now more hate sites on the internet for Britney than Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and she is considered now more famous for her private life than for her music.

Are we now watching the demise of one time America’s sweetheart? Has she really become the most hated celebrity in America? And if so, why?

It does sadden me to say it, but I think we are seeing the end of Britney the pop star. She will always be in the limelight, but not for her music or career. Her sales are in free-fall right now and that in turn means her career is going like wise. It is a sad day for me, having to admit this, but I just can’t see Jive allowing this to go on much longer.

Bye bye Britney. I still love you, and thanks for the happy memories that I still have of you!

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11 thoughts on “Is This The Demise Of Britney Spears?

  1. rachel says:

    Okay for once I will defend that flop Britney by saying this. You guys should know in advance that Britney_luvr is more of a Christina fan than a Britters fans. She just has the name to trick people just like that slut XtinaFan is not really a Christina fan at all. Other than that I have always viewed Britney as flop even when she sold 20 million because I know she doesn’t sing a word. Lypsynchers= I hate them.

  2. crunked says:

    “Are we now watching the demise of one time America’s sweetheart? Has she really become the most hated celebrity in America?” uh…the title “most hated celebrity in America” belongs to the one and only J.HO!

  3. Jive says:

    How could you say bye bye to Britney! Just because she isn’t as popular as before, doesn’t mean she isn’t going to last. Uhm, not only is she the most searched person in the world, her videos are most downloaded and why do you think many people talk about Britney? Mariah and Madonna are an example of artist losing their fan base. But look, they lasted more than a decade and sold more than any female artist out there. This is only the fourth album of Britney and it’s okay to have an album that isn’t as successful as the other. Let’s help her and we could buy her album as presents for Christmas. Never say goodbye yet. Who knows what will happen. But right now, she’s in Asia, so that’s why we haven’t heard a lot from her lately. Keep believing

    You didn’t say anything about defending Britney. Anyway, thanks for that information. Some people here have almost identical names and it’s hard to tell which one’s which and who’s a Britney and Christina fan.

  4. Jaggie says:

    i think people are getting tired of her hypersexuality, because when it comes down to it, that’s all she has to offer. she’s not an intellectual, not a good singer, not a convincing actress, not a very intriguing artist. She’s essentially an overpaid stripper. She’ll be over in the next few years.

  5. single_female_lawyer says:

    holy crap, no offense because that was well written, but dang if I hear anoughter essay about HER I swear to God I’m going to go crazy. I say let’s leave the essay writing to English class o.k ? that’s were they belong :)

  6. JustinaTimberq says:

    Ok you are letting the Slutina fans win! How is her latest album a flop? It’s still in the top 10 this week idiot! You’re not a true Britney fan. Britney is selling more than most artists out there idiot so how the fu** is she over?

  7. ozfella03 says:

    ITZ fell down to No.12 this week in the Billboard charts but she gained 7% in sales selling 153,028 copies last week.. look at Missy Elliott her new album didn’t even crack the top top,and in it’s second week it fell into the 20’s that’s a huge flop for one who had two extremely successful back to back albums… does that mean her career is over?? the essay writing is so retarded,and isn’t this a music news site..keep the comments to the response section of the site and not on the newsboard.

    they both have voices like Britney, whispery and low.. and all dance pretty damn good… and they are more popular then the ones “WHO CAN ACTUALLY SING”… BS.. A Voice is nothing.. everyones got a voice.

  8. meteora says:

    Britney wont last long, because she doesn’t have what it takes to stay in this business for a long time. She doesn’t have a strong talent, just good dancing moves and sex appeal. That wont last long, sorry Britney. Britney fans, go cry me a river

    Just because the author of this thread is saying the truth and wont make himself believe that Britney is god makes him not a true fan? And just because you are a true fan you have to go around and lie about how successful Britney’s last album is when it isnt? Please *****, go eat fatass

  9. JMAX says:

    FYI – According to Hits Daily Double, the second week sales were 250,000+ (not “below the 200,000 mark”) and after two weeks, Britney sold approx. 860,000 copies. That’s still 100k less than Alicia Keys’ two week sales, but I just wanted to straighten that out. And she may have dropped on the charts (to #12 on Hits Daily Double and to #10 on Billboard), but her sales increased from last week. Also, Hits Daily Double and Billboard are only US figures. On the world album chart she was #1 for two weeks and is currently #3, and on the world singles chart she is #1. Britney is not going anywhere!

  10. meteora says:

    oh please, Madonna is here because she is considered a legend, and that’s because she started the whole sex-sells rule. And Janet is here because she also started out a long time ago. Notice how all the really legendary performers started way back then. Like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Madonna. And Also voice does matter, after all that’s why we call them singers, because they can sing. Britney cant, she can’t even hit any notes not to mention high ones. Shes not a singer, face it. That’s why she has only few ballads, and the rest are lollipop music.

  11. grprincess says:

    You are an idiot’, ‘Nice try Christina fan. First of all why don’t you look at Xtina’s sales of her first album vs Stripped? There is a big decline there as well. In fact the decline is sales had to do with the whole industry. Second you make it sound like 4M copies for Britney is bad-how much has Stripped sold dumbass? How about Justified? Third, you are deluded if you think Christina has taken over popularity wise. Brit has always bee and still is more popular than Xtina. Fourth, Album sales USUALLY decline after the first week you idiot especially for well known artists that have big first week sales. What is your point then? Fifth, yes Brit has a lot of hate sites as do a lot of other celebrities. The fact she has so many shows how popular and huge she is. Everyone has an opinion of her and has to talk about her. Why don’t you compare the number of love sites for Britney and Xtina. I bet Britney has way more than anyone else. Seems like Britney haters try to skew everything to prove Brit’s career is over. Wasn’t this what they were saying over a year ago but she is still here. Face it Brit is here to stay.

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