Isaac Hanson Feels There’s Room For A Third Party

Isaac spoke with The Press Herald of Maine about his feelings going into this fall’s U.S. presidential campaign and the heated political climate that hasn’t been kind to celebs who express their partisan views. “I think that we as artists and human beings are constantly idealists,” the oldest Hanson brother said. “We want our cake and to eat it, too, and I think that no matter who it is, we gotta remember that life is not that easy. It’s a lot more complex and also our political system is very complicated. I’d much rather (politicians) actually talk about doing something productive instead of blocking bills by the other party. I think there’s a lot of room these days for a third party, honestly. I think you have to know your audience. I think you have to not be blind to the fact that just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean that your audience gives a (expletive). You won’t see me making comments one side or another. I make my decisions in the voting booth.”

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