It Sucks How Enrique’s ‘So Called’ Fans Are Dumping On Him

Contributed anonymously:

It totally sucks how ’ so called fans turn on him when there’s the least little gossip out there, They are supposed to be his fans, right?! First they dump on him when they think his ‘Addicted’ song was written about Anna Kournikova, then they dump on him because of the hype about Mischa Barton that starred in his ‘Addicted’ video saying she was to young and she shouldn’t of done it. Well she had her mom’s permission and her mom was right there while she was shooting the video. It was a great video and done in good taste. Now everyone is jumping on Enrique for his site charging fans to post messages, saying things like, “The rich get richer” and “I won’t support Enrique anymore.” Come on! You’re supposed to be his loyal fans! Enrique probably has nothing to do with it. He probably doesn’t even know about it and would feel bad if he did. Enrique has lousy management and they are the ones that do all this sh** and Enrique gets dumped on for it! Enrique is all for his fans, he loves his fans and any true fan of his would realize that! How many song artist are as approachable and caring as Enrique is? How many other artist bring a girl onstage and makes her dreams come true, by singing to her during his concerts as Enrique does? Enrique is an amazing, caring and wonderful, man he doesn’t deserve all this bad publicity and being dumped on he gets. So fans out there, please wise up and give him the respect and love he deserves! I always will. Sincerely, Judy Iovine.

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4 thoughts on “It Sucks How Enrique’s ‘So Called’ Fans Are Dumping On Him

  1. JtSbabygurl013181 says:

    no one cares about Enrique anyway…please could everyone let up on the essays!

  2. hotstuff says:

    He’ll never grow as an artist. all of his songs and videos are the same. each video, there’s always the love interest where he’s longing for her and over acting the song w/ his hand gestures to the camera, and looking all troubled and in pain and sh**. same predictable crap.

  3. LocaEnamorada says:

    quote “Enrique probably has nothing to do with it. He probably doesn’t even know about it and would feel bad if he did.” Are you kidding? You are so naive! Of course Enrique KNOWS about the whole thing. Why would he feel bad? Do you think that he, or any other artist, is in it to make the people happy? It’s a business. And when Enrique brings the girl up the stage- it’s not to make HER happy. It’s all part of HIS act of a “Latin Lover”…cheap!

  4. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Any artist that makes fans PAY to post on their message board SUCKS! Enrique obviously doesn’t care about his fans AT ALL!

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