It’s All About The Music

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Lately I been sick and tired of some of you people who assume that just because an artist is a legend (or a king/queen of music), and is stated as that in encyclopedias and dictionaries, that YOUR opinion is fact. Everyone who disagrees, you assume that they’re wrong, and once again you have to write another essay to make your point (kind of like a defense mechanism..?). Well I say if you are passionate about that kind of thing, that’s great, more power to you. But it’s one thing to be passionate about those artist and give information about them than to act so defensive and act as if people can’t think for themselves. For instance, I know that Elvis and the Beatles are in encyclopedias and dictionaries, but who ever said that my tastes in music has to be decided from a book? What happened to just deciding that for myself? Of course nobody is denying, or will deny, that the Beatles and Elvis were the greatest music artists in the world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I HAVE to agree with you or an encyclopedia. Personally I don’t think Elvis was the greatest artist in the world, and most of his music just doesn’t speak to me. Does that make me WRONG? No. Does it make your opinion right because a book says so? Um, no, I don’t think so either. Stop being so defensive (and don’t deny that you are… if you have to write an essay about it and practically write another one within your essay, you are being defensive….). At the end of the day PEOPLE WILL LIKE WHOEVER THEY LIKE REGARDLESS OF HOW LEGENDARY THEY WERE OR HOW MANY BOOKS SAY SO. End of story.

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