It’s Easy To Dress As Christina Aguilera For Halloween

Jay Leno joked during his Halloween Tonight Show monologue on Thursday, “In fact, here’s a little Halloween tip. If you can’t afford a costume, just go out naked and say you’re Christina Aguilera.” He later turned his attention to *NSYNC joking, “I understand Lance Bass is going out dressed up as an astronaut. So, that will be nice. Apparently, it’s as close as he’s going to get.” Jay refocused on Aguilera talking about her admission on sleeping with a white man for the first time and not liking it. They had a rebuttal on Aguilera’s comments from comedian Gilbert Godfried, who said, “How can Christina Aguilera say that I’m a bad lover? How is she able to tell that in only two minutes? Which, by the way, is three seconds longer than I lasted with Britney Spears. So there.”

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