It’s Never Too Late For Mariah Carey To Get Her Easter Goodies

shared a childhood Easter story to celebrate the holiday with fans on her Twitter account (@MariahCarey) earlier today. The pop singer tells readers:

Getting ready for festive moments! everyone is enjoying the holiday. Lots of love!

When I was 4, I went on an Easter egg hunt and I actually stumbled upon “THE BONUS EGG” aka I WON!!! But…(TBC)

Then… This 12yr old girl stole the BONUS EGG right out of my hand and and ran around saying.. “I got the BONUS EGG!!!” (TBC)

Easter saga cont. Anyway, she won a HUGE Easter basket w/stuffed animals and candy and she didn’t even find the frikin egg!!!(Cont)

Of course nooobody believed ME when I said I’d found the bonus egg before that mean little girl.. but whatever because…..Cont

As I was writing this Easter Saga for u. My husband handed me a HUGE pink Easter basket filled w/stuffed animals, balloons, candy and cards: )

So the moral of the story is: It’s never too late to get your goodies! Happy Easter!

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