It’s Official: Overexposed Thongs Are Tacky

The New York Daily News reports that the thong is losing its popularity as more women are trading in butt floss for roomier underwear. “The visible thong string as fashion statement is just skanky,” says 27-year-old Kayte Terry. Women aren’t the only ones who think thongs are naughty without being nice. “Girls wear thongs out on the weekends and it starts off looking Britney and J.Lo-ish, but by the end of the night it ends up looking horrible and embarrassing,” says Matt Donnelly, 25, a bartender in Montclair, New Jersey. “If girls could see what their thong outfits looked like from my perspective at last call, they would never wear one out again.”

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One thought on “It’s Official: Overexposed Thongs Are Tacky

  1. JMAX says:

    Yeah, it does look kinda stupid to have a thong sticking out above the pants. Maybe more girls should be like Christina and just forget the pants altogether. Just kidding.

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