Jack Osbourne Hopes Kelly Does Well With ‘Shut Up’

Jack Osbourne tells Bill Brioux of the Toronto Sun that he’s looking forward to today’s release of his sister Kelly Osbourne’s debut album ‘Shut Up’. “I’m proud of her. I really am,” says Jack. “It’s not the type of stuff I’m really into, but it’s good music and I know it’s going to do well.”

On K-Rock

was on the Cane and Cabbie show on Tuesday (November 26). Kelly said her mom was doing well, she talked about her Claus Fest gig, her TRL appearance on Monday and why she was grabbing herself during her performance — her shirt almost fell off, her boyfriend Bert from The Used, the MadTV performance, her Irving Plaza gig last night, her reality that she wouldn’t be doing the album were not for ‘The Osbournes’, and more. Kelly says she cannot talk about Christina Aguilera anymore because she got in so much trouble. Audio has since been removed.

Feels Lucky To Release ‘Shut Up’

Kelly Osbourne tells MTV News that she considers herself lucky to have the opportunity to release her debut album ‘Shut Up’. “When you’re a little kid, you always say, ‘I’m going to be a pop star when I grow up,’ but I never really thought much of it,” the 18-year-old Osbourne revealed. “The opportunity came my way, and I kind of took it. It was never something that I’ve been struggling to do my whole entire life. I consider myself lucky.”

Kelly And Jack Osbourne Fight About ‘Shut Up’

Extra TV previewed season two of ‘The Osbournes’ and caught up with Jack Osbourne at the launch party for The Sims Online video game. During the clip, Jack tells his sister Kelly Osbourne that he hopes her ‘Shut Up’ album flops after she said she hopes he gets beat up. Jack has since toned down his comment and said it was prompted by her getting all the attention.

Kelly Osbourne Doing First Live AOL Session

Kelly Osbourne will give an exclusive live interview Monday (7:30 p.m. ET) on AOL’s Sessions@AOL, which features artist performances and interviews. It’s the first time that Sessions@AOL is going live. AOL members will be able to submit questions to Osbourne before and during the interview via AOL Keyword: Live. The chat will run for 30 minutes and will highlight Kelly’s new album, ‘Shut Up,’ which hits stores Tuesday (November 26).

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