Jacko Dangles Baby Off Balcony, Stuns Fans, Uri Geller

shocked onlookers in Berlin after appearing to dangle a baby from a fifth-floor hotel balcony earlier today. The dangerous move shocked his pal Uri Geller, who told ITV, “If that was his child it’s highly irresponsible and I will tell that to Michael. It’s hard for me to believe that Michael did that to any baby. I don’t know if that was a real baby to be honest. I just cannot believe that Michael would do this, to show the fans his baby by dangerously dangling a little human being over a railing. I’m stunned, I’m shocked. I will tell him – Michael, what have you done, what made you lift up your baby, or any baby over a railing that was six or seven stories high? I’m honestly shocked and I will speak to him and I’m very concerned.”

Signs On For Another CBS Special

November 18, 2002 – Roger Friedman of Fox News reports that following the huge success of his 30th anniversary special last November, Michael has signed on to do another CBS special in 2003, but this time Liza Minnelli’s husband David Gest will not be at the helm. Friedman speculates his reality show blow-up with VH1, owned by CBS, may be a factor. Read more.

Jacko’s Plastic Surgery Filed By Doc Under Pseudonym

November 17, 2002 – A blind item in the New York Post asks, “Which Manhattan plastic surgeon has extensive records of all the work he’s performed on Michael Jackson, but keeps the file under a pseudonym? As much as Wacko Jacko wants his privacy, Dr. Scissorhands doesn’t want anyone blaming him for Jackson’s disfigured nose.”

Ben, Jen & Jacko Items Reported On Weekend Update

November 17, 2002 – Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update had items on Michael Jackson and last night. On Jacko, they joked, “Michael Jackson was in court this week, where he was being sued for two concerts that he allegedly canceled. The plaintiffs’ lawyers wanted him to answer questions, but the joke was on them, because when Michael took off the surgical mask, he revealed that he didn’t bring his mouth.” As for J.Lo, the reported, “Jennifer Lopez announced that she is engaged to Ben Affleck. It will be the third marriage for Lopez, the first for Affleck, and the last for neither.”

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