Jacko Offers Neverland Estate For Whitney Detox

Globe reports Michael Jackson has offered troubled diva the opportunity to come live in his Neverland estate to help in her battle against cocaine addiction. An insider revealed Michael pleaded with Whitney saying,”Come on girl. I can get you off that stuff. I know the misery of substance abuse. I beat it – so can you!” Whitney’s response according to a source was, “Michael, don’t worry about me. I can take care of my own problems. It’s none of your business.”

Jacko Whining About Lack Of Support

November 27, 2001 – The New York Daily News reports Michael Jackson has been complaining to Sony Chairman Nobuyuki Idei about the lack of support behind his ‘Invincible’ album that has been slipping in the charts to the likes of and Garth Brooks. Jacko reportedly wants to have big billboards like Warner Bros. is buying for ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.’

Run-DMC Saved Culture From Jacko

November 25, 2001 – Russell Simmons talked with the New York Daily News about his thoughts on Michael Jackson and Run-DMC where he revealed, “When Run-D.M.C. got on MTV, there was nobody black on there but Michael Jackson, and he got his nose straightened and his hair straightened. And Run-D.M.C. got on and they said, ‘No curls, no braids, peasy-head [unkempt hair] and still get paid.'”

Jackson A Leno Target Again

November 20, 2001 – Jay Leno joked during his Monday monologue, “Have you seen the ‘Harry Potter’ movie? Man, this movie has broken all kinds of box office records, including — the young star of the film broke a record, the first 11-year-old in history to earn $1 million without having to sue Michael Jackson first. That’s amazing. An amazing statistic.”

Conan Compares Manilow To Jacko

November 18, 2001 – Conan O’Brien joked during his monologue on Friday, “In a recent interview, Barry Manilow — gave an interview. said — listen to this — ‘I may be white, but in my heart I’m a black R&B singer.’ And the strange thing is, Michael Jackson said the same thing.”

‘Invincible’ Represented Missed Opportunity

November 18, 2001 – Popmatters.com’s Mark Anthony Neal reviewed the latest album by Michael Jackson, Invincible, and echoed other’s thoughts that it could have been more relevant to his aged audience. Neal says, “There’s no doubt that Invincible represented a missed opportunity for Jackson to remake himself. How thrilling would the recording had been if Dr. Dre, The Soulquarians, or The Neptunes, who own obtuse sense of rhythm would have been a perfect match for Jackson, had any significant contribution. But, do we really want 40-plus year-old pop stars, who are 20 years past their peak, to continue to remake themselves for 14- and 15-year-old audiences?”

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