Michael Jackson’s Mom Blames Race, Worries Over Planted Evidence

Michael Jackson’s mother Catherine Jackson alleged during an interview with German magazine Bunte that the U.S. legal system discriminates against black people, and she is fearful of a racial motive behind the King of Pop’s arrest over allegations of child abuse.

Catherine also suggested her 45-year-old son may have been tricked. “I wonder whether somebody could have set a trap for him and hidden false evidence in his house,” she said. She added he was doing fine and was optimistic. “He’s not worried because he’s innocent. He is very strong.”

Uri Geller Praying For Jacko’s Innocence

November 21, 2003 – The Mirror reports Michael Jackson’s friend Uri Geller said last night he was praying that the star was innocent of child molestation charges. “Seeing in handcuffs was so surreal, almost unbelievable,” Geller said. “I have spoken to him twice before warning him that if he doesn’t change his behavior he is going to end up in jail. But he has a childlike mind in a 45-year-old body and he doesn’t understand. He just looked at me in pain, as if he was thinking he wasn’t able to give unconditional love to a child anymore. I still want to believe, I pray, that Michael Jackson is innocent, and hope he is able to prove beyond doubt that he is innocent in court.”

How Jackson Could Have Avoided Trouble

November 21, 2003 – Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Thursday night, “Michael Jackson was arrested today. You know the interesting thing is that this all could have been avoided if he would have stuck to grabbing his own crotch.”

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7 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s Mom Blames Race, Worries Over Planted Evidence

  1. rachel says:

    Yeah post this on BET for sure people will understand there. The little racist white teenyboppers would be “Like oh my god this is not about race”, yeah okay keep lying to yourself, in the f**king excited states of America, everything comes down to race and nationality. Even if Michael’s is not entirely based on that there are other high profile celebs like Kobe who they know damn well didn’t do anything and that the white bitch is making things up but they want to take him to trial anyway. Is just plain jealousy, the can’t stand the fact that the Black man has achieved something and surpassed them so they have to find a way to bring him down. Shameful, Shameful!

  2. tazzsgirl says:

    He’s one bleaching away from being Albino

  3. DJNY2AI3 says:

    It doesn’t matter how much he bleaches his skin he will always be a black man.

  4. rachel says:

    Yeah says who, so how come the media also comments on this African American who bleached his skin. If people didn’t care, they would have let this issue go a long time ago, the man has vitilgo and he also wanted to fit in with the whities. Which is really sad because to them he will always be a Black man. Being Black has nothing to do with what shade you are, as long as you have a tiny drop in you, you are Black. I am part Dutch and Portuguese and I know other biracial kids who are as white as they come but the fact that there is one drop in u, you will always be black. Michael should have been proud of his heritage but so true the excited states of America pisses me off so much that is why I decided to go to University in Canada. In fact I will just move out of there forever to some other country. They are so many opportunities, yet so many limitations for minorities whether it is black, Hispanic or even women.

  5. blondeambiti0n says:

    rachel, you are the most ignorant piece of trash. It doesn’t matter if Jacko is white, black, or frigging purple, if he’s guilty, he’s guilty. He brought this on himself. Jacko and Kobe have been accused of something, and like everyone else, they will be tried for it. Everyone looks to play the race card…..but too bad in this case….it’s not about race. So shut the hell up and quit making yourself look like an idiot.

  6. venus18 says:

    The guy is crazy, nice but still crazy. It doesn’t matter that he is black, he is a 45 year old man who has children constantly sleeping in his bedroom, who holds his child over the railing of a balcony, who hasn’t grown up at all in part because of the abuse inflicted on him as a child. He very possibly really did do something to that boy. If anything it is because he is a celebrity rather than a black man.

  7. FuturePast says:

    Rachel, I am not a little teenybopper and I don’t think its about race, implanting evidence, etc. It’s about right and wrong. And using the race card every time a person of black heritage (I don’t see him as black), is accused only serves to not see that justice is done. Hopefully, the jury is well picked and balanced to avoid any racism or favoritism. Does any mother ever see her child as evil or wrongdoing? I mean that is her baby no matter how he looks, how old he gets or what he may or may not have done. And you have no proof that Kobe didn’t rape that woman. I think it’s shameful to call potential victims bitches when the only thing you know is the accuser might be white (I’ve never seen her) and the accuse is black.

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