Jada To Release First Single In January

April Forrest of checked in with fans on the Boston girl group’s blog at MySpace (@jada) on Thursday (August 28). Forrest writes:

Yea!!!!! We have a release date! JADA is proud to announce a single release date for Jan. 20th 2009! We are so excited! We just went to NY for a meeting with the label yesterday and discussed album progress. It went really well. Looks like life is about to get even more ridiculous.

We’ve never had a release like this before, so Im really excited about it. I guess, first we will pick the single-(right after we record 3 more songs in LA next month) and assemble the album based on our favorite songs. Then we shoot off around the country to do a Radio promo tour, to get to know all the radio stations and whatnot. Release the single in Jan. – hopefully jump on someone’s tour as an opening act- then Album release in the 1st quarter of the year. That’s kinda the short version of the run down. The release date is 5 days before my b-day- so that’s fun.

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