Jade Ewen And Heidi Range Talk About Their Childhood

Sugababes members Jade Ewan and Heidi Range talk about how they were as kidsThe latest video from in support of their new single ‘About a Girl’ features Jade Ewen and Heidi Range discussing what they were like as kids. Jade said she liked to play tricks on her younger sister, while Heidi said she was always singing and wanting to do make plays or dance routines for her family members to watch.

“As an older sister, I’ve got one sister, Shereen, but she was born on my mom’s birthday, so she’s very sensible, and quite bossy, so people always thought she was the older sister. I’d get quite annoyed, to be honest. I’d love to play tricks on her and I wasn’t really good at sharing to be honest. I really struggled giving her my toys. Shereen says she was told it’s fine, she’s creative, she’s gonna be a singer, so you can forgive her for her madness.”

Heidi for her part said, “I was just always singing, like always wanting to do shows for my mom or my aunty. I’m sure they absolutely hated it and were sick of it. Yeah, I was just always like making plays or making dance routines, getting them to watch me. They had to sit down and pay attention. I was a bit of a pain basically.”

Video at brightcove.com has since been removed.

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