James Blunt: ‘All The Lost Souls’ Was No Failure

James Blunt in the sun

spoke with the Herald Sun in a Q&A, asking the English singer songwriter how it felt to have a second album, his 2007 release ‘All the Lost Souls’, that sold 4.5 million copies yet the questioner said was viewed as a failure. “No one’s calling it a failure to my face,” Blunt responded. “Anyone who calls that a failure probably hasn’t sold a single record. ‘1973’ was a global #1. ‘Same Mistake’ is my favorite song from my first two albums. It’s my most-watched video. The record company said women complained I was licked too many times on the face in the video. I had three #1s in South America from that album and only one from the first. What I’ve learnt is that each country measures success relative to their own world. Does a chart place make it a good song? Absolutely not. A high chart place is a record company’s measurement of money, that’s it. It’s a very shallow means of evaluating success. Who knows what will happen on a commercial level with this album? On a personal level I’m excited by it and that’s a success. A lot of people will lose my albums and forget who I am in a few years, but I will still have them and I’m proud of it.” Read more.

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