James Morrison Fears Being Penalized By James Blunt Comparisons

admits to The Sun he’s a bit worried about his Brit award chances in the top British Male and Breakthrough Act categories due to the backlash against tax dodging James Blunt, who the 22-year-old is often compared to. “The main thing that worries me is people don’t like anymore,” he said. “I can handle people not liking my music but if people stop liking you as a person that’s not great. I kind of think James Blunt did a good album. It sold well but it’s not my style – it’s a bit wet for me. I try to be tougher than him. If we were in a wrestling match I reckon he would win because he is Army trained. But, saying that, he’s a posh guy so maybe I’ve got some dirty council-estate moves he won’t know about.”

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