James Morrison Responds To Keisha Buchanan’s Crush Admission

spoke with ITN Music about why he picked Keisha Buchanan for a duet at Friday night’s Children In Need concert on his track ‘Broken Strings’, a song of his new album which features Nelly Furtado. “I’ve always thought just because she’s in the Sugababes I think she gets underestimated,” Morrison said. “So I just felt honored to ask her.”

They interviewer also pressed James on Keisha’s recent comments to The Sun, where she admitted, “I’ve developed a major crush on him. During rehearsals I couldn’t stop staring at him and kept thinking about how much he looks like my other crush, Chris Martin. I must of looked like an idiot. I used to really fancy Simon Cowell but it’s all the way for me now.”

James responded, “I’m glad she upped her taste. Maybe I was wearing my trousers high as well. She’s pretty tasty herself.” But James has a longtime girlfriend Gill, who gave birth to their first child in September, while Keisha is engaged to Dean Thomas. “Don’t worry about it,” he said. “It’s like the unspoken. I know you’re fit.”

Video at YouTube has since been removed.

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