Jamie Foxx Interviewed Ahead Of VMA Hosting Gig

The New York Daily News interviewed Jamie Foxx ahead of his role as MC for the Video Music Awards on Thursday. Foxx will have to be the funny man while acknowledging the grief people are feeling over the tragic death of Aaliyah.

Foxx tells the Daily News, “I think MTV is going to handle it, and obviously everybody is feeling that,” Foxx said yesterday. “So many people will be saying things on their own, if need be.”

Salli Frattini, MTV’s senior vice president and executive producer of the Video Music Awards is confident Foxx will pull off the hosting job saying, “He’s got the right energy, the right edge, and he’s great to work with.”

Foxx previewed the MTV gig saying, “I’ll be in the tux with the tails, and we’re going to tie all the latest songs together with a real symphony. I went to college on a classical music scholarship, though I never thought I’d have to use it on MTV.”

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