Jamie’s Criticism Of Britney Actually An Attack On Lynne

insiders tell The Chicago Sun-Times that her father Jamie’s recent bad-mouthing of the singer’s hard partying, kissing Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards and making that dominatrix video with the Material Mom is only his way of getting back at ex-wife Lynne — a key player in Britney’s management. Though Jamie told the British press, ”She has to live with [kissing Madonna], but I don’t approve of it, not one bit,” a longtime family friend sniffed, ”It’s just sour grapes. … He’s out of the loop with his daughters — especially Britney — and this is his way of complaining. … Not that it’s going to do him much good.”

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8 thoughts on “Jamie’s Criticism Of Britney Actually An Attack On Lynne

  1. tricky2_sg says:

    Wow! I can’t believe Britney’s own father is talking about her like that! That’s his daughter! I mean, my dad and my mom aren’t together anymore and there’s a lot of things he doesn’t approve of but no matter what, he will support me cause I’m his daughter! I think Jamie is just pissed cause he’s not in Brit’s life anymore and it makes him mad that she’s doing all of this! How dare he blame Lynne too! Get over it Jamie! Your daughters gonna do sh*y weather you like it or not!

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    It sad that he feels left out…but I am not in the family, so I guess I wouldn’t really know whats going on. At the same time, I think its terrible that he would use his daughter to attack his ex-wife. Just not something cool for a dad to do, because in the end it affect Britney too.

  3. LadyBugg says:

    Yeah, I have to agree. I haven’t read his comments, but if this is true, its horrible. Again, not a major fan of Brit’s music, but that is NOT cool. She has a right to make her own choices, and for him use that to attack Lynn is low. What a loser!

  4. promisemewings says:

    Well, I don’t think my father would exactly be thrilled with me if I open-mouth-kissed a woman on live television and being in a sexy dominatrix video. I don’t think my mother would approve of it, either, to be honest. Who’s parents WOULD approve of something like that? I think Jamie is upset about it because he and Lynne raised Britney in a somewhat religious Baptist environment, and he wouldn’t expect her to do something like that. Lynne has been VERY instrumental in Britney’s success, but does anyone think that Jamie felt he had to put his foot down SOMEwhere along the line for this rift to develop?

    Well, it’s Britney’s decision to alienate her father like this. In the end, it will affect her, like B0rntoplay said. She could at least try to include her father in things, but she doesn’t, probably because she knows that the music/showbiz industry isn’t the place for him. I see her rise to fame as a trip that her mother instigated and they kind of left her father in the dust. I feel sorry for Jamie Spears, and I can at least only hope he and his daughter can be back on better terms.

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    I don’t know how true this is. First of all, Brit said in an interview on MTV that her dad was okay with the kiss. Second of all, this article says he’s been bad-mouthing Brit for making that dominatrix video with Madonna. From my understanding the video hasn’t even been made. Who’s to say the ‘dominatrix concept’ is even true? Third of all, this article says “a longtime family friend sniffed”. That’s basically saying “a source” or “a pal” said it. You really can’t rely on these “sources.”

  6. XtinaFighter says:

    I am not a Britney fan at all but if this is true then Jamie needs to shut up that is not right to say that about your own daughter!

  7. JuniorGirl04 says:

    Come on people…be real. He has just as much right to disapprove of what she’s been up to lately as anyone else does. Just because her father doesn’t mean he has to love everything she does…in fact it means he’s going to be a little more critical because her behavior is a reflection of how he (and her mother raised her). He probably doesn’t approve of nude photo shoots, semi-lesbian (semi because she’s not, just a publicity “hunter” [notice I was nicer]) kisses and all the other album promo she’s doing lately. It doesn’t fit in with the values he’s tried to instill in her. Also…her mother has always been the driving force behind her daughter. The woman practically has “STAGE MOTHER” tattooed on her forehead…and she’s going down the same road with Jamie Lynn. After they split (because he didn’t like the road his family was headed down, supposedly) I’m sure she’s been instrumental in keeping the kids too busy for him to really be involved with them. You notice that it’s always LYNN you hear about talking to the media, going to events with them etc. It’s because that’s what SHE wanted…and she got lucky enough to have girls that she could influence to want it to. Jamie is just a regular guy…he wants regular kids. He doesn’t get it because of her and he’s upset. I don’t blame him.

  8. jimmypee says:

    of course he’s out of the loop with his daughters because that fame whoring PIMP of a mother has just whored them out for money. she’s disgusting. not that he’s not a weirdo too.

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