Jane Carter Responds To Aaron’s Claims

Jane Carter tells The New York Daily News the claims that she mishandled her son Aaron Carter’s funds are “ridiculous.” She claimed her husband, who, along with her, thought it was a good idea to put their children to work, has mistreated her for years. “I know what kind of a person my husband is,” she said, adding that she thinks Aaron chose to move to his father’s Florida home recently because “his dad lets him party like crazy.” Jane said she filed for custody of Aaron and his twin sister, Angel, this week in a Florida family court. “I would love to talk to my son, but [Robert] is not allowing me,” she said.

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11 thoughts on “Jane Carter Responds To Aaron’s Claims

  1. popnicklover says:

    Poor Carters! Jane has been acting like a greedy b*tch lately. I hope she doesn’t win custody of her kids in court. Her kids bring home the dough, and she totally uses them! I hope Aaron and his sisters get to live with their dad.

  2. TahoeGirl13 says:

    I used to like Jane now I hate her. Poor family. I feel sorry for them.

  3. Minxy says:

    Stallion2 how would you like it if these things were happening to you? Not very much, I’m sure. If you don’t like him then that’s just your bad taste but don’t be so pathetic and read something about him, you’re in serious need of getting out more.

  4. just-me says:

    That woman got some serious issues. She let her sons fame get to her head. I’m glad the kids have their father to look out for them, or I don’t know where they’d be right now. She’s just trying to get custody of Aaron because he brings money to her pocket. What about Leslie? She’s also a minor, why doesn’t Jane want her custody too?

  5. mosdef says:

    Jane should be in a psych ward. She did the same thing to Nick, using him and stealing. That’s why he fired her. And if I remember correctly, when she made up those charges against Bob, she refused to let them see Aaron. What goes around comes around. Jane, all your kids say you’re crazy. Just accept it.

  6. MoToMaMa says:

    This looks like it’s going to be a long fight ahead for the Carter’s. I really don’t believe anyone from Jane’s side of the family… Jane has been weird ever since she started with Nick in the BSB, don’t think she is being very honest right now. As far as Aaron goes, hey, he will probably be back with his mom soon,…they always favor the mother, meaning the court peoples.

  7. Stallion2 says:

    Nick Carter is such a PRICK and he is so full of himself. The Carter family DESERVE everything that is happening to them now.

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I don’t even see one of his comments here….not yet anyways….I haven’t looked! Did something get erased?

  9. Stacee says:

    Nobody wants to hear what that dumb B!tch has to say, the only comments and responses we care about are the ones coming from the actual “stars” not the mother living her fantasy out through her kids.

  10. JackieA says:

    I hate to be the one to rain on your parade…and for those of you who are quick to judge…it’s time for the truth to come forth. All of this is going to be coming out and you may be shocked. You don’t know the whole story at all. You are only hearing what Bob Carter wants you to hear and believe….I have known this for quite some time and I’m going to tell you now that Bob is NOT the person you may think he is. Robert Gene Carter abused his wife for 24 years–physically, verbally, and emotionally. He also abused all of his kids. Bob has given kids drugs (I can tell you what kind if you want to know) he IS the person that embezzled the finances. Bob has a hold on his kids you wouldn’t believe. So there you have part of the story. There’s more to come…oh yes more to come. Bottom line….please pray for those kids. They don’t need to be with their dad. There’s also a new press release.

  11. snackattack says:

    Dear Jane, hello “BABE,” hopefully, you’ll read this … just remember that I’m here and I’m very sure you’re not going to publish any book because before you’ll publish any book … I’ll go and publish a book and this is right what major scares you! So, clean up your act and admit that you sucked on raising 5 kids because $$ count for you! The monster is YOU and not Bob Carter! Your very “beloved” … just guess?!

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