Jane Carter Tells ET On VH1 She’s Dissapointed In Aaron

Contributed by AiRMERiCAxAO:

On the Saturday edition of Entertainment Tonight on VH1, ET quoted Aaron Carter’s mother Jane as saying that she’s disappointed in her son for going on national television and discussing private family matters. Check out on repeats through the weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Jane Carter Tells ET On VH1 She’s Dissapointed In Aaron

  1. elperro2 says:

    There goes that little dick sucking whore AiRMERICAxAO posting more sh** about the Carter family. What a sad stupid little 14 years old girl I hope somebody slap that dick sucking whore and Nick and Aaron Carter are both queers just like elgato

  2. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Hey pedo get a life and quit trying to make others feel bad…because you suck at it. And if you hated the Carters as much as you say, you wouldn’t read and comment on every article. Thank you for reading another comment by someone you hate so much..You’re great at wasting your own time. Oh yes, I’m the stupid one yet your comment looks like it was written by one of the illiterate hobos on the street (probably your father).

    Jane says that Aaron’s trying to exploit this, yet she’s the one who announced it in the first place, is making numerous press releases about it, writing an autobiography, and stealing and mentally abusing her child…Go figure.

  3. rangergirl says:

    Why is the mother discussing the personal family matters to ET then? She seems to be a hypocritev-but then again I don’t know the details on this family.

  4. fingJTallnightlong says:

    that crackhead prostitute is talking sh** about her kids on national TV and then hates them for it… I knew that the Carter kids’ mental problems came from their parents. poor family, they’re so desperate for publicity and money so they don’t starve to death now that fattie nick has taken all their food and can’t even make a good album to pay them back–nick give your momma the 50 bucks you made on Now or Never, don’t be selfish.

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    um, yeah, so Jane DID discuss it with the media before Aaron EVER did, so who the flip is SHE to start pointing fingers? WHAT A *****!

  6. Hotstar says:

    Man when will this WHITE TRASH soap opera end. Seriously these people have issues, the whole damned ignorant family. The fat one Nick The Drunk driving daughter, the psycho mom, the wifebeating dad, Pure white trash!

  7. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    What’s funny is that Nick was twenty pounds underweight from around around the mid-90s until 1998 but when he started gaining weight suddenly everyone took notice. He’s not fat by far. Another thing, Nick’s a millionaire, so that fifty dollars probably came from the first hour when NON was released…To bad that’s all you make in a week.

    A) Nick’s not fat, by any means. CHeck out new pictures of him taken earlier this month. B) BJ’s a totally different story than Aaron and Nick. C) Jane is a psycho, I think we’ve all learned that. D) Those allegations were FALSE> Jane had NO bruises on her body at all. E) I could’ve sworn white trash didn’t apply for two extremely successful songs, one successful daughter, etc…But we’ve all got our own opinions…

  8. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Nick is HARDLY fat anymore young one…..’, ‘Why can’t you just get over it? And YOU complain when WE go into YOUR fave’s posts and *****…… Get on with your pathetic life, PLEASE!

  9. crazzzy_grrl says:

    I don’t understand why you people insist on insulting the people in the articles. They are just normal people like you and me, just a lot more people know who they are. If your not a fan, 1) why are you even bothering to read the article, 2) if you read it why bother adding you two bits in, coz all you do is start arguments about whose better. If your not a fan, you shouldn’t give a c.r.a.p about the artist, so no-one is really going appreciate you insulting people you don’t even know or care about

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