Jane Carter Visits ‘The Big Idea’

Jane Carter, mother of Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and Aaron Carter was on ‘The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch’ on Tuesday to discuss the troubled family situation happening with her and Aaron following her divorce from Bob Carter. Jane talked about the recent photos in the Enquirer of Aaron smoking what appears to be marijuana and the time Aaron spent the night at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. The program replays at 1 AM EST. Read on for a partial rough transcript.

Donny: Did he ever say, mom I am paying for this house and i am coming home and you tell me i am coming home at seven i will come home at 10:00.

Jane: He didn’t start doing that when the marital situation started breaking down. Things just started getting really strange. When I would go on the rode with Aaron and come back, I would find evidence of, you know, excessive partying.

Donny: Right.

Jane: And i didn’t like what was going on, so that created stress in the marriage.

Donny: You confronted him on that.

Jane: Yes.

Jane: How would that be stress. He disagreed on confronting the child with drugs. He said it is okay to do drugs.

Jane: My ex-huh, I believe, was, you know, a part of it.

Donny: What do you say to the viewers who say, they pushed these kids, they have financial gain from it, i am seeing the 17 year old kid my mom stole you could see it was heart breaking as he was saying it as I was sitting there my heart was breaking obviously he is a performer and could be performing and the allegation there was $100,000 that you miss appropriated in terms of what not, if i am sitting at home i have to believe that why would in kid want to ex-his mom out of his life.

Jane: Because of the divorce.

Donny: So it is because he is just siding with one parent.

Jane: Exactly.

Jane: If I gave you the chance none of your kids would be in show business, okay? Your family would be together, you guys obviously would not have the finances you have in terms of what not, would you do it all over on this one?

Jane: I don’t think it is a good thing to put young children into that element of the entertainment industry, because once they do become famous they become targets for many unscrupulous people. [popdirt.com]

Donny: This is the problem with this whole thing. The kid is ten years old, okay? On the one hand if the parent is completely controlling the money, there is something kind of not right about that, yet you can’t let the kid control it. You can’t let a nine-year-old, so what happens in a situation, how does a kid get protected to know that money is going in his direction? What is the answer here?

Jane: Well, I had an accountant that handled all of the finances.

Donny: He was your accountant you hired. Well, my husband and I hired him, and my husband is the one that worked with him hand in hand. I didn’t have anything to do with the finances. I was very busy and to say that Aaron was going out there working is ludicrous, because people don’t realize how much work it takes for a manager.

Donny: So let me ask you a question then. What do you think you are entitled to in that situation?

Jane: I was entitled to my percentage.

Donny: Which is what? 15, ten percent of what a managers get.

Jane: 15 percent divided by two which I had to split with my husband 50-50.

Jane: Okay and that’s the only money you ever took.

Jane: Uh-huh.

Donny: If Aaron is watching this now what do you want to say to him?

Jane: What would i like to say to Aaron, Aaron you need to start telling the truth.

Donny: How about I love you and I miss you?

Jane: Well, I love you and I miss you —

Donny: I am putting words in your mouth da —

Jane: I in miss you but very still upset with you right now and you need to start telling the truth.

Donny: If I had Nick Carter here and I had your other son here what would he say about the relationship between you and Aaron and his relationship with the dad how would he describe it to me.

Jane: I think he feels it is wrong that Aaron is — what Aaron has pulled. I think my ex-husband created a sibling rivalry between the two boys.

Donny: Okay.

Jane: Which hopefully they are overcoming now but i don’t know if it will ever be completely overcome. They are very competitive and he created that situation between the two of them.

Donny: Okay. You are making your husband out to be the bad guy here. There is a situation that when where your husband with his girlfriend you were arrested for allegedly breaking into the then husband’s house and beating his new girlfriend. Any truth to those?

Jane: That was my house.

Donny: It was your house. Okay.

Jane: That was my house. He had dropped the divorce proceedings. He invited me down there.

Donny: Okay. And when I arrived, I found Aaron in the guesthouse with a bunch of older guys drinking beer and partying and I was very upset.

Donny: Stick around we have more with Jane Carter when we come back. Don’t go anywhere. Bernie Ebbers Robbers attorney speaks out for the first time on big idea Thursday night.

Donny: Back with Jane Carter and talking about her strained relationship with her pop star son Aaron. Jane, I need to read you a statement from Aaron that says, Aaron Carter is bewildered and saddened by the allegations made by his mother, Aaron emphatically denies having or ever having a drug problem. How do you respond to that?

Jane: Well, I think that the pictures speak for themselves. Recent pictures in the Enquirer article. That was obviously not too long ago. And the fact is I recognized in the midst of my divorce that Aaron was experimenting with marijuana.

Donny: How did you know that?

Jane: Nick came up to me during aha buy Hawaiian tropic show we were taping in Hawaii and Aaron was on stage and Nick was sitting next to me and he said to me, mom there is something I have got to tell you. Aaron bought marijuana from a surfer dude guy today when we were out surfing. I was like in shock. And I said, I called Aaron’s bodyguard over and I said I want you to go case his room, search his room. While he was on stage. He searched the room and he found it, and we had, you know, a meeting with actually a couple of members of my staff and Aaron and the bodyguard were all present and myself and we addressed it and we said, Aaron, you know, you have a responsibility as a role model to your fans and kids around the world, all over the world to, you know, be a good example. He said, I know, mom, I feel really bad.

Donny: You also said off camera your husband has encouraged his drug use.

Jane: Yes, I believe that. Definitely.

Donny: Why do you believe that.

Jane: Because i think that Aaron wanted to do that because that’s why he went back to his dad. And the article proved that. The Enquirer article.

Donny: If right now you could be reconciled with Aaron, what would it take for you guys to be back together at this point?

Jane: Aaron needs to, like i said, he needs to stop this campaign against me and he needs to start telling the truth. Because let me tell you, he is a darned good liar.

Donny: What what happens to Aaron or any other kid let’s say his career doesn’t take off from here he is 17 years old a cute kid, but all of a sudden this kid, the lights go out, what happens to a kid like this? He is used it to, he came here, you know, he had his posse with him and this and that and he was very precocious kid, very bright, I was very impressed with how bright he is he seemed relatively grounded, but what happens to a kid or any kid when all of — when all of a sudden the lights go out?

Jane: Well, I think that is where a parent, you know, has to prepared them for that he eventuality because that’s what we talked about at length. We talk about people’s careers like the Leaf Garrett’s of the world and Elvis Presley, Macaulay Culken. Lot more of those than the one whose make it.

Donny: Let me shift gears. You gave him permission to spend the night with Michael Jackson.

Jane: No I didn’t give him permission to spend the night.

Donny: You didn’t know he was spending the night there.

Jane: No. He was escorted by his big brother.

Donny: Right.

Jane: And Nick was supposed to supposed to get him back at a decent hour he than an audition the next day he had to be at, and 3:00 o’clock in the morning, I called nick, I call Aaron, Aaron is not home yet.

Donny: But you knew he was going there, though.

Jane: Yes he was going to a party.

Donny: So you thought he was going to just a party of Michael Jackson’s.

Jane: Yes.

Donny: So you called at three in the morning.

Jane: When he hopped the ranch and he was going with Nick’s manager and I called nick’s manager at 3:00 in the morning and I let him have it. I was like where is Aaron? What is going on? And he said, just a minute. I will have Nick call you and Nick calls me half asleep. And he is like, oh, mom, Aaron wouldn’t listen to me. He wouldn’t come home with me. So you just left him there? I said, that is really wrong, nick of you to do that.

Donny: As a parent I would call the cops at that point or get in my car and driven over there is a 15 year old boy that is not coming home at 3:00 in the morning?

Jane: Well, it would have taken me two hours to get there.

Donny: Okay. Two and a half hours. To get there. In the first place. And I didn’t have a car. So, you know, I guess I could have called the police, but, you know, why? I didn’t want to make a big issue out of it.

Donny: And when he finally came back, he described this night as how?

Jane: Says they did dancing lessons and road four-wheelers and just, you know, there are other things he said but I don’t care to talk about it. Did he accuse Michael Jackson of doing anything to him.

Jane: No.

Donny: Did you and Michael Jackson keep calling after this.

Jane: Yes.

Donny: Did you have a problem with that?

Jane: No.

Donny: I guess, as a parent, I would, with Michael Jackson’s reputation or certainly allegations at that point, and you have this —

Jane: That was before.

Donny: Well, they have been out there for a while.

Jane: No. But that was before this most recent case.

Donny: Okay. Jane, thanks for coming. Tough story all the way around.

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6 thoughts on “Jane Carter Visits ‘The Big Idea’

  1. Smile says:

    Jane needs to get over herself and stop blaming her problems on everyone in her family. They aren’t the ones that are wrong here. Her story changes every time she talks. She has no right going to the media when it’s obvious she’s making a lot of this up. If she’s mad at Bob she needs to deal with that on her own and leave her children out of it. This is just low.

  2. PopLover says:

    Jane Is So Lying.. She Was Accusing Everyone Except Herself.. Get A Life, Jane! Aaron Is 17 Not 7, He Will Never, And I Mean Never Believe All Your Crap!!! She Was Blaming The Guys, Like Nick, Aaron And Their Dad.. Blame The Mom! That Her.. The Mom Is The Worst Person I’ve Ever Heard.. She Won’t Even Say I Love You Or Anything Until Donny Reminded Her.. What Kind Of Mom Is She.. And What “Aaron you need to start to tell the truth” Jane, YOU Are The One Who Need To Tell The Truth!!!! Jane Is A DARN Good Liar Who Lies To Everyone.. I Will Say She IS So In Trouble If She Lies.. Lies Will Soon Be Revealed, And We All Know, That “Full Of Crap Words” Mom Is A Big Fat Liar.. Aaron Will Be Sooo Sad.. Poor Kid With This Type Of Mom

  3. saji says:

    This was posted on another site and I agree with it all. I know some won’t read it cause it’s so long but don’t go jumping on Jane until you really know the facts. By morethanuthink83 “So you all think it’s ok for Aaron to go on this show and LIE about his mom?? Who went on TV FIRST and lied about his mom to the public?? Jane has every right to go on that program and tell her side. I don’t see why you all can’t see that. BTW Jane is speaking the truth. It’s ugly yes…but none the less true. She’s not perfect, no one is, but it’s the truth. All of this has been out there for a couple of years now but no one wanted to believe it. And it was not Jane that exposed it. Like I said, she has a right to tell her side of the story and the truth.” By Chica “I am not sick of Jane, I am sick of oh so many so-called fans who keep saying she was a bad mom. Whatever she does it’s just wrong in your eyes. If she’s honest in public, trying hard to make things better for her children, especially Aaron here, everyone jumps on her. If she didn’t do anything, like you want her to, then sooner or later you’d jump on her calling her a bad mom who didn’t care about anything that’s going on even though she knew about it. What the hell do you want from her? I don’t get it. She’s not perfect, but I wonder whom of you is? Have you never done any mistakes? Is everything you say and do absolutely right? Please tell me coz then I’ll go and call the pope, so he can consider you as the first saints alive. Anyways, Jane is their mom and she knows them better than you and I ever will. Than anyone else in the world ever will. And noone of you has got the right to start judging her. What you see is a bad mom. What I see is a mother fighting like a lion – for her children. And for no one else. She’s not doing that for herself since she probably knows a lot of “fans” will jump on her for that. But I truly admire her strength coz as far as I see she doesn’t care about that, she just wants to help Aaron and she does everything she can to do that. It’s not Jane who should be ashamed – YOU should be. You people out there making a scapegoat out of her. Don’t you think she has a lot more life experience than you or I have so far? I’m sure she knows exactly what she’s doing. And I hope she will succeed in the end.”

  4. down_to_earth_girl says:

    You don’t know Jane, you don’t know Aaron or anybody else of the family. If Jane is such a bad mother why does Nick stand by her side? He doesn’t even talk to his father anymore, or did you never questioned yourself why there is no racing team anymore? When Nick has a problem, he still goes to his mother because he loves her and she loves him. I don’t think that it’s right to fight in the media about it but obviously there is no other way because she can’t reach out to Aaron any other way! Don’t blame it on Jane alone. She made mistakes, yes, but who didn’t? Bob is guilty, too, believe it or not. Just leave them alone… You don’t know what this is all about! And you can’t judge them for what you think is the truth.

  5. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Kids who are abused (and the Carter kids were emotionally abused by their mother) were always go back. She can be a bad mother and her kids still love her. The reason the boat races might have dissolved? They started when both Aaron and Nick were taking a small hiatus. Now they’re both back into it. The family has been having problems since 1999, and the boat races appeared in, what, 2002-2003? Because the three had time.

  6. anonymus says:

    This woman is disgusting. Not known to be a mother and is unable to act as such with their children ….. Know that Aaron does not want or see and instead of saying good things about it is the victim, not able to say “Aaron, I love you”, she goes to his saying that Aaron “is a liar and you have to start telling the truth …. “. I have one thing to say about this “wonderful mother” and is simply: “Work and live longer exploiting your children, who are nothing more than a parasite that lives off their money. A money, which by the way, not yours “.

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