Janet Jackson Gets ‘Moist’ On ‘Damita Jo’

spoke with Upscale magazine about the song ‘Moist’ from her upcoming album, ‘Damita Jo’, where she sings about female ecstasy. “I’m equating the lyrical grace of gentle water with the phenomenal sensation of physical release,” Jackson explained. “I want to praise that sensation, celebrate the feeling, and recreate the ecstasy that comes with a total mind-blowing, body-shaking orgasm.”

Janet Jackson’s Funnest Track Didn’t Make The Cut

March 14, 2004 – The Raft spoke with Janet and asked the singer what track was the most fun to work on during the recording of her new album ‘Damita Jo’ on March 30th. “Actually it was a track called ‘Rough’,” she responded. “This didn’t end up on the album, but we had such a laugh making it. I’m sure it will become a B-side in the future, but we’ll have to see!”

Indecency Fines To Skyrocket With New House Bill

March 12, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports the government drive to crack down on the broadcasters after star Justin Timberlake exposed the breast of roared ahead on Thursday as the House of Representatives approved a bill 391-22 authorizing fines of a half million dollars per occurrence, up from the current $27,500 ceiling. President Bush backs the House bill and has said he hopes it’s on a fast track to his desk. But the Senate is debating a version with several differences that could hold up final passage.

No Softball Interview, No Big Payoff To Janet Jackson

March 12, 2004 – ABC News sources tell The New York Daily News Janet has been booked on ‘Good Morning America’ since November. They also deny that she demanded the network spend $300,000 on the concert. “It’ll cost closer to $30,000,” revealed one source, who also scoffed at suggestions that Diane Sawyer and Charles Gibson have agreed to a softball interview: “Diane and Charlie are going to ask the questions that need to be asked.” Janet’s appearance is on March 31st.

Janet Jackson Seeking ‘Safe’ Morning Show Interview

March 11, 2004 – The New York Daily News reports Janet has been shopping around for a morning-show appearance that would help rehabilitate her image. “Her people are saying they want a ‘safe’ interview,” an insider revealed. “They also want the show to arrange for a performance someplace new, like Central Park. They want the show to put up something like $300,000.” So far, NBC’s ‘Today’ show has rejected the offer, but no word from the other morning shows.

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4 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Gets ‘Moist’ On ‘Damita Jo’

  1. Lotus says:

    Was that all she could think of? I was hearing about how Janet was “reinventing” herself and this was the best she could come up with? I guess Rene was the one with the talent after all.

  2. mikemc says:

    I like Janet, but she needs to chill out on the sex stuff! Her past like 3 albums have been COMPLETELY about sex! And from early reports on this one, it’s her most sexual to date.

  3. Lava33 says:

    Well, I just hope that the album is good, does anyone know when its going to be released? Anyways, Janet is going to be on BET’s all access or whatever its called for her new video. I think Jermaine Dupri is in it. Its on on Tuesday at 9pm, but I saw a preview for it and the video she’s doing is not for the single that’s on radio. Its a new song that I’ve never heard of. Anyone know the name?

  4. JuSt1nKrEd1bLe says:

    The video is for the song “I Want You.” It’s an old school R&B kinda song that was produced by Kanye West. Right now it’s rising on the R&B charts and gaining a lot of airplay. The Just A Little While video is rumored to be scrapped in the US and only to be aired overseas.

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