Janet Jackson Insists She’s Not Gay

National Enquirer reports recently confided that she’s not a lesbian, though she admits to giving women hugs and kisses. “No, I am not bisexual,” she told a reporter. “I have been linked with dancers in our group because we are so close. I love intimacy and I am not afraid to show it. We fall asleep in each other’s arms. We hug, we kiss, but there’s nothing beyond that.”

“I don’t mind people thinking that I’m gay or calling me gay. People are going to believe whatever they want. I love people regardless of sexual preference.”

Alleged Stalker Suing Janet Jackson For $20 Million

June 14, 2002 – CDNow.com reports the man widely reported in the news media as being Janet’s alleged stalker, has filed a civil complaint against the singer and her Black Doll company. Eric Leon Christian is seeking “restitution for defamation, and severe mental and emotional stress he suffered because of the illegal filing of the injunction [i.e., restraining order] by Black Doll, Inc.” Jackson claims that Christian assaulted her, called her 90 times, and made threats, which led to the 1997 restraining order.

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One thought on “Janet Jackson Insists She’s Not Gay

  1. britainny loves janet says:

    that was very mature of her but I hope she is gay, that’s one step closer to my goal

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