Janet Jackson Porks Out

Dees Sleaze reports after wrapped up her tour she’s been stuffing herself and a friend claims, “Janet’s buttocks are now super sized.” Janet does have to slim down quickly though because she’ll be shooting a February concert in Hawaii and she’ll be doing bikini shots with the special… So stay away from those greasy foods and desserts Miss Jackson!

Janet Says ‘Sun Of A Gun’ Male Revenge Track

November 21, 2001 – Radio 1 talked with about her new track, ‘Son of a Gun’, which she says “It’s my revenge tale, really getting my revenge on guys that deserve it. It’s really therapeutic. You guys are a menace, you guys are always up to something, you’ve always got to keep one eye open with you guys, you’re pretty slick, pretty sneaky.”

Miss Jackson Gets Her HBO Show Too

November 16, 2001 – will star in ‘Janet Jackson: All for You: Live in Concert From Hawaii’, which is scheduled to air February 17th on HBO. The show will air from Aloha Stadium in Honolulu and will be the pop singer’s second concert on the cable channel.

Janet Horrified By Planned Jacko Duet

November 2, 2001 – The Star reports Janet Jackson’s performance recently at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was apparently going to be the scene of a surprise duet between her and Michael, but it was Janet who was going to be surprised herself. When Janet found out about the plot, she told handlers, “No way!”

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