Janet Jackson Regrets Duet With Beenie Man

Contributed by Kizzardkid:

In the October issue of Genre Magazine, admits that she regrets recording the 2002 track ‘Feel It Boy’ with Beenie Man, who in the past has recorded songs that include violently anti-gay lyrics, including some that advocated killing gays. She insists that she was unaware of Beenie Man’s homophobic past. “Truly, if I would have known that I would have not worked with him,” Janet said. “It’s shocking to me — we’re on the sale label, so I should have known. But at the same time I wish someone from the company would have told me, knowing how supportive you guys have been to me and how I feel about the gay community.”

In the same interview Janet also discusses her disdain for President Bush and her regret over apologizing for the Super Bowl incident, which she maintains was an accident. The issue is on newsstands now.

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3 thoughts on “Janet Jackson Regrets Duet With Beenie Man

  1. spotty says:

    Janet Jackson seems to be unaware that certain accidents require apologies. Just because you apologize for something doesn’t mean it was deliberate. She not only was right to apologize she should have done it on live TV rather than tape it. That’s where she was wrong. She should have had enough courage to go to the Grammys and apologize.

  2. trluk says:

    Shut up. She had no reason to apologize that was blown out of proportion by the Bush administration. And its the old fashioned conservatives who support Bush are the ones who complained so I’m not gonna waste my breath trying to talk you into that. I think Janet is really opening up these days, she’s cool and I support her. She’s getting better at dealing with the media.

  3. Scorpion says:

    Spotty, shut up! Janet said that she wanted to do the apology live but there was so much going on at the time. Her people said to tape it to get it over with, but many news outlets didn’t include the FULL apology. Second, Janet didn’t “chicken” out at the Grammys. When Luther couldn’t make it, NARAS gave her call and said her services were no longer needed. Now, what difference would it have made if she went? People still would’ve been upset and the backlash would’ve progressed as it did…period.

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