Janet Jackson Talks Mariah Carey Breakdown & Rivalry

News.com.au spoke with about whether she thinks about her fellow Virgin records signee Mariah Carey. Jackson said, “People talk about how we don’t like each other and we’re rivals. That’s not true at all. She came to my (record) label and I sent flowers welcoming her to the family.”

As for her breakdown, Jackson said, “Yeah, she has to take it easy. It’s one thing being a workaholic and another playing as hard as you work. I’m not sure if that’s what she does, but my friends tell me when I’m being a workaholic or playing too much. If I feel myself getting too stressed out I will make myself take a day or a week and go away with friends. It’s still going to be there when you get back. My heart goes out to Mariah, she’s such a talented woman. She’s going to figure it out for herself, I think she’ll be OK.”

Official Site Hacked

December 8, 2001 – JanetJackson.com was hacked earlier today with a screen that said “THIS SITE HAS BEEN HACKED AND IT HAS BEEN DONE BECAUSE ADMINISTRATORS OF THIS SITE ARE GETTING PAID MORE THAN MORE DESERVING ADMINISTRATORS!” The site has been alternating between being up and showing “This Site Is Temporarily Unavailable. Please Check Back Shortly. Than You” and according to posters, the Virgin Records site experienced a similar problem.

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