Jason Mraz Advocates Voting Green In November

Jason Mraz at a radio station in Paris, France checked in with fans on his Blogger on Friday (October 1), discussing the Pepsi Refresh Everything contest and green ideas. The singer songwriter tells readers:

In June of 2010, I visited the ravaged Gulf of Mexico with friend and photographer, Jen Rosenstein. At the time, the beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana were deserted and off limits to us. We knew our only hope in making a difference would be to use our voice, share Jen’s images, and rally citizens far and wide to shift their attention on greener solutions – not protesting – but simply acting strongly FOR safer and smarter ways of powering our conveniently electric lives.

One simple way we can make a huge leap in progress for Green ideas is to VOTE in this November election. Seriously! By electing environmentally conscious leaders we can CAUSE A SHIFT in the world and gain access to the wind and solar energy that’s right there waiting for us to harness. The hold up in Washington for decades is always “fear of spending” while oil money pays congress to not move on these issues. Yikes! Isn’t it time for a generation to stand up to the oil bullies who continue to devastate and destroy our home?

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