Jason Mraz Can’t Do Fictional Songwriting

Jason Mraz with his guitar

spoke with Examiner.com about the success of his smash single ‘I’m Yours’, his latest album ‘Love Is A Four Letter Word’, songwriting from personal experience, and his goals.

“I’ve yet to be a writer that can manifest some fictional story and try to understand some character’s emotion. I always write whatever is coming up from me at the time,” Mraz said. “So for the ‘Love Is A Four Letter Word’ album process what was coming up from me was love, love, love, what is all this love? And it really didn’t have anything to do with me being a master at it. It had everything to do with me not knowing anything about it.” The album about love arrived in wake of last year’s split from then fiance Tristan Prettyman.

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7 thoughts on “Jason Mraz Can’t Do Fictional Songwriting

  1. Anne Pham says:

    Wow! …Is is the last installment on this website under your name.
    Hmmm… It’s been awhile hasn’t it my friend? I thought it would be much more preferable that I expressed myself here as this is the place in which we meet. Like a sanctuary that is least likely to be disturbed.
    *sighs* I’ve decided to hand in my resignation by the end of this week. The formal process requires me to fulfill another four weeks in order for a replacement to be assigned to relieve me at my post. I was promoted to Kew as a Deli 2IC well over a year ago. Everything was promising… but when I realized all too soon why I was promoted… was because I’m so keen that I’d be willing to destroy myself overcompensating the old… Hmmm… I kept repeating it to myself and I found a lot of closure, spinning it in a loop and playing along with it. Use your head for your heart… Hmmm… The problem with me is? I become reckless and selfless that it becomes abusive… Not anyone’s fault… If a dog was given a bone, it wouldn’t think twice but to snatch it and gnaw on it… So… It’s no one’s fault in the end… Just another deep and meaningful lesson to be learnt…
    Oh! Before entering this store, I knew I would be stalked on Facebook, so I tried to use it as an outlet to reach out to them posting things in the public eye. To let them in on who I am. Hmmm… But inevitably… as much as you love em… professionally… there’s a standard… And constantly ending up in tears through emotional exhaustion… not being paid for the job I actually do… Hmmm… I know… Doesn’t sound like me… Hmmm… The amount of bullying that went on was astonishing… Disgusting… And yet… I stuck to my guns and broke down those barriers and shed some light, opened some hearts and gave people a lift in their game, increasing productivity that touched people’s souls… =) That, I am sure. So… it’s not a loss at all.
    Just staring at my hands and arms in particular saddens me… I mean… when my dad cried in seeing me a year ago… Hmmm… They’re much worse now then all the things I’ve ever had to do in my entire life… Hmmm… So… it’s really a win win situation. Another lesson of self love. =)

    Oh! I heard your most recent album. lol errrr… It’s something or other… I think… 93million miles was the only one that just… had it. Hmmm… Your old stuff though… they all have substance… But for some reason… It felt like… you weren’t apart of the songs in this one… Like… you were transcribing what you came to know. Afterwards.. But no where close to ‘how’ you came about in knowing… like a form of self exploration, discovery, trial and error… It was like saying things to a random beat. There wasn’t a connection to the song and the tune… *tilts head and shrugs*
    I know you won’t be offended. =) Plus I bet you’d rather know that I’ve heard it then not… Which is something that I’m prone to revealing.

    I found out that 15 minutes of laughter is equivalent to 2 hours of sleep. =) I sure need a good laugh. =)

    Anyway, love and light Slick.

  2. Anne Pham says:

    Curious… Are you still having issues with food? And sometimes with excessive exercise? Being a workaholic? Hmmm… I am… It’s getting to me.

  3. Anne Pham says:

    I don’t know why I’m doing this. But I just need to talk to just get this out of my system.
    You know how I said I’ve decided to resign? Well! Instead of 4 weeks, I gave my boss 4 months. But? Well!? You know. After awakening and making peace with your past, you understand why you’re wired up a certain way. Why you’ve made those decisions. You did it because your heart told you to. No matter how ridiculous. Because you chose internal growth. To dig deeper within your soul. And in knowing why, you’re at peace with yourself. A sense of confidence that no matter what happens next, you’re able and capable of making such decisions in the future. Because, that’s who you are. What you are. And what you stand for. What you chosen to stand for. Because you’ve seen your own reflection of what you don’t want to be, what you have been that doesn’t reflect on the core essence of your soul. Through that gratifying journey of self discovery, you come to that point, where you can carry yourself in which ever way you decide. The same way. But this time, Fully prepared in the wake of consciousness.
    I have my passport. With the money I’ve accumulated from annual leave, I can just go out for a wander… But here’s the thing. Part of me wants to stay and ensure that my old manager retires comfortably because I’m unsure if that’s possible if I go. I can run the department efficiently and ensure success in that manner. It’s like I’ve completely thrown promotions, entitlements and any notion of progressing in the company. it’s like i don’t care anymore. I can leave whenever I want. It’s like I’m completely free to choose. My closest friends nailed it. I have nothing to lose! But what of my soul? It’s like I’m riddled with a life lesson. I have yet another chance of doing it. But, what am I going to choose this time? I’ve gone both ways multiple times. And which ever way, I grew. And I know which ever way I decide this time, I’ll grow… But which aspect of me, would I like it to enhance? To be the Man in the wilderness, or to own up to the fact that I have trust issues? That I want to say, I want to stay, because I want to. Instead of running?
    This is where it gets confusing. Do I want to stay out of fear? Is that an excuse? Making others as my excuse to limit myself? I see that, no matter which way I decide, I’ll have to sacrifice a piece of me. Or is that just me being silly? Because sacrifice is to make sacred right? And staying won’t hold me back from doing things I want to do… But the reality is? It will. Yet knowing that I belong in this world… And yet also wanting that superficial desire to belong momentarily amongst a group of people for a course of time that is on their terms… That’s the thing I don’t want. Yet… everything that exists is momentary…
    Hmmm… I feel a sense of longing and yet, I feel a need to take on this responsibility…
    Know why I’m doing it. And why I love myself for doing it. And understand, that this is what I truly want. I want to be the woman that I am proud of becoming. I want to conquer myself and do something beyond myself, at my very best. With my heart intact…

    I’ve always wanted to know what it’d be like to embrace the other half of my soul. But… maybe, this is exactly that. To embrace that part of my soul that I seek so much to be united with. And be whole.

    Thanks for your time. =) You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna hand over a bag of marbles to my boss and embrace her.

    I know I’m gonna cry… But it’s this part of me, that I love the most.

    I love you.

    Love and light. 0x

  4. Anne Pham says:

    Hmmm… You alright over there? … =) You can do ANYTHING you want in the world. You can always decide to do things differently. ok? You are not alone. Ever.


  5. Anne Pham says:

    Hmmm… When I found out about Tristan. I cried like I’ve never cried before. My whole soul was breaking, like my soul was blowing up and it was stretching beyond my physical life force. I passed out. Hmm… A lot happened since that time. So many things… Hmmm… Birds gotta fly. Fish gotta swim. You gotta do you and I’ve gotta do me. Whatever is whatever. As it’s meant to be. Hmmm… I guess it was my intense desire to do something for the world. Being able to feel the world and knowing without knowing in waking life… I dunno… I just felt useless and hopeless.

    Anyway… This article freaked me out. metaphysicallyspeaking555.blogspot.com.au/2011/03/false-twin-flames.html I just read it now. What if I’m the false twin? Is Tristan alright? *shrugs* She seems to be doing well for herself with her Album “Cedar & Gold”. I dunno! How am I suppose to know!? lol I didn’t know you even existed remember! lol! Anyway! Whatever ay… If I am that. Then I’m sorry. If I’m not? I’m sorry.

    Either way? I told you about me staying till mid December… and then taking a flight over out of MY OWN curiosity but I don’t think I’ll be doing that anymore. I had a heart to heart with my boss and eventually she’ll only be working 3 days a week. Dunno when that’s going to happen. But she’s aiming at 5-6years before retiring… *head down and stares at the ground… then looks up* This is a life lesson I need to take… I wanna be the woman I am becoming… Bitter sweet. Hmmm… The value of happiness in the depths of sadness… Hmmm… I’ve made up my mind… A win for mankind. This is the work that we do… In turn… it’s a win win situation anyway right? in terms of cycles of karma. Hmmm… Sometimes… I’m consciously ignorant, pondering about what I did to deserve all of this… But then again… Hmmm… I’ve been very lucky and fortunate *head tilts* lol!

    I dunno man… lol! Hmmm… I’m still trying to re-adjust myself with this change of circumstances… Hmm… I have 2 months to finalize my decision. Either way… I feel unsettled. Letting go which ever way is pretty depressing… Hmmm… It’s apart of the whole process… Hmm… I know…


  6. Anne Pham says:

    I know it’s kinda stupid but I still think sometimes when I get a moment to just stop and breathe. When I’m not working or engaging myself sociably… I think… what the f**k is the point of all of this!?!? Pretty stupid right… Hmmm… Oh! two times I was directly confronted by the lesson I’m currently facing. Compassion… lol! *palm touches forehead with mouth opened* errrrrr………… lol

  7. Anne Pham says:

    *sigh of relief* well! looks around all weirded out. BECAUSE I STILL RECKON IT’S PRETTY FREAKEN WEIRD. I can pat myself on the back! =) You know, that I know that I know that you know, that I’ve done all the spiritual work! And I get it. lol! =D YAY! Well! At least we know I’m not a vampire as so to speak. *shrugs* I kinda feel really disheartened for quite some time about these kinda labels. We’re all human. Everyone’s everyone. It’s like a big “MEH!” It’s all explanatory. It all makes perfect sense why people are the way they are. ANYWAY!!! LOL! Yeah… I love this aspect of my personality the most. =) I like being stupid. lol I’m not the type to put on a front and be the image of intelligence and sophistication. I dunno. I reckon it’s a total drag.

    Ok! That’s settled. A huge “dahhhhhhhh….!” Oh! I acquired a skill awhile ago. I dunno when it started exactly but I know without knowing how people think and feel about me and whether or not I’m on the right track or in the right place and pace. It’s weird. But my left and right ear gives me signals and it’s dead accurate even if I don’t know the precise details at times until I’m present and I can use my other senses. =) I dunno! It’s pretty mad ass though. =D Well! It makes sense. The universe has equipped me with defense, offense mechanisms. After all! I don’t use any of the tools and play any of the games people use and play. =) *shrugs* Makes sense. =)


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