Jason Mraz: Cult = Culture = Totally Awesome

Jason Mraz checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Friday (July 24), talking about how cults are equivalent to culture, and should be celebrated rather than viewed negatively. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Throughout my travels I’ve used every resource imaginable to inspire my journey. As a kid I grew up thanking Jesus for food and protective sleep. At various times I enrolled in the Baptist Church and went on many summer vacations with devout families and their loving children. In my late teens I started experimenting, first with alcohol and tobacco (the REAL gateway drugs) and then with sex, pills, pot, Hunter S. Thompson, and the Church of Scientology. I took one of L. Ron Hubbard’s life-improvement courses in effort to better organize my daily routine and it worked for me. I cleaned myself up, got a job, and started believing in my own dreams. At 18 I worked at a bookstore dog-ear-alphabetizing New Age books which opened even more doors to fantastic realms of new thought, metaphysics, and astrology. Every door offered new insight and a wicked perspective, therefore I doubt I’ll ever settle on one single brand of philosophy. As a writer especially, I find it’s important to practice this kind of cafeteria-religion, picking and choosing the ingredients that best suit my adventurous diet.

These days I draw Runes. I carry a lunar calendar and monitor planetary transits. I read from a daily spiritual diary written by a beloved Hindu Swami. Some days I pray to God, other days I feel I God. The Buddha in me believes in no God at all, while the romantic in me begs to find purpose in everything. Between tours I sign up to sit with Shamans and drink their natural medicine. I practice Yoga of many varieties. I love science and surfing, embracing the mysteries of the sky and the seas. I love believing in a soul mate, even though sometimes I feel I have no soul to share. But other times I feel my soul IS the entire universe already being absorbed by all. From that vast and expansive galaxy view, to be human is to be in a cult. So I can be in yours too if you’ll have me.

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17 thoughts on “Jason Mraz: Cult = Culture = Totally Awesome

  1. Anne Pham says:


    Couldn’t stop my curiousity. =) I seem to constantly be gob smacked with things that just leave me speechless. Just an enormous smile overlaps my face.
    The circle- eternity. The Triangle- Being the God of your world. The pyramids. The beginning, middle and end. =) I’ll tell you what I have on my right arm. 27 in roman numerals camoflaged in shapes that create something like a cross. I have karma wrapped around it. lol Just…what in the world!!! lol You cool crazy cat!
    Hmmm I went through another strengthening phase. Outcome? =D <——Practise makes perfect. *nudge nudge* Checked out that clip of yours about the assistant. =) YOu all knowing narc you! =) Good on you. hahaha *SNAP!*
    *getting my calm back is also getting easier*
    Love suanas. Good practise. Once I loose focus I start sweating tears. lol And trying to get back into focus once my bubbles broken??? lol All my frustration turns into uncontrolable laughter and I’m oblivious to everything. =D Love it.
    It’s so funny you brought up scientology. I’ve been tripping on the same topic for a bit. lol Some of the things are pretty valid I must say. lol But so isn’t everything else.. until the side of your smile turns into a “huh?” expression and your eye sqwints as frown lines form between your eye brows. lol and your head tilts in as you try to hold on to that bit of patience before anything if everything comes out of that yapper of yours in a tongue biting opnionated comment. Errr…. extremists!!! I sometimes can’t help but bolt on into a monologe ranting away about how obvious it all is. Yet! it’s like complete magic to everyone around me… lol ahhhhhh… “I love all of you… but please stop barking and huddling around…please!!! You’re sucking away my life force” lol I find myself doing the whole self talk thing all over again. “patience. Patience PATIENCE!!!” LOL Practise makes perfect. lol When it comes to people who have a bloke towards the truth… all I’m left with is “errrrr….” smile smile and change the subject that I’m sure their much more comfortable with. lol Can’t help myself scratching my head constantly when this happens though as well as well as formulating an imaginary bubble of myself beating my head against a wall for a second of so then I’m filled with a lot of pleasurable humour. Young souls. So cute! Gotta love it.

    Hmmm the only thing I’ll say. That is pretty much the same thing I’ve been saying is. Don’t create boundaries for yourself. =) As long as your heart is in the right place, no matter what you do. It’s right by you atleast right? =) And regardless of what I say or anyone for that matter.. as long as you are true to yourself and do whatever it takes to make youself happy. What else matters?? =) Creator’s happy if you’re happy. And it doesn’t matter how others comment… =) because the underlying message is “I love you too!” =) lol Just think about Paris Hilton for a second. Regardless of how many people love or hate her, each and everyone of them still want a peice of her. They can’t help themselves but be curiously drawn. It’s the same for you and me when we go out and about I bet. No matter what we are doing, no matter the circumstances, people are naturally drawn to us. lol Like insects drawn to light. lol It’s so funny. And it can be totally aggrivating and challenging… self conscience kicks in… trying to hold your inner peace and also at the same time be apart of society and find a way to mesh. lol But all in all. Even if you and I are reduced to creating a mental block upon the world just so that we can be present, ourselves and enjoy the moment the way we want by doing what we need. =) So be it! =)
    Chin up ay…Just rationalise it with yourself if and when it gets a bit tough… They can’t help being ridiculous, ignorant and ilogical. These souls will get there. =) And hey… I know that by the time you do get this you will have found a resolve. =) I’ve been thinking about idealisms and my own past mentors etc. And I know that you know that lol we are our own mentors. our own idols. our own “everything” =) But! it doesn’t hold us back from sharing. From learning. From appreciation and from gratitude and admiration.

    Oh!!! lol For some reason I wanna tell you something random. I love fresh crispy sheets. rubbing your face, fingers and toes on the covers. How I over came my suspended development? lol =P I lay on my bed starring at dust particles floating, reflecting from the light that was passing through the blinds of my window. Peaceful calm serenity. oh! Two more things. We were both cats in our past life. =) Just think about the little habits you have. =D
    And finally, I know you know this also. But when it comes from someone else. It makes you all gooy inside when someone hits the spot. lol Well I hope this will help detense the strain from your neck and shoulders if you haven’t found a solution by now. =P
    The things you do don’t make you. You are you that is why you do the things that you do. =) YOU ARE AWESOME. AND IT’S BECAUSE YOU ARE YOU THAT IS WHY EVERYTHING IS AWESOME. LOL Midus touch. =)

    I feel better that I’m not avoiding you. It makes sense to me anyway.
    “SUCCESS is the sweet reward for turning BELIEVING into Achieving. Unique to each individual’s dreams, Accomplishment is universal in the thrill of a job Well Done. Set your GOALS high and pursue them with PASSION. Success is Measured not in the size of the OUTCOME, but in the depth of the EFFORT”. It’s funny how people interprete this quote. I’m sure you’ll find it amusing.

    Cheers friend. =)

  2. Anne Pham says:

    lol that’s the exact same word I said to myself. culture. It’s not a religion or a cult. That alone just creates boundaries and sets limitations. Categorising it only diminishes the whole purpose. Culture-a way of living. =) whatisscientology.org is another site you can check out. Hmmm it’s good how it influences people though ay. Can’t help but be sceptical though. lol But I’m very curious to know how many, if any of them located in Sydney went through these spiritual awakenings or are they troding in darkness attempting without truth… =D Guess that’s why they call it a cult ay. =) Ultimaately, the mind is all. =) Creates the physical body that bears our soul. One push for progress and it brings us further back. extremists… guess in the end it again is a current. we need to stop pushing against the current and just go with the flow of things. sooner or later we will hit the shore. Though it is a great attempt… I can also see the why it’s rejected by many. No one wants to be told the truth. =) Why do you think those who are so close to the truth become mentally disabled? In the end…it’s a mental bloke…doesn’t matter how severe or sutle it maybe… once someone chooses to close off… lol it’s again trial and error. The process of eternal life. Goes around and around and around until all the doors are open. I’m actually more curious to know what happens next. =) Make do with what is ay. =) Your wear of eye sight is also created by a fear. hmmm… =) just saying. =P

    catch ya…laters

  3. Anne Pham says:

    Why is it that I’m in utter shock whenever I read what it is that you have to say? I just found another place where I can do Yoga. This will be the third different kind of Yoga Hatha to be precise. The astrology thing… I had a reading done for me…and it left me emotionaless to how accurate it was… and it mentioned soul mate also. During the same time I found you on this thing. Freaker still, the scientology thing.. a friend brought it up in conversation saying how ridiculous it is and I had to jump in and say that I had firm beliefs on most of the things it portrays.. and that was I dunno in a duration of a month? all these things…Even the clip you produced. lol People around you wanting to help me yet they are unable to help themselves. total ridiculousness… Remember how I said, if I punched myself, I wonder if you’d feel the same thing? I lost focus and sliced my index finger on my left hand. I have a blister on my middle finger on my right hand. a few years ago, my youngest brother broke my fingers with a pot. There is still a calcus on my ring finger on my right hand. Do you have a double heart line on your palm? above the actual heart line? I have a little momumental statue a friend gave me several years ago. it’s a cambodian one. it has 4 faces on it. has that ever paraded in your thoughts or have you stumbled across it?
    I’m just Blah! atm… I need to just stretch. laugh it all off and just keep it simple ay?!? lmao… ahhhhh dancing will do me a lot of good. =)

    The difference between narcissism and vanity that not so many people know? ones honest and ernest love, the other is superfical and materialistic. I love the pink. =D Just easy ay. lol oh! btw. exflotiate your lips too. it’s just dry dead skin after all. You’ll find, you don’t need lip gloss. =)

    Conclusively? I’ve just gonna settle with whatevers. =) I don’t know much about soul mates as yet but I know one thing. everything happens for a reason. we are all connected in some way or other. Some unsettled business formulated from guilt. Others just drawn to. Inclination to mutral attraction and attachment of some kind. =) Either way! I’m happy. So… MEH! I had another uncomfortable dream last night. It’s close to 8pm over here. OH! Laugh in a bottle and label it. lol Give it to a friend if you seem to see someone down. I’m sure they will laugh. lol its the whole ridiculousness thing. the only way to out stage ridiculousness is with a heavier dose of it. =P that will surely get their cogs rolling or atleast get them a bit side tracked for the time being. Somethings you need to withdraw to gather more strength ay. =)

    Gotsa get ready for a major boogy!!!
    =D yeeeeeeeeeeerrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  4. Anne Pham says:

    hmmm just so that I’m just completely true to myself hmmm the astrologist said I’d meet my soul mate during this period of 72 days. Then I found you. I really don’t know why you brought up the subject and it’s also another reason why I chose to ignore and avoid you.
    But like I said above. Whatever it is. It is. =) What’s there to not be happy about right? heheheh That was also me being completely irrational again. I’m glad I got that sorted.
    ok! I’m off. Enjoy yourself friend.

  5. Anne Pham says:

    hmmm… I believe I’m breaking the karma that I created here. That’s the reason why I asked for your help.

    Where I am atm.. hmmm I need my freedom. I want complete freedom. I want to live. I need out.

    hmmm… thank you for tipping me off with some advice. hmmm =) we’ll soon know.


  6. Anne Pham says:

    hey… wait a minute..

    I watched a film titled “Fireproof” in very recent months. Isn’t that the same thing??? I mean, with the whole “What am I gratful for?” The 42 day thing. lol what a trip and a half. I was just washing my hands and it just clicked in side my head just a moment ago.

    oh, I threw myself on the snow, rolled and lay around in it making angel wings. =) Simple. But hey! you’re given a certain set of cards and you must play em out as best you can. My resources may be few. But I’ve always took pleasure in everything so meh!
    lol reminds me of when I entertained my brothers and because we didn’t have any toys or anything, one of the many ways I found my imagination and defiance of social acceptance of what they term as normal obtainable happiness?? let alone living, I created a bat and a ball from newpaper. That was fun. =D Now, that’s what you would call momentary bliss striped from its vitals of social standards and norms that we are so familiar with. Pure enjoyment. At the most. lol reminds me of the Mastercard “priceless” ad actually hahahha
    Another strange thing. I heard “Time afte Time” Twice. At the club and at the snow on loud speakers. =)
    Hmm I wonder if it’s just me. hmmm I know it’s only human that people always seem to want more.. But I can’t help but feel hopeless and sad that although I’ve found someone who gets me and that is is like searching for a needle in a hay stack kind of thing.. and not know what to do about it all. How to actually come to terms with it. How to go about it. Find away to reason and rationalise and not be sceptical and hesitant.. hmmm I really knew what to do…and what I know I want..KNowing that, that is what is granted to you… is it ok to accept it? I know… it’s all about patience. Accept things gratefully and gracefully because ultimately good things happen to those who wait and obviously we can break that whole line down. patience with others as well as yourself. being positive and optimistic because it all comes down to perspective. But what of this.
    Hmmm I feel asthough, I really don’t care what this all is and how it’s all meant to play out. I’m more curious in general. honest and ernestly curious of you.
    I wanna be able to poke you and say “wow! so you do exist. I do have a play mate and I’m not meant to go about all of this alone after all” How relieving.
    I’m happy with whatever is given. Hmmm but like a dream, is it alright to stir up a challenge?
    what do you think?

  7. Anne Pham says:

    oppz always taken pleasure…. sleep deprivation… grammer is also one other thing I do really cringe about. Although I can b pretty shocking at spelling but I do frown at my whoopzies when I can’t articulate myself grammatically correct. Reminds me of a school I went to. The pronounced the “-ed” when they said “I like-ded him” lol very very cute. But I also felt that I’d end up dribbling and drowling by the end of the year. =D I learnt a lot during that time. A great deal.

    exhausted. night

  8. Anne Pham says:


    I’ve been drilling my head. The more I thought, the less logical and rational I became. So I’m just gonna spill my guts out right now. The truth is the truth. I do not know what else to say but that. And I don’t care how freaky or invalid it may seem. I know it is all justifiable. I just do.

    I schemed thinking what to do and the what if’s, could be’s, maybe’s and what nots came up again. Geee! Silly silly me. But from the very get go, I exclaimed that I wanted and needed your help. And? After all this reasoning and rationalising? I’m still at the same point.
    I’m breaking my karma here. All that I’ve built, all of it and I really do not know what to do. You know that there are three stages in life. I’ve done the work and the hard yards. My time of rest is drawing to an end and I’m “supposed” to be doing living next.
    I do not know how to do that. I do not know how to do what I want if what I want is mortally sceptical yet spiritually justifiable. To me it seems like a strall in the park. A certainty. An easy to do thing. But that’s also why I kept drilling my head and trying to conjur up superfical strength. Playing it out that it’s a.o.k.
    Gee!! I’m just gonnna keep it simple.
    I want to have your company. I will do anything and everything that is neccessary to do so. I want a job. In return, all I want is accomodation and meals supplied and my primary needs met. And $25 U.S. so that if by any chance my curiousity does play up and I want to do something spontaneous. Other then that? I’m highly resourceful and I do not take charity from anyone. I will sell all my personal belongings and any assets in order to obtain a passport and flight ticket. If I can’t I will sincerely work off all debts, no matter what price. I am willing to throw everything of this mortal world away on this one thing. Hope. Honest and ernest love. To me this seems like the most reasonablest thing. Because the truth is just the way it is. Simple. I did run it through my head that although we are the same in terms of the spiritual world. But I know that in this lifetime.. the trival thing is the boundaries that pose as a challenge. You are human and you have needs just like me. I’ve never been a fanatic of anything. I do not believe in it. And that’s the most cheekiest thing that Creator has done, to lay this senario out like this. And I’m not going to submit to it. I don’t care. I found someone who I can relate to. I do not seek ideals or have any desire to play out romantic trips about soul mates in that respect. All I know is, this is a once in a lifetime thing. And although I do not know anything that justifys all of this in terms of past life regression, but I’m willing to bet everything on it. That whatever happens happens. You may show me something I need to know. I may do the same. I don’t know and now? I do not care because I do not want to sit around being sceptical and frantic awaiting for something to occur because if anything, I need to make it happen. Living in the now. Not taking anything for granted. now now now now now!!! I have kept this to myself. It isn’t something anyone would ever understand. I tried to explain it to a friend in lamines terms of what if senarios like “if I found someone who related to me” and not being able to comprehend what the rest because it’s just too much for her…too much for everyone in my jurisdiction as no one has progressed that this rate. All the resources around me is just not enough anymore. I’m furthering myself from reality because I can not relate to anyone. And all that is left is to live a lie and submit to conformity of society and dumben myself down..reduced to a depressive breakdowm. I do not want that to happen all over again. I do not want any of it. I want to be happy. And this is it.

    Once again, my mobile no. is 0411 034 256
    My address is 8 Breydon Street. St. Albans Victoria. Australia. 3021

    I do not want to destroy all that I’ve worked to achieve. I do not want my life to end this way. Ok. enough said. I’ve always found it difficult to ask anyone for anything. I’ve managed to do most of it alone. But I want to live. So I’m asking now. And honestly… I can’t help but be reduced to tears asking. Because it’s easier to help and give then it is to be the one receiving. You know that too.. And I know I need to accept things in good grace and I need to reason this as I have now. To ask in all sincerity. Please help me with this. I will return the favour no matter what it will cost me. I will take full responsibility for it all.
    Thank you for taking your time and hearing me out.

    Your friend,

    Anne Pham

    p.s. Just for your curiousity with the astrology. my birthdate is :27/01/86


  9. Anne Pham says:

    I have a mug with the line “God’s busy! How may I help you?” lol I have always believed that you are the God of your World although I do believe in a higher power.
    I’ve moved 25 times in the last 23 years around Vitoria alone. I went to 3 different high schools. And have had an astonishing carreer in hospitality. I believe my domino’s effect on people as the person that I am has greatly impacted the world in my accord. Throughout Australia and the world via the encounters I have made in my own efforts as a human being and a soul believer that greatness and power is all within. Feel the fear and do it anyway. lol Well I do love the adreneline rush, acting in the spur of the moment and I hold on to my beliefs and values very firmly. Even if it it does come down to the world vs. me in some retrospect.
    After finding you though. Although I may appear to a lot of people around me as a highly aggressive person, The fact of the matter is, I’m not aggressive at all. Just, daring, highly opinionated and will not do anything unless I find it is logical and rationable. No one can tell me what to do. lol Guess that’s why on the most part, I get very worn out when I’m in society. When I’m mingling. Because I can do an adjustment and come to compromises. But in the end? I’m highly independent and won’t submit myself to silly silly things like coolness, peer pressure, materialism and the like. lol I just believe that I’m the coolest person alive sometimes. lol And I take a lot of pride in the fact that I need no one. =) All I need is to want it.
    I do not like the word “just” and I find it very offensive and ignorant of people when they determine a person via wealth, social status to validate a person. But hey! guess that’s been on my mind also. I don’t like the word “wish” although I do tend to fall back in my ponderings. But I have to admit, I sometimes do wish that you weren’t a celebrity. I actually forgot all about it. To me, you are my friend. My equal. A person who has the same connection with me. A soul who gets me. A very very rare and highly important person I can openly and honestly submerge into conversation and share company with. Whether in action, silence or verbal conversation. But I can’t help but do become illogical in my contemplations. Hmmm…in the clip? I can read you. How you were feeling and what not. But hmmmz… you and I both are pretty sceptical of the world ay? =D Hmmm that part alone is the reason why I do sometimes wish you were the guy next door or something like that. Then your insecurities and doubts wouldn’t be in the way. Mine either.
    I have never found anyone quite like you. quite like me. And I feel like the most luckiest person alive. =)
    Homosexuality is a a topic I went across and how it exists. When it comes to nature vs. nurture I believe it is both. I believe it is a link between generations of an expanding strength of one fear and that alone. I’m sure that you are aware that through your progress, you realised that your fears were of that of your parents. And this alone forms the bond and the relationship that you have amongst your inner circle of people in your life. YOur family. But once it is revealed you realize that this fear is also present through the gernerations before that also. The fear continues down the line until that one generation decides to break the chain reaction and correct the response. Unlocking the door. Change of perspective. Changing the formation of your dna pattern forever. But back to that fear. As it goes down the line, the fear is a build up of nature and it gets stronger. Until it only takes one tiny thing like a snow flake that creates an avolanch to triger the response and preto, Homosxuality is the result. There is a saying that it’s usually the most homo phobic people who have ths gene and it only takes time in order for that gene to be triggered. And because it is so tightly bottled up, the fear to them does not exist as a fear at all, but a manifestation. We as humans are really created for evolution. Reproduction to ensure continuation of growth and development. So I understand why once the homosexual response does play out, it’s a wipe out of that genetical branch of thought where the fear is manifested to the point of no return and therefore that is also how aids and hiv do exist for the sake of evolution. As illness and disease and every dis-ease is but a fear conjured up in the mind. I remember before the enlightenment stage, I was riding around endlessly in self talk asking myself “I’m I gay?” “why is it that I appreciate everything differently then other people?” “why is it that everyone comes to that conclusion about me?” that just because I do not find flirting and find the mingling of sorts completely useless and draining because I already could sense people then although I wasn’t aware of my “powers” I could easily read peoples intentions and that sometimes silence is the best method because I prefer taking an interest in people because I am interested in them. Not for the sake of anything other than curiousity and a common grounds of interest. And I am highly appreciative of beauty of all kinds. Of everything around. All on this earth. =) It’s exactly the same for you I’m sure. But Meh! sometimes I feel like I’m a guy interested in guys trapped in a womans body. lol Sounds unblievably trippy, but I guess my sense of past life regression is getting much more accute as time flys.
    Hmmm but the more aware I am of everything and of everyone, the more challenging it is to keep calm and assertive. But once again, practise makes perfect right?
    Anyway, regarding the homosecuality thing. Meh! It doesn’t bother me of the slightest what people say because I know it’s just a reflection of their insecurities and fears alike. Very very humorous. But hey! It always does end up being a conversation only I can trip on in my mind and in my own self talk moments lol Knowing that you exist is enough for me to understand that I am very very normal. Just on a different progressive level. =P But it doesn’t stop me from wanting your company because I do want it.
    Cafe Gratitude… I was thinking about applying for a position. But knowing that I’m just doing something sly, I just had to directly confront you and be done with all of it and just ask.

  10. Anne Pham says:

    Hmmm how to describe myself??? lol
    Hmm… my curiousity is the only thing I can say for certain that brings me to subject matters of interest. There is no limit because I can dig as deep as I want and change from one subject to another whenever I please. But I do tend to draw back to philosophy as my way of connecting all the dots and putting the pieces together. I am extremely good at puzzles. Of any kind really. I used to refer to issues I had in relation to constructing a puzzle. I remember completing a 1000 piece puzzle within 2-3 hours and a 3d puzzle of a head in the same duration. Year ago I recall a moment when I was curiously watching a friend constructing a puzzle of 1500 pieces? Well, I looked at the puzzle on a whole scope and without any effort, I found a piece afew seconds after. I remember the expression upon his face of pure amazment and shock. lol But then, that’s also something I came to accept about myself and take much pride of. The fact that no matter what I do, I seem to have a great effect on people around me. As simple and logical as it appears to me, I dunno… I guess it’s still a phenomenon to others. Hmm…atm I’m finding Past life regression and dreams very appealing although I’ve tinkered through the subject, with is awareness and power I have, I can’t help but re emerse myself in all and every subject I’ve ever come across and dig a bit further. Subjects subjects subjects. lol hmmmm….I can sit around psyho-analysing politics, war, in reference ot history. I like a bit of everything. Mythology, Theories, astrology and astronomy, palmistry, feng shui, colour theory. And I can really go on and on and on. I have an opinion on everything. =P And if I am unaware of a subject of discussion, all I need is to ask certain questions to highlight key factors and I’ll be off on a rampage of opinionated thoughts all over again. Cross referencing and redirecting, using analogies from other fields and relating back to the subject at hand. hmmm but I must say… Now adays… I find I can’t do much of that at all. And weeeeeee!!!! it has been all in all totally refreshening that I’ve stumbled across your blog. Honestly? The most awesome thing that has yet to occur. =) Because although having the enlightenment occur was great in its own accord and being able to see everything as it is, resources all around in all different ways but in all the same is beautiful and wonderous in its own. But being able to talk about it all to someone else? WOW!!!! LOL and being able to affirm the same understandings of any subject. doubley wowing in that respect =P

    Anyway. Atm past life regressiona and dreams is what I’m most curious about atm. Because the word “soul mate” has been on my mind for sometime now. expecially with this encounter we have here. =)
    Anyway. check out a Sage called Solon. reminds me most of you. My youngest brother. lol I can say I have the greatest affiliation with him. Although he doesn’t have all the parts. He is indeed a brilliance in his own. He reminds me of you. I always thought I’d meed someone like him. He has that positivity that ozzes out of him although I’m very aware of his use of camoflage. =) he reminds me of me too. how I used to be. always being able to conceal all my pains and ailes under a mask of laughter and joy. For the sake of mankind and my loved ones. =) If I were to cross reference him. I’d say I was Van Gogh and he would be my brother I would write letter to. =) Because although he doesn’t understand what on earth is happening to me nor could I formulate a way to comprehensively depict this progressiveness within me, he does not doubt two things. That I am the most strongest person he has ever meet and I’m very clever. I can take over the world if I want to. lol and it’s just a joy when he can calmly say without knowing any better when I’m in total agony “keep it simple and to take it easy on myself” =D Although I do love everyone, there are a number of souls that I do find naturally endearing and drawn to. =) He is one of them.
    Anyway, I better skoot! =P


  11. Anne Pham says:

    lol I sent it under the response to your birthday blog. But yeah. I thought meh! I’ll send it again for just in case.=P
    hey dude, I only realised when I checked this site on another comp. Yeah. the net is accessible to all but I’m a bit perlexed but happy none the least. I’m the only one who uses this site to converse with you. Funny ay? lol and if you wanna know why I decided to not avoid you is I had a guy feeling. And only that. Weirdest thing is. It’s like I can sense it. which is why I sent you this link to twin flames because my inital thing with soul mates and my assumption on the matter years ago is still the same and is when I researched it. A sense of karma. Karma is of past, present and future and the relationships part is only a part of it. finding the truth within yourself.
    Hmmm curiousity. Is it the same with you but when you allow your curiousity to lead the way, it leads you in the right direction as so to speak? as challenging or joyous as the experiences maybe? Hmmm… I’ve found that to be the case. it’s gotten me all the way here I must say. And upon reflection of everything. your inner circle, your family. You’ve managed to do the full circle too ay? brought out karma. and also the past relationships. brought upon by curiousity and when you think about it now, it was all personal growth and awareness steps. like the many idols and mentors you had in the past. Hmmmz meh! whateverz. this is just awesome. lol yeeeeeeeeeerrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  12. Anne Pham says:

    Curious. My ear drum is hurting. Are you alright there?

  13. Anne Pham says:

    funny it stopped. =)
    Jason… I’m sorry. I’m being weak again aren’t I? Even before I did this bit of research I felt like I’m putting the team down. I do not take it back however. Because I’m me and I love all of myself very much. ehehehe =P As much as I want progress, as much as I wanna save the world. And as much as I want your company.
    But I do feel deep down inside of me that only time will tell.
    =D But anyway. GO team!!! lol

    You’re not eatting meat or drinking milk are you? hmmmm lol I dunno. Am I right though? =P I used to go to church three times a week during my high school years. =) Dunno. I never believed in the whole there is a correct religion and always thought the stories from any religion were pieces of a greater puzzle. =) But I always had a belief tha no matter what religion it is, faith is one thing that does exist. The priet would laugh at me asking “why is it that you are always in confession? ” Even I didn’t know why. lol But it felt good. always felt good to see people gathering during Christmas mass. =D I remembered the xmas mass I attended the year I left home. lol the whole starting off with an inflatable coach and two double bed sheets as a bed and blanket senario. =) I was covered in lip stick marks. lol Although now being aware that many who sort out religion in this fashion are thrown into hypocracy lol I couldn’t help but envy their ignorance at one stage. They were happy without knowing why! lol The whole saying Ignorance is bliss. lol But hey! I was also pretty ignorant back then too. =)
    I’m glad everything turned out the way it did.
    Whatever you are doing Jason. I hope you are well. Hmmm… I was very very emotional lately… hmmm I’m sorry if I affected you ay.
    The more sceptical you feel, the more lonely I become. lol I dunno I got nothing to hide. =)

  14. Anne Pham says:

    hmmm do you know what I would really like to do? Figure out everyone’s mental block and progress people. I konw that we can only help people who are willing to help themselves. And the only way is to guide, support and nurish them.. Aw! My ear! Hmmm. Anyway. hmmm that’s just what’s been bothering me recently. Karma. There is still un finished business here. hmmm I just need to restore peace in this one spot and I’ll be ready for anything. hmmm =) All in all, I’m getting there. =) It’s all slipping into place. =D Madness.

  15. Anne Pham says:


    Hmmm… I don’t seem to feel so good now… Are you feeling alright dude? Common friend.. it’s your green that needs work am I right? Hmmm… Don’t let the world affect you ok? The world is beautiful. You know it. You are amazing. You know it. There is nothing that you can not do or concur. You know it. I’m sorry on my part that I’ve affect you.

    Be patient to others and especially yourself. You are doing alright mate. =) Remember. Love is all around.
    hmmm something else… have you really created all the karma within your inner circle? I know you have but have they? hmmm I know for me that’s one thing I need to work on. =) My dad was a herion addict most of my life. Although I’ve forgiven him and I’m free of all of it. I know he hasn’t and I have not found him yet to releave him. hmmmm there are certain things that come up as I prod on about my journey here. There are things I do need to go back and amend. Not for my sake, but for the sake of other souls. All I know is, it’s a must. And I know for certain that it will help them progress. They also need karma. =)
    All I’m gonna say is this.. Stop comparing ok? =)

    love loved love loved love!!! you be alright sport. =)

    your friend,

    Anne Pham

  16. Anne Pham says:

    here’s another interesting site on twin souls

    dude, did you feel a strange sexual sensation yesterday or the day before? hmmm just curious. Was your heart just overwhelmed with love?
    lol Man! this is awesome. Makes all perfect sense to me.
    hmmm either way, I must be patient ay? =)

  17. Anne Pham says:

    Once, or whenever this is all over we’ll meet again.
    But hey. It’s all about timing and now, I understand what it is that needs to be done.

    =) Unconditionally,

    Anne Pham “We live to serve”

    There’s something I must say though. =) Eat meat ok? =) I realized that for the same duration that you’ve decided to be a vegan I have not been menstruating. What you do and feel, I do as well. =) I’m very proud of you. Seems like I was spot on with the green too. =)
    Go team! =)

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