Jason Mraz Discusses ‘I’m Yours’ Success

andPOP caught up with backstage at Massey Hall in Toronto to talk with the singer songwriter about the success of ‘I’m Yours’ and not wanting to make a video to the track and attach a story to it, how music gives him great comfort, and Colbie Caillat.

“My head is still in the show,” Mraz said when asked about his success. “I want to do a great show every night and I want to keep it interesting and different. For me, the album was finished last year, so I’m stoked people are hearing it and listening to it and it’s continuing to grow. That’s great, but my head is, I want to continue to be creative. If I just sit around and thing, ‘Wow, ‘I’m Yours’ is a really popular song’. There’s nothing creative about that thinking.”

On ‘I’m Yours’ being a big hit that has fans lined up to see him, Mraz said, “I’m excited that I’m yours took off. It’s a song about generosity. It’s a song about giving yourself to someone else or to something else. You want your songs to have a life of their own. I try not to attach myself to it. Sure there’s 25 million views of the video, but that doesn’t feel like there’s been 25 million views on me. It’s a song and there’s a message there, and people can apply it to their own lives. So it’s super cool.”

Watch the interview below.

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One thought on “Jason Mraz Discusses ‘I’m Yours’ Success

  1. Jonathan says:

    I lost my brother on 8/30/08………He was 19,and his name…ALEX.I made A c.d.for his 20th birthday(3/26) and the last song(20 exactly)is I’m yours.thank you Jason Mraz.

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