Jason Mraz Explains The Scar On His Cheek

answered a dozen questions from fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (July 27), including one asking whether he had a tale to tell about the scar in his right cheek. The singer songwriter responded:

While my nutritionist tells me to get at least 15 minutes of unprotected sunlight everyday for pure Vitamin D to reduce the risk of skin cancer, it is also important to wear sunscreen during the remaining 11 hours and 45 approximate minutes of sunlight. The portion removed from my face two years ago is a testament to the sun’s powerful ray.

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15 thoughts on “Jason Mraz Explains The Scar On His Cheek

  1. Anne Pham says:

    During the same time before you were 18, I did somethings that now I understand are parallel to yours. I stole, I lied, I played God. I could even get people to eat dog poo if I wanted. I was not being my true self at all. In grade three I changed because I wanted to. For my family and to prove something to myself and the world. I wrote itineraries for every minute, every hour etc. And I was in grade 3! that would of been during the same time before you were 18. when I was 13-14? That was when the self bodily harm phase kicked in… I have scars on my arms. You conducted yourself in the form of pills. When I was 18 I sat before my sister and her ex-boyfriend at a yum cha table and without any reason what so ever, I broke down crying. Did something happen during this time to you? At the end of April. The 30th of the 1st of May. Did you get emotionally over whelmed and cried for no reason what so ever?
    You called me a chicken didn’t you punk! What you know is what I know. But hey! I was the one who found you. hmmmm I need to be honest and clear here. I’m very annoyed at you. Of course I know that fears are inherited. It’s all in the genes going down generation to generation. I explained the in the messages prior to this. Although I have evolved due to karma. It still doesn’t mean they have. so shoosh! You and I have the same fears idiot! lol hmmmm the same ones. You know it yourself why you have a joyologist. And hey! we are already set for another return anyway due to your ego and skepticism so meh!!!! to hell with it! I’m pissed off. You keep jumping to conclusions without even thinking. the green…. you are showing only the negative aspects of that colour and its so frustrating.
    God! I love you God, I love the world, and I love myself but this??? this is just…. I know patience. I have a lot more work in terms of this encounter. But man!!! My whole entire life? I have never been a fanatic. Never been anything the like. I oppose the nonsense. I only got in touch with you after a whole month of wondering if I should. I didn’t know until know the whole reason until the twin flame thing came up. All of this all of it is so freaky!!! its so freaky that I can’t even imagine what on earth is going on inside of your head. BUT THAT’S THE FUNNIEST THING!!! I do know what’s inside of that head of yours and buddy!!!! its the same thing. You are atm wondering if you are able to do enough for the world. stressing yourself out there being a pleaser. I used to do that too and it sometimes get’s me going and I feel myself getting drawn in again at time to time. That is your dads part. Not being able to do it for anyone else but yourself. And you did it in the beginning. But you actually have no idea why you are doing what you are doing atm and you are clueless!!!!
    You also do not know exactly how to take care of yourself and you are dependent on people. Your joyologist doesn’t leave your sight!!! how’s that for fear!!!! And I know that what I send to you has an affect on you. so does what you pull out. You know why??? because we are opposites of the same thing!!! Whether you like it or not. But I’m trying to stay calm here. I’m aware that although we are so close… we may have to repeat a few more lifetimes before we get it right. But it doesn’t stop me from expressing myself. My dad in fact taught me the same lessons you learnt. and your mum the same as mine. I also have a low account of vitamin d. I have no idea about anything about you. I have never bought a CD in my life and I did say I would. But that’s the part of me I can’t change. I am not a fan. I have never been. I love music. but I don’t like albums. because I believe there is only one or so tracks that are good according to every artist. and the rest is just repeatition until they do learn another lesson and progress in their own lives. I have the ability to listen to music. I like a good DJ because I can just listen and know how skilled they are. I can tell when they stuff up and when they are covering up flaws. In a club, when majority of people are at a fault I’m still dancing because I can hear the transitions. I can sense the change in flows and diff music changes. I have no idea why I’m even saying this but meh!!!! I have never been one to follow. especially a lost person. it’s the saying “don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow, don’t walk behind me, I may not lead. walk beside me and be my friend”
    I’ve been delaying going out into the world for a long time. I was going to when I was 19 but I chose to be a guardian to two brothers instead. The lessons are the same. just, we lived in opposite spectrums. I have no reason to feel jealous or any of the kind. I’m just transparent. I guess you aren’t ready yet after all.. and I really do not want to create any karma between you or your joyologist. I had a karmatic soul mate that I thought was my othe half once. It was a very very painful experience.
    I really thought this would be simple. But I know about the realities of it and I can’t push against a current any longer.
    Whatever ok. =) Take care of yourself. I know you had a wild night yesterday or this early morn. =) I’m happy for you. Even if you sh** me up the wall… I’m only sh**ting myself ay… lol

    cheers (btw. I opened my Facebook account so if you want to suss out a note I posted. and I began a blog of my own because I’ve been meaning to let go of all of this in some way. lol I even have a time line all drawn up that I created months ago. strange but meh. oh btw… I’m not menstruating and you being a vegan has something to do with one another. Another thing I’m curious about but meh! whatevers. My dad’s blood type is b and my mum is o. I came out a+. Another thing for thought. did things start getting strange after the age of 9??? If you can manage to find a balance as I will. we may meet again. I’m exhausted since you went on a rampage Mr. superman. Funny. When I was playing superman, that was during the same time you were chilled and tired most of the time. Like I said. take it or leave it. I have nothing to hide. Nothing in my sleeves. And I know you know it too. But you’re scared sh**less. hahahaha… all good in the hood.


  2. Anne Pham says:

    It takes evolution in order for this to occur. I found you for a reason. I didn’t know why until you brought up soul mate and so without thinking I researched it. And it all makes sense. Whatever happened prior to this is parallel to one another. Exactly the same. But opposite as so to speak. You learnt to make yourself happy first. I’m doing it last. I wanted to have the biggest heart in the world and to help everyone in and around me. You are doing that now. It’s all the same. The outcome is different, the set tasks to achieve it is different but the goals and the effort is the same.
    Gee!!! I can’t help but feel the urge to just arggh! My nose is itchy. I’ll tell you what my dream was. I was in a restaurant serving a group of people. there were two babies and two mothers. identical but on different tables but from the same pax. They wanted baby seats, specifically ones that connected to their seats. There was a bridge. although I was serving them on the ground floor, I found myself running across this bridge to and it connected to where a bar, register, and bistro was. this was on the right hand side of the kitchen that was on the left hand side of the bridge. The place was brown (The colour of all knowing) Somehow I opened the dishwasher, and there were two file like containers containing books or records of some sort. the lhs was blue and the rhs was red. there was water like a veil before the containers as it was deep behind the dishwasher but in plain sight. the colours meant blue-going by your own flow and red-power, passion, strength. and the connection with water. I gathered it was going with the flow as well as going by a strong flow of your own. in other words, going with the flow but doing it confidently and assertively. The babies and the bridge however stuck me in the face. as did the tables that miraculously appeared before me. The tables were set without me doing anything and I didn’t see anyone there. Like it magically happened. there were 2 tables a pax of 2 and a pax of 3. this part of the restaurant was round. it had no corners. There weren’t any corners throughout the restaurant that I could see. And the whole dream was in colour. I felt a sense of urgency and I did run across the bridge because it seemed as if time was fastening up and I was slowing down or something. There were2 other waitresses in the bar. They never moved from their positions. There were also two other people who I affiliated with in my life but whom I have not seen for quite some time. But their personalities strengths were going with the flow. very happy bubbly people. Anyway the original group of people. I was at the table opening up a bottle of wine and then without even beginning to pour the glass, it seemed that the celebration was over and they were on their way out of the front entrance. They all cheered and thanked me and greeted all the other staff members as they made their way out. And then I woke up. I was covered in sweat. I was drenched. Did something strange happen to you a week ago? did something bizarre occur? or was it a premonition of some kind? When I checked out things that I mentioned it only pointed to one thing. this thing. The fact that I found out that we are twin flames. And that all of this… the reason why your expression even in words seem so familiar and natural to me. Jason… I know you are freaking out and you think that I have hidden motives. But you know also that everything I’ve stated and gave an opinion to is what you know as well. YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE FREAKING OUT HERE DUDE. I can not see you unless you do. That is also the reason why I chose not to jump on a plane and just break these boundaries and force it upon you. You must want it too. Hmmm As I have described to you. All my thoughts towards you are pure. No ideals no game play. nothing bottled up. With your credential status, you could even sue me if I were not. lol That would be funny. lol Man… you know what?? Hmmm time after time. =D The truth is the truth. You know it. I know it. But meh! Months ago without knowing why I said something out aloud. And it was towards an other karmatic soul mate I encountered. very very good vibes. But not the same frequency. I also thought he was my other half and seriously. I had no idea about twin souls or flames until you brought up soul mate and I googled it. so I dunno. a gut feeling I suppose. like everything else. I’ve always had a six sense of things. Just when I became aware did it all click and become obviously validating. Anyway I said out aloud that even if that one person ends up married with children anything. I’d still love him and I’d still carry that to my grave. Doesn’t matter. I won’t ever settle for make do’s or second best. I want it all. To be completely free. To be able to share earnest and honest love to the world and to be able to nurture the foundations of another soul with a companion. A bond made of companionship not dependency. That’s my dream. But you see. There are no sexual idealistic urges. Nothing like that. Just purity. Soul binding. And this was all before I found you. This is actually written on my profile in my Facebook account funny enough. My dreams in a nutshell. And? It’s pretty much all right there in front of me. lol hmmmm that’s the funniest thing in lift though ay? sometimes it’s not you but the other person that makes it even more challenging for yourself. the test of patience. The test of going beyond time, distance and space. hmmmm but hey… silent gratitude is no good for anyone. So I can’t hide.

    All of this is awesome anyway. I must admit. To be granted this amazing gift of the truth is wonderful. Doesn’t matter about the outcome, but the depths of the effort. =) I believe I’ve won again. SUCCESS!! LOL

    Vision-the art of seeing things invisible. =)

    Anne Pham

  3. Anne Pham says:

    is it because you can’t manage to eat properly, know your limits especially when you go off the wall on random episodes of curiosity and just I dunno randomness am I right that’s why you need someone there with you at all times? I was doing the same thing. Meeting up with a friend just so that I wouldn’t starve myself or pass out in the middle of the road from days on end of no sleep. The self control is hard isn’t it??? I mean it. If it is as it is for me, we honestly need to work together on this. I don’t give what you say anymore. It is what it is. And I don’t wanna wait until we both die in order for me to say I told you so!

  4. Anne Pham says:

    and do you suffer from ocd? lol I mean seriously. it’s just natural because we see things very very clearly and because of our awareness our logic is on another level that those around us don’t really comprehend? Your joyologist allows you to relax, stay focused and let go of certain things. lol like habits. if you were on your own you’d malfunction. being able to psycho analyze everything around you. so opinionated that it frustrates you and you’re a complete mess without restrictions or supervision. am I dead right here? =)

  5. Anne Pham says:

    And no… you are not hallucinating. You are not going crazy. That’s the difference between us and them. They were not evolved enough to grasp the truth. They weren’t able to lol and I can’t believe I’m saying this, it sounds all so cliche’ they weren’t able to handle the truth. I know… no one gets you. No one gets me either. And you already know this because you are able to psycho-analysis everyone around you even before a commencement of a conversation. Hmmm… My friend Sok… she is the only person I seem to spend anytime with. But most of the time I’m actually just locked up in a room or doing errands with my mum. I’ve mentioned this before that I’m learning the whole attachment thing and yeah. but meh… no one gets me…but there is still unconditional love. lol I’m a mystery to everyone. lol people just endlessly trying to figure me out. it’s a crack up but hmmm quite annoying at times. Especially when they do the whole comparisons and competitiveness thing, like dogs and farm animals really… scary… as much as I love the world, I really love my own personal space to be mine. lol And boy! do I show it. lol
    I know that no one around you can grasp anything you say. They may consider it and laugh and say, “man you are crazy, but we love you” or that you have a highly imaginative mind. very creative. unique, strange, weird or just “get back to reality”… and it’s very disappointing… and you do tend to think…am I seeing things? Is this reality? Am I going nuts here? It seems all logical and rational to me…how come no one else can see it? And why is it that all I see around me is just madness??? What game is God playing at? Am I on a mission? What do I do then? and you feel lonely… not being able to talk to anyone about anything. Having to submit to their level of thinking just to feel a sense of belonging. You do this all conscientiously… even before all of this… I was always dumbing myself down in conversations. All my life I’ve wanted to be able to talk to someone who just gets me. Jason.. honestly… what are you scared of? I don’t want your money. I don’t want your credibility. I don’t want anything superficial or egocentric. I just reckon it’s awesome to have a friend. jumping off walls in conversation. I wanna grow and develop with these amazing abilities. And the only way I know of is if we do it together. I don’t want a relationship. I don’t know what I want but your companionship and that’s enough. Don’t you reckon it’s awesome? The more the merrier kind of thing? What’s the point of being separated. lol woah! now that does sound freaky in it self. but hey! I’m 23 I’m of Vietnamese origin and I weigh 50kgs? dunno haven’t jumped on a scale in a long while. and I’m 154cms in height. What am I gonna do? lmao… errrrrr…..this just seems stupider and stupider talking to a brick wall. JUST FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY! Anyway. I have the passport form and I’ll be going to the post office tomorrow.
    If the truth is staring at you directly in the face, what would you do???? ahhhhh! you silly silly soul. lol And funny thing is. I never knew you were into jazz. Lol funny I called you Jazzy. lol
    And dear. pink is the colour of pure self love. green is the one that’s egocentric. =D btw. I can’t volunteer if I have no accommodation or anything. Look! I have needs to. I don’t follow anyone or do anything that I don’t agree with. I’m not a dog. =D lol and based on equality, that’s just asking for a bitch slap because I ain’t a fanatic. Just me. Anne Pham. hmmm… dude. I’m proud of you…but you are really not getting the picture… hmmm I believe you do but there’s something holding you back. We are spiritually connected. You can do anything you want. It’s not like we have to get together. No!!!! lol it’s just I dunno… it’s purely innocent. Best way I can describe it. But accept it and seriously… what does your intuition tell you? Hmmm my opinion at the moment is…. Gee… thanks God… I love and adore you but why do you have to be so cheeky all of a sudden??? a skeptical celebrity? A daring civilian??? that’s the over all picture. Me? I just wanna kick you off that high horse and laugh at you till my stomach aches. “YOU ARE HUMAN!!! WHO GIVES A HOOT!” To me? You are Jason Mraz. co incidentally my very very frantic twin flame whose losing it….and I’m just watching you crash into walls before me…while I’m splitting my own skull against a cemented pavement… GOD HAVE MERCY… there is nothing to prove, nothing to compare. no rights. no wrongs because we will eventually get there. yes yes I know. But! There is still free will and self control. And I’m just honest!

    Okies homie… lol loved the yoga to go sketch btw. lol I love maxibons too. =)
    just meh! I hope you stop being a fidget and get on with it!!! We have work to do. And two heads are better then one at all costs.
    And another thing skeptic, I have not done any research. I didn’t know what you even looked like. I didn’t know anything but that one song “I’m yours” that lead me to you. I didn’t even know you had a blog until I did come to the conclusion to actually make contact. I freaked out bad. I really thought I lost the plot. But meeting you? seeing that you see what I see? the fact that this song was written by someone alive not dead? and I can confirm that you know what I know? and then everything else? is like wicked!!!! totally awesome. wow! amazing! and my favorite “hey look! I’m not crazy after all!” “omg!!! he get’s it. he really gets it. wait. he is the only one who gets it. get’s me…wait…he’s been through the same thing I have. omg… this is just unreal…un freaking real.” “yeraaaah!” “boo-yah!” lol “gee wiz… this is a challenge and a half… cheeky cheeky God… what have you done….?” lol

  6. Anne Pham says:

    and another thing. whenever I’m about to tell you something I shouldn’t. This thing for some strange reason doesn’t allow me to send. It just goes error etc. And when I tried to do a compatibility test same thing. error. It’s freaky. Yes…we are suppose to figure it out on our own terms and not rely on any sources. but all of this is going through. hmmm… I’m thankful that your joyologist is helping you. I’m supportive and in complete utter acceptance. Because it’s karma. there’s something that needs to be fulfilled. But I do want to meet you anyway. I want to see it for myself. We may not be ready because we are still from other sides of the spectrum. But just… use your senses. your inner ability and I know you know that I’m just what I am. =) Yes… I am frustrated. Because whatever you are doing over there is affecting me as I am effecting you. And I am apologetic of that lol well half anyway. =P lol we are two sides of a coin my friend. If you bite I’ll just bite back. lol you create karma I’ll do the same. Am I frustrating you yet???? huh huh??? Because gee!!! have you frustrated me!!!

  7. Anne Pham says:

    oh! another fear that I didn’t mention that we both have that really really stirs us and sometimes gets us doubting ourselves at times. we do not like people labeling or categorising us. As much as we know that there is nothing to prove and silence is the best solution. but being human we can’t help ourselves but express what we feel because the truth is the truth. lol that’s our logic.

  8. Anne Pham says:

    Something good happened. didn’t it? =) Hmmm I don’t have a scar on my cheek but because I don’t see sun light so often, I tend to wear sunglasses when I am outdoors. For as long as I can remember, I really don’t like direct sun light. I mean… I would literally curl into a ball and cry my eyes out if the sun was directly above me. You know those lights mechanics use? I can’t handle that type of brightness. It literally hurts my eyes.
    I used to think I needed glasses because I’d get out of focus. first short sighted then long. But it really is just a trigger in the mind after all and I’m back to normal.
    We do somehow do look the same strangely enough. I have a crooked smile that I usually put on and even in conversation I tend to have a smirk when I talk. lol Funny. Since grade 1, people have always taken note of my accent. meh! they’d make me pronounce words with r’s in them. Meh! I don’t see anything different with it. But hey! it’s my voice after all. what’s there to compare it to? lol well that’s always been my logic. lol As much as I can tell. Hmmm I was also a sexaholic. lol more like a succubus or however you spell it. this was between let’s say 16-21? Hmmmm did something happen to you that year I suffered psychosis? it was when I was in grade 2. hmmm that would of been when I was 7. you were 16 at that time. when I was a toddler, I fell and jabbed a pencil through my lower lip. No.. it’s fine. but did something occur while you were 11-12? Hmmm But I’ve mentioned this to you before that I’m able to read your face. And I can see that you do need some more time… Please watch the green…it’s a tricky colour…ego’s and red…power and idealisms…

    Oh! the reason why it is difficult atm after all of this is because we were of opposite ends of the spectrum. we are slowly but surely getting closer to the middle and meeting half way. hmmmm But it’s actually another test of perseverance with yourself and going through it all over again. but this time a self strengthening phase. remember how you mentioned the prediction of the axis’ flipping? ask yourself that question again. =) I’m sure you will get the answer.

    cheers friend

  9. Anne Pham says:

    shucks. I forgot… I need a guarantor. Hmmm thanks for the rise you gave me. Feeling quite good. =)
    hmmm my immune systems always been very strong. I usually don’t get sick at all. probably once a year? more like once every 2-3yrs? I dunno what’s happening but I think I’m coming down with something. btw. You didn’t have much sleep or something did you? my eyes were very sore and my head was aching. not to mention my left hand was spasming up. meh! whatever.

    Take care you.

  10. Anne Pham says:

    Even without moving,
    my mind keeps wondering.
    endlessly linked.
    strands and strands twirled up in a dream

    I wonder if it was all a dream
    just an illusion I thought was reality.
    am I losing track of sight?
    what I do see before me…
    no one else sees but I
    am I going mad?
    or did all this really happen?
    what do I do now?
    i see too much of everything.
    it is now, all in my grasp.
    everything is mine.
    to the world I share my soul
    for I know what, not what I see no more.
    and it only takes one thought…and there I go again.

    if this is the only truth I know.
    where then?
    am I to stray once more?
    nothing personal, yet all which is, is personal.
    so confused am i. As confused as me.
    what do I do, if the one thing I want is the one thing that is forbidden?
    how do you obtain something which is unobtainable by nature?
    how do you grasp what is yours without calling out to it?
    to go further away is to draw near?
    to wonder blindly, is to see clearly?
    to go home is to get lost?
    it has gotten me here…
    And yet, I feel like I’m in a sound proof box.
    unable to be heard.
    I am unable to hear me.
    draw a path by chance and I will follow
    I need no more.
    because my heart is calling me.

  11. Anne Pham says:

    *breathes out calmly and slowly* =)
    ok… I took a pause and did a bit of work…
    Remember the first few messages I sent? I typed about Egypt and the pharaohs? (however you spell it) hmmm the God syndrome… I had this when I was a toddler all the way until I reached grade 3… you and I can be anything and do anything we want. =) That’s the coolest thing about our evolutionary development. Hey… Hmmm… You know why I choose this way? It seems like I’ve chosen to be humble but in actual fact? it’s just total appreciation and total acceptance. =) Like the Sages, I love life. I love everything. Simplicity in itself is joyous. I don’t believe you understand the quote about success. You aim high on intentions. not over looking the consequences of your actions… I believe you are overlooking what quality really is and replacing it with quantity… I know… you have very very good intentions. Kudos to that. Hmmm when I went to the snow, the first thing I did while everyone was mindful of what they were doing, consciously staring around themselves and at each other, I ran in the middle of the field before me and just threw myself into the snow. =) rolled around and laughed my lungs off out of pure simple happiness. and began making angel wings while lying there looking at the sky, breathing in the fresh air. That alone creates a positive domino’s effect. It’s simple. it’s affects are priceless. It created an atmosphere around me that just boomed with excitement, ease and love. because sometimes the only way about it is to out do people’s ridiculousness, sincerely. honest and earnestly expressing “your own” happiness to the world… That is really the only way we are able to influence people… I learnt that the hard way and my dear friend… Please… do not take this are criticism. jealousy. comparison. anything…else but love. hmmm I asked myself. do I believe in the mission before me? you should already know that… you can’t be bigger then what you are. because you will pop! that’s the thing about being human… and… hmmmm As much as you did in fact irritate the hell out of me… I love every bit of myself. therefore I love you. God is simply amazing how he was able to calculate everything. lol life is indeed a divine piece of artwork. truly a perfectionist. =)
    Hmmm… I’m glad it all happened the way it did. I’m glad that when I talk to you. I can’t lie. I’m totally transparent. And as I’m typing right now because I know what my intention of this message is…my heart aches deeply. There is still quite a lot of work left to do. It saddens me that we may not be able to unite after all in this lifetime… =) But hey! it’s the journey that’s worth every bit once we hit the home run. lol
    Let us both do our best and resolve all this karma. =) personal strengthening. Remember Jason… You are Jason Mraz one of billions of souls on this earth, whether they be plants, animals or of human kind…keep it simple ay. =)

    It was my pleasure in being able to find you. Thank you for making it easy for me to do so. btw..the Christian symbol of the fish. is everything about evolution, twin flames. ying and yang. all of it. And yours and my tattoo on our forearms are the same thing. =)

    It’s good to be human. =) “good things will happen to those who wait”- be patient with others. be patient with yourself.

    each animal teaches us the pros and cons of our inner self. taking on the characteristics of each animal is important. try to not subject yourself to one. like the cat. I love cats too. but as I mentioned I learnt a lesson extremely hard… there are pros and cons… don’t be a cat perched up atop dogs barking…do it for self defence but don’t mock them ay. =) because that’s the thing about karma. =) And why do you think Muslims don’t eat pork? because they believe that procrastinators like monks etc are a reincarnation of them. after sex, they lie around orgasming for 30minutes!!! lol rolling in the mud on their own in pure ecstasy. lol =) why do you think there’s a food nutrition pyramid? it’s just logic. =) don’t limit yourself. don’t cut things out and say it builds character. everyone’s human. but “you are too!” =) everything in moderation. logic and rational. let your curiosity lead the way. =) no right or wrong. and you may not know what will happen walking blindly but! at least you know you. that’s all that matters. =) it’s good to be able to use things around you as a resource…but sometimes if you look too far… you throw yourself into co-dependency again… take the information and splash a bit of your own in it. your own flare. =) As I know you do because we have the same frequency.

    Anyway. thank you for everything Jason.
    We have all the time in the world. but within conscious morality. time is of the essence to our own control.

    I’ll see you when I do. =)


  12. Anne Pham says:

    I have never given up on anything I believed in, in my whole entire life. Exactly when I gave up… I got sick.
    And all of this has been bothering me.
    I honestly did not expect any of this to occur. I did not expect to evolve. I’d be happy to be ignorant and going on about my way doing whatever it is a 23yr old does. The fact of the matter is. I never expected to get to this point. Illogically speaking, I don’t know if it’s even possible. But it is. I’d write my name on a piece of paper and it makes sense to me.
    I honestly say to myself constantly “wdf!!!? is this??!? You must be Shi$#ng me right???”
    I know that we suffer from another common fear. “what if we are wrong?” “what if it’s just all in our head?” And I hate what if’s because it just stops you from doing or attempting anything. And there is no wrong or right. Just… what is good for you and what makes you happy.
    I’m bewildered by what I see. What I know. What the truth is…and I keep second guessing myself. I keep freaking out and I feel as though bits and pieces of me are falling apart.
    you know that scar on your cheek is karma. do you know what it is though?
    I know that whenever I call someone a “bit#h” or the like my fingers immediately get caught in a cupboard or something. And although it hurts for that moment.. I know that it’s karma and I’m glad I can experience it in an immediate state. hmmm I’m so clueless now. But traveling has been on my mind for quite sometime. I wanna just go to the airport and just jump a plane and just wing it. =) I’ll do that as my passport application is complete.
    hhhaaaaa… You really don’t wanna rebuild do you? that’s a fear you have. I’ve rebuilt my life so many times it’s like artwork. lol but I’ve never done it just for my own sake. hmmm that’s where we are opposites. but of the same coin.
    tai chi is awesome too. =) inner strength.


  13. Anne Pham says:

    July 27th was when you posted this… 7 and 9…
    Hmmmm strange question but do you feel from let’s say 2 days ago that when you woke up you felt as though…you’re back to reality??? like during this time until now. you felt asthough you were abducted my aliens as so to speak and now…the truth… is a bit cloudy?? and you aren’t able to see it clearly without resorting to curiosity and research??? hmmm
    Anyway… I dunno… I’m dumb founded now.
    May you have a wonderful life Jason Mraz. I do believe it was all something very very peculiar. Even I’m wondering if I was hallucinating now…

    Anyhow… Thanks for well…all of it. =)
    It was unreal.

  14. Anne Pham says:

    Jason…I just downloaded your songs… um…. listen to them… um… it gives me goosebumps…
    thank you my friend. =) I can’t but cup my hand and cover my face…

    hmmmm I’m freaking out… so badly…hmmm I know what I hear. I know what I see. I know what I know. And I know me… But my subconscious… covering my whole soul in white… I asked him to relieve me.. I returned his gift for the time being. I’m not ready… But I hope that when I am.. We will meet on better terms.
    Take care of yourself Jason. As many times as I want to leave you be… It’s like I’m just naturally drawn and it’s wonderful…but at the same time… it just saddens me so much. Hmmm Everything in moderation ay. =)
    I love. =) Hmmm you were right though. I’m being a cowardly lion. wise and strong. but scared. =) I knew about this fear exactly after my enlightenment. =) hmmm I stated I need to go get lost! lol for my own sake. no one or for anything. =)
    Funny. One of my soul mates is in Hawaii studying. And funny. Another one is in the service in the U.S going to Iraq during the month. hmmm I was searching for a song. although I didn’t find it. I came across this song. =) I believe it may help you. I’ve always been an all rounder lover of everything. That’s why I’m not a specific fanatic of any kind. But then herds teach you a lot. ants teach us society. bees: industry. but I still can’t help giggling still when I see crowds leave a football stadium. =) I’m just…a fanatic of life! =D Well, the song’s Billy Joel- And so it goes.
    You know this. your lips are the hottest part of your external self. kiss your hands whenever you feel nippy and also cup your ears. two sensitive places whenever you need warmth. funny… it’s like a wow factor when you’re surrounded by the illogical. But you gotta give them a hand of applause. They’re alright.

    laters cool cat.

  15. Anne Pham says:

    As I gaze at the world
    through a prism of self reflection
    as I view the many faces
    who stare right back at me
    all cheering and applauding…
    my brilliance


    Feeling the sheets that lay under me
    soft and warm from my fingertips
    the sun catches a hold,
    as it piers through the covers of my window.
    sparks tinkling through the layers and gently touches my skin
    the rays caressing my cheek
    And I smile, as I let go.


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