Jason Mraz Feels At His Best On Stage

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Friday (September 17), discussing how much he enjoys touring and what he might be up to were it not for his career in music. The singer songwriter tells readers:

No matter what’s going on in life – up or down – the best I ever feel, without a doubt, is when I’m onstage, in the middle of a show. From this place I might as well be on an island. There’s no chance I’ll be on the phone or make myself wrong for not responding to an email. There’s no way in hell any bad review or false claim could affect me from this space. Mid-show, especially under the spotlight is the quintessential NOW for any performer. There is no past – and the future clearly isn’t written yet. The bright lights add an element of blindness as if I’m singing into an abyss, talking to the Gods, in trust, and as the audience is sometimes removed from view – it’s as if I’m operating out of the purpose of pure joy. The past two days have been rough for me cosmically. Logistics, the schedule, and bad news have been inconvenient, while tour has it’s typical way of fooling you into thinking you’re alone.

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