Jason Mraz: Get A Personal Water Bottle

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Wednesday (January 20), discussing how work on his garden has been interrupted by rain and how they can save water – and reduce plastic usage. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Your Water Conservation Tip for Today Relates to your Health and Finances: Stop Drinking Soda and Refill Your Water Bottle.

It’s still very necessary to encourage everyone you know to have a personal water bottle. This allows us to bottle from our own source and reduce the use of plastic. The best place I’ve found recently to get a free fill is at the soda fountain. Every gas station in the world has one, and usually connected to the Sprite is a little button for water. My favorite burrito shop also has one, as does every fast food restaurant in America. The water that comes from these fountains is not only super cold, but it’s filtered, super fresh, and super free!

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One thought on “Jason Mraz: Get A Personal Water Bottle

  1. Caden Alexander says:

    nowadays, we are seeing some water shortage and water conservation is even more necessary

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