Jason Mraz Goes Eco For The Grammy Awards

Jason Mraz at 2010 Grammy Awards

blogged about his Grammy night wardrobe on his MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (February 4), where the singer songwriter arrived in earth friendly attire. Mraz writes:

If there was ever a place I dared to go where people actually cared what I was wearing, it is the red carpet at the Grammy Awards. Last year I enjoyed the fresh fitted look of a Prada suit and received a “best dressed” nod in the New York Times.

The Verdict: Stylish – Yes. Inspiring – Not really.

So this year I enlisted the help of Bahar Shahpar, an expert in sustainable fashion, to find out what alternatives I had on this night of nights. The result was an Eco-Tux – a suit made fair (for earth and earthlings alike) in every step of the manufacturing process.

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