Jason Mraz: I’m Still Very Human

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (May 21), talking about how he’s not always thinking positive thoughts. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I’m writing this because it’s important for you to know that I am still very human and have been very afraid to admit certain truths and take on the many responsibilities that surround them. I am afraid of success just as much as I am afraid of failing. I have fears about how I’ll look in the eyes of my peers, my family, or my fans. And up until now I’ve had fears about sharing this information.

I’ve been praised a thousand times for my positive outlook and my positive contributions to music. And I’ve celebrated loudly and advertised myself as someone with an attitude of gratitude. But all it seems to take is one small moment of negativity, inadequacy, or fear, to break me from my most powerful nature, that of being the possibility of real love. So the failure I would create in THAT would reduce me again to feeling like just a worthless soul whose life will be over before it began so what’s the point in even trying.

Huh? All this is coming from the positive thinking guy? Is this the same cat who wrote I’m Yours – a song in which every stanza is about generosity, encouragement, and letting go?

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One thought on “Jason Mraz: I’m Still Very Human

  1. Anne Pham says:

    =D Hey cool cat!
    How are you today? I hope you are making the challenge fun and interesting.
    hmmmz… I jumped on to let you know that I found out the task I have laid before me… hmmz… and I saw this blog of yours. lol It’s funny at first hey? Knowing that you have a higher purpose and because you can see everything so clearly it’s shocking but the exact negativity before you is a self growth senario played out so precise and it’s your job to overcome it. By over coming it, you also sort out the ones around you. =) It was like a “ping” in my mind and I couldn’t help but laugh. Don’t think too hard hey Jason. I know you know what to do. =D I figured out what my mission is. I was half in and half out… Geee! I too had a trial of negativity and boy that hurt… But! we are here at the very stop you are in for a reason and when you let go and see it for what it trully is? takiing a step back a pause and reconstruct it all in your head again. I’m sure you can’t help but feel silly as well. lol I was like “So! this is the challenge! lol He wants me to gather personal strength here. All my demons right before me in such close proximities… what do I do? Oh wait! I’m me and I get exactly what’s going on so? All I can be is ME! lol and like a domino’s affect everyone will follow on. Setting the tasks that ensures my happiness funny enough is what everyone around you needs. Because you see the their insecurities. their demons. their limitations and hmmz its like going into their room… you feel absolutely uncomfortable. because you already know they are facing a fear, the same you have already faced before and by analysing all your surroundings as it is…by just observing and using your curious nature. I know you will be able to find an appropriate way to re-assert them without forcing it out of them or taking control… yeah… control is the hardest thing.

    Anyway. I’m off. I’ll keep my updates. =D I figured it out! lol that’s what I wanted to tell you. And dude! it’s pretty simple once you clear your head. lol so cool!!!!! I’m licking my lips for this challenge. totally excited now that I know what to do. God is doing this to make us stronger. To gain self control and eventurally? it will all be effortless. I garentee you that my friend. oh! yeah… it’s true hey? You end up not having any technological devices on you. it’s like you live in a primative yet the most sophisticated way. lol keep it up Jason… I understand… the ways of the world can sometimes be over bearing and you will reduce yourself to tears… But I know you have strength in your love and you will be alright. It’s a difficult road. But only as difficult as you allow it. Remember, see it as a challenge. one you want to win as all you need to do is be yourself. Make it fun and as interesting as your imagination allows.
    You are right! We are human. The difference is? like the saying vison:is seeing things invisible. And isn’t that cool??? =D


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