Jason Mraz Is Glad He Tried Kissing A Man

Jason Mraz

answered another dozen questions submitted by fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (August 3), including what five things he’s glad he tried. The San Diego based singer songwriter responded:

1. This gig. It wasn’t promised. I just tried it.

2. Kissing a man. It’s the only way to know.

3. Juggling 5 balls. That sh** is hard. But I’m working on it.

4. I once drove straight from San Diego to Mechanicsville without stopping. 45 hours without sleep. It was the only way I could get home in time for the holidays since I didn’t have the means or money to fly back then. My record for no sleep is 4 days. What a truly weird experience that is. I won’t lie. You lose a part of yourself when you push it like that. But I’m glad I tried it. I spent one afternoon staring into a mirror, deep inside the blankness of my pupils until the rest of my reflection disappeared. My thesis being about how reality is actually based on what we think it is. Our thoughts make life what it is. Think otherwise, see otherwise, and it will all go away.

5. Vitamineral Green! Which reminds me; my brother sent me this message the other day talking about the magical green stuff. Check it.

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6 thoughts on “Jason Mraz Is Glad He Tried Kissing A Man

  1. Anne Pham says:

    On the second day, my sense of gravity was zapped away, hovering around as though dragged on a skate board. On the 3rd day, I was caught hugging and caressing my face upon a pole and by the fourth day, I was rambling to myself. I couldn’t explain why I couldn’t go to sleep and I started crying and passed out. Hmmm This was when I was 16yrs old. Later in the years, I decided to pick up a puzzle and immerse myself in that whenever there was anything baffling me. Whenever you feel a sense of strain, it tends to muddle up your logical patterns. =)It’s your subconscious trying to open another door in your psy-ki =P but there is some resistance. I also remember doing a 32hr shift with 4hours of staggering in the cold air in the early hours of the morning. Thank you! 24hr joints! hehehe
    Invent a game and don’t tell anyone the rules. In that way, you will always win. I’ve psyched myself up! And have my sleeves rolled up. =) To every challenge I will see it as a tug of war. hehehe I’ll just be placing my feet firmly on the ground without budging and then? =) I’ll just let go without a second thought. I almost lost my motive. If there is a war, make sure your loaded with marshmallows. =)

    cheers big ears

  2. Anne Pham says:

    Trying to bottle my thoughts up is a pain. =P If I was ignorant, my chakara’s wouldn’t be imbalanced whenever something came up. lol And knowing what it is that’s bothering me…geee lol laughing at myself while I try to shrink everything down to a peanut, crushing it and sprinkling it on top of a dollop of pure denial. =P
    I can scrutinize as much as I want upon the choice of words you’ve used. lol But then… Meh! =P I’m glad you’re able to express yourself in whatever mood you’re in and that’s really the main point. =)
    I must say… I couldn’t help laughing and giggling to myself for awhile.. =) “Yes Jason… you are an open minded heterosexual. lol But hey! I have had moments when I ponder to myself how mad would it be if you were a fish. The kind that just needs to touch a plant and transforms from one sex to another. lol Gee…! lol It’s like standing on the borderlines of two countries, jumping back and forth. How amusing would that be. =P But damn… lol that’s sure one easy going fish! =P Love Dory “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming”
    As subtle as you wanna project it. Don’t worry about it ay. lol You have nothing to prove and you don’t have to assure anyone. =) It’s like The simplicity of “I am” =)
    Yeah… it gets pretty frustrating at times… When I’m out and about, no matter where I am!!! I dunno.. lol it’s like I’m a magnet and everyone’s a piece of metal. drawn… no matter what. It’s as entertaining as it is bothersome at times. But! =) I guess it’s just the aura and our souly vibes that we project. People feel safe, comfortable, at ease. The fact that we are able to freely look at someone in the eyes with genuine sincerity. Able to smile at the fact that those around us aren’t so inclined to do the same and hold our gaze. But! No matter what… everyone’s progressing at their own pace. It’s after all the things that you do for yourself that are significant to other people as much as you wanna just… do it for everyone else and leave yourself last. lol What am I saying ay? =) I don’t wanna get back into this. =P
    I love being able to climatise my body. Summer.. =) Global warming. lol =) It’ll do some good really. With the whole energy crisis and the globe in gluttony… =) It will eventually get to the point where everyone’s choices will reach another standard as everyone’s lifestyles come to a shift. =)
    Hmm… But upon this reflection… I do hope that things won’t get to that point… After all… you can’t force anyone. You can’t speak if they don’t want to hear… it’s upon “choice” for the “truth”…Being able to lower your body temperature in the heat…The anger and the chaos brought about it if people aren’t able to confront themselves…this is one scenario I really do not ever want to bear witness to.
    Hmmm…=) Understanding that war alone when reduced down to the essence… hmmmmm it’s like an inflating balloon…takes one person to create. takes one person to destroy…
    Ages ago I amused myself with this one question… what will we be breathing in in a century from now? =) Originally, it was oxygen. Then with increasing development… it became air… =) I know… I’m just rambling on…because I know you know all this as well as I do. But I dunno… Although I’ve been aware of these things awhile back… I still can’t help but find myself jibbering…. Wall-E it’s pretty much it… Funny how people talk about aliens. In actual fact… we are the aliens. =) I dunno… guess the reason why I type such random things to you is because. well! there isn’t anyone else within my jurisdiction who would quite frankly understand any of it. We could just barely scratch the surface upon such topics and how deep someone’s perception is…Doesn’t stop me from attempting in curiosity when I meet a new face…But upon meeting someone…Just by observation alone… Hmmm…. I love everything and everyone…but… lol I’m human… it’s good to have a decent conversation sometimes. lmao… thank you philosophy!!! my joy of self expression although I’m surrounded by blank faces. lol can’t punish them for not knowing any better. =P lol
    Reminds me of my friend Sok. Funny Funny girl. I was curious about a piece of fruit in the market a couple of years ago and I pointed very enthusiastically and asked her “What’s that piece of fruit called?” Just as ecstatic as I was she was very eager to respond to my inquiry. lol But guess what I got instead? “OH OH OH!!! I know what I is. I know. I know! It’s a piece of FRUIT!”
    lmao…errrr….. lol exactly after that? two thoughts in my mind popped up “All the respect and admiration for you??? GONE GONE! wiped out clean. GEt out of ere you fool!” and “at least you have a beautiful heart you mindless cute thing you” lol Both of course were of genuine adoration. lol I laughed so hard that I was crying with stitches. I nearly collapsed too because if anything, I know I wouldn’t last long in a dessert with her lol I know I’d be fine. but she would be the death of me. lol
    Hmmm… it’s good when you’re out and about and can influence people around you to be themselves just by being yourself. =) It’s an awesome feeling of accomplishment. One that has no deeper applause and understanding then the one you give yourself for tipping over the first piece.

    Anyway! Boom boom shake shake. Now, drop! =)

  3. Anne Pham says:

    =) Oh and yes. I have kissed a girl before. =) Curiosity. Meh! Dunno why people make a fuss over such things. I dunno it’s always good to try new things. It challenges you. It asserts you. And? It defines you. The solidarity of your character lol but as well as your versatility which is your strength. lol The gossip and the chattering chickens and hens. Can’t help but say… Go get a life! =P Love in all forms. “I love you” disguised in the truth of your own opinion =P hahaha And we get? a progressive karmatic change. =P As long as you have good intentions. Meh! shock the hell out of the world. No point of getting another person’s opinion when all you’ll be receiving is another person’s perspective.
    HAHAHAHAHA!!! I gladly bite my tongue to that! My bad. lol
    Hmmm curiosity. did you injure your thumb by any chance?


  4. Anne Pham says:

    Hey dude,

    Awhile ago I did a personality test just for kicks and towards the end of my results it mentioned esp. I didn’t know what it meant at all only that it had to do with perceptional skills of some kind. Anyway. It was lingering in my thoughts so I played it out on google. Funny… Psychic, clairvoyant/ce, Akashic Records and Edgar Cayce came up from amongst my search. Very interesting. =) If only this Edgar fellow was still hopping about. I’d love to sit and have a cuppa tea with him over this whole thing. Yogic, Meditation etc etc were also ways in which to boost in some sense these skills. HAHAHAHA!!! As if we didn’t know!!! A line caught my attention though and I was very relieved from what I found ” direct cognition shares semantic congruency with intuition and allows for the possibility of direst knowing without time elapsing and without knowledge needing to be transferred in text of speech”. =) Makes me kind kick myself really. From the moment I was clairvoyant, I was amazed but also uncertain of what I saw before me… Knowing that love is all around…but not having anyone to share it with. To bounce off walls from subject to subject. I have no doubt on the matter that we are twin flames. Nor and I going to subject myself to self doubt. =) Knowing that there is a gut feeling that it isn’t the right time either… Hmmm comes from both ends of the stick as well I’m sure.
    Anyway. I thought I’d give ya my thoughts. The kicking myself part in digging for confirmation of the truth… =) The deeper you dig, the darker it gets. =)
    When you mentioned your grand dad, hmmm one thing came to mind.. I bet you were also contemplating just prior to that of addiction. Knowing that fear pushes us towards addiction. The choice of addiction… lies within our grasp once the truth is out and I bet you were thinking… hmmmm so… what if I just wanna be human? I could go against my better judgment and just do what I want. =P That’s also why you have your joyologist. If not…man… hmmm I reckon we came to the same conclusions though. Hmmm struck with two paths… the light towards the end of the tunnel or the road of dependency. wanting to remain on this earth in this lifetime for awhile longer because there is still a few things you wanna do before then. =) Well! I reckon that’s the reason why you chose to have a joyologist. I ran the question “I don’t know how long I’ll last if I don’t hold on to something”. With the world as clear as glass… it’s also very frightening ey. You forget, you’re governed by mortality. And pushing our limits because the truth is so wonderful… we became more vulnerable. =) That’s why after 23yrs I’m getting to know my mother and you have attached yourself to a joyologist for assistance and supervision. *hahahaha… errrrr* The fear of having something so awesome and not knowing when it’ll be taken away from us. =P And when we will be aware again. =)

    Ok buddy.


  5. Anne Pham says:

    I swear… I didn’t wanna begin to cross examine you. lol Not at all. But your back came to mind. Hmm…. remember!=) every strain you have is due to a fear. an insecurity. And the longer you postpone to attack the challenge. It will become more or less a threat towards you. building. Hmmm… yeah. I used to love cracking my back too but its really unnecessary. You know that I’m sure. Just ask yourself. what is it that you can’t accept? What is it that you are afraid of? More or less, what is it that is bothering you? And what is it that you can’t let go of? Do you have to be strong? Because you are you after all. And all of you is everything which has occurred, which has influenced and affected you. Everything. So… Hmmm Ask yourself…. is there a need to prove anything? =) Because you should know that you don’t have to do anything. Will it make you happy to affirm something to the world when you already know it yourself? And who is it important to? =)
    Take a hot bath… yes. Even saunas have a scientific fact that it reduces your sperm count. But meh! Mind over matter! hehehehe
    Hmmm curious. Did you do something different in your routine lately? Hmmm I had an emotional day today. Hmmm… the full moon theory. We are made of a hell of a lot of water. Hence the werewolf theory. lol Brings out the crazy outta everyone. Some more then most. =P And another thing. have you seen and been seeing 11:11?


  6. Anne Pham says:

    The five orders or processes (niyama) which operates the physical an mental realms. SHOCKING!!! LMAO!!! IT’S SO COOL! =D

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