Jason Mraz Offers Water Conservation Tip

Jason Mraz sitting

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Wednesday (March 3), discussing how he’s been nursing his chest cold, the Resurf Foundation and offering a water conservation tip. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Here is the latest and greatest water conservation tip ever and I can thank my neighbor Louis for turning me onto it. Many of us don’t jump into the shower immediately because often times it’s freezing. Instead, we wait for the water to heat up. (This amount of time can be greatly reduced when operating on a solar water heating system as water is held at a higher temp – AND energy is saved in these systems as 40% of the energy your house consumes is in the heating of water!)

Anyway… waiting for water to warm up wastes around 2 gallons, at least in my home it does. This I learned ever since I started catching it in a 2-gallon water bucket, the very one I use to water the flowerbed out front. When it fills I just move it aside and get on with my Navy Shower. When that kinky ordeal is thru I’m cleverly reminded to go sprinkle the catchment on the money tree. Everyone wins as water is used wisely.

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