Jason Mraz On Generosity

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jojoonline) on Thursday (July 16), discussing contact lenses and generosity. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Y’know, sometimes the generosity of another can be quite overwhelming, but it is a good thing to practice receiving. Without people on the receiving end, there would be no givers. Every person is vital to the flow. A friend in need is a friend indeed. If this confuses your humble self, just say thank you and take the present without telling yourself you don’t deserve it. Society has a way of fooling you into feeling small or less-than if you find yourself at the receiving end of someone’s kindness. I have friends that hate when I pay for things. But I wouldn’t be where I am if it wasn’t for the kindness of those friends through the years; those who loaned me their cars, allowing me to sleep on their couch for years without paying rent, taking me to movies, feeding me, smoking me out, etc. These days, supporting someone else’s journey is more than my karmic duty. It is my greatest pleasure. Even if my contribution is just one meal, it uplifts me to fill the belly of another to fuel their continued travels. If we all Give what we Get then there will always be plenty for everyone to enjoy at just the right time.

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9 thoughts on “Jason Mraz On Generosity

  1. Anne Pham says:

    =) tripped me out… I got Sneezy out of a quiz for which dwarf are you in snow white and the seven dwarfs and funny enough, I sneezed this after noon some hmm 4hrs ago?? not sure.
    I love being about to share my thoughts with you. I dunno… Just feels awesome. =) The funniest thing is. The exact message you were trying to bring across… =) I got that just yesterday actually through a great friend of mine. =) The person who I created the painting for actually. Being human and being overwhelmed emotionally. I went to him knowing that he would be able to knock me down to earth and I want to share something simple but unreal. K.I.S.S. =) KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!!! lol Cool ay? That alone. Although we are both Sages.. or however you term it. We both have out individual lives to live. three stages. living/play work and rest and these are not in any chronological order as you and I know. I’m coming to an end of my rest period. And I will be doing the living part very soon. =) And it’s all so bizarre..how you’ve mentioned you’re slowing coming to an end of your tours??? Honestly I have no idea what happens in your world. what goes on or even where you are ATM. lol All I know is that one song and presto “I’m here” lol I dunno as wise and as clever/logical as we are. its just a plus b. pretty simple I believe. well! that’s me. But gee….did I try to complicate things or what!!!??? =) But I’m glad I could share my thoughts with you. Just to get it out of me is enough.
    Whenever I was faced with a challenge, I would always draw a smiley face on a pad, top of my page, hand on the glass. And when I was going about with tasks laid before me. I’d find myself chanting “row row row your boat…” =) I’m laughing to myself right now thinking.. what if I pinched myself, would you feel it too??? and I can’t help but stand there looking all stupid to the world with a goofy look on my face like “what the??? am I the only one who sees this? is my mind playing tricks with me? am I in a dream??? this is just a bit freaky here… so freaky that if there was an animated bubbly above my head it would have me with my jaw dropped all the way to the ground!” amazing!!! Just wow!
    wow!!! lmao….geez… I catch myself saying “hey! that’s what I think!” lol
    Hmm Noah’s ark… lmao…! ah! lol can’t do the meat… just can’t do it. *clicks her fingers* I catch myself devouring fresh veggies and fruit before everyone..Being where I am… meat and blood and cigarette smoke…ah…all the fears within all the souls in such close proximities around me…
    sometimes I really don’t know what color to shift myself in… but Slowly but surely… Seems illogical to all who are around me. lol looking at me with an apple or a mandarin and in 5 mins, only with the stem of the apple or the label of a Mandarin in hand. =) lol seems so normal to me. but completely magical to them. first you see it, then you don’t! =P hahahahahaha…err…. lmao… such such crazy people!!!! but I love them.
    EXACTLY! silent gratitude is no good for anyone. =) kudos
    Anyway! I best be off. Dancing. Although I’m slowly getting the hang of it. being in public surrounded by so many different souls and feeling and sensing everything around me…hmm just by looking at them in the eyes…i loose focus on myself and get drawn into their psychic. =) But! I really wanna dance. Feel my self all around me and just let go and be in my suspended bubble in time. Love it! Capturing every rhythm, sound and vocal. lol Movement is so like a flow. no stress or strain. The center of gravity asserts you with logic after all. =) ok! I’m getting immersed again. Annie…! =P

    Have a blast! whatever you’re doing Hmm… But milk is something I haven’t trialed yet I must say. Sheep provide warmth. cow, nutritional balance. that’s why the mouse was sitting on top of the cow via the Chinese zodiac and the cat was phased out in some take off on the thing… ok! going off it again. Simple Annie! lol you dolphin! lol zip it!


  2. Anne Pham says:

    And Jason,

    thanks for your blog. Meant a lot to me. =) I dunno… sorry if I do seem over whelming. it’s the dolphin thing. =) whenever I discover something interesting that has helped me, I dunno… sharing is caring. =) Knowing that you would understand what I’m raving on about. Over the moon!!! =)

    ok! ok! off to!

  3. Anne Pham says:


    how’s it? =) Out of curiousity. Do you have allergies or a cold of some sort? Your eyes… It relates to Indigo… =) Your brow chakra. the funny thing is.. I’m still adjusting to social life…going with the flow of things and to remain at peace…baby step.. go with my flow and do self love (colours:light blue and pink. Funny. it all seems logical now why there the colours assocciated with babies. Light blue is soothing and for boys, it represents the growth section where they learn to go with their own flow and development. calming effect on parents and people in general so it enhances the going with the flow so everyone just goes about there way. Pink, quite similar to green but green. appreciation. darker the green means the person feels somewhat deappreciated. =) When you catch someone wearing red, it means they are conquering strength and need that umph to face a challenge in their life. but when it comes to performance you will notice that people will wear navy blue. your flow but! cool and cold if subjected to negativity or strains. Brown is exactly the colour. all colours of the rainbow fused in one. The knowing it all mentality. Awareness and assertiveness…but when this colour goes in contrast with navy blue…if anything. You wanna go with your flow and only allow those around you who contribute to the things that are beneficial to you. =) Because blues achievement but a knowing flow. People will be agitated if there is a drop of there water changing the flow and will place a barrier and be very picky upon who they want in and who they will leave out. =) Allows focus on goals. I really could go on and on. It’s very amusing expecially with colours. hmmmz I have a feeling you are thinking about ways in using money but you are pretty sceptical so you wanna know each and every detail holding a microscope. =) What you’ve wrote..you’re re asserting yourself and immersed in ways to use it ay? =) hehehe hmmmzzz and you did something that satosfied your red. Base chakra very recently right? Felt powerful and in control again right? =)You might of had strains on your spin Wait!! you came to terms with the tour ending soon. lol that must be it.

    oh! my nose itched hmmm 6-7hours ago btw. I sat there early hours in the morning just laughing to myself as my friend was clueless. =)

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend. =D ahhhhhh…. =)
    dunno… something strange tweeking in my mind. =)
    I dunno =) I’m just guessing.

  4. Anne Pham says:

    There’s something I always tend to do and whenever anyone around me were in need of some up lifting I’d suggest this. “I know that the you aren’t so happy about the situation laid before you, but hey! If the situation doesn’t change. You do. lol I dunno. Invent a game and don’t tell anyone else the rules. That way, you’ll always be winning!!!” =P This one thing has kept me going at numerous challenging moments in the past. =) And for some reason… I nearly forgot. =) Silly me.
    I hope it does wonders for you. All I know is, I don’t need anyone or anything. All I need, is to want it. And I love being on my own because I’m never bored. I’m my own entertainment and I certainly crack myself up. lol I used to stand around laughing my lungs out untill I had cramps. Guess that’s why I’m always so fit. Stiffens up so much I end up with a sex pack by the end of a session. hmmm =) And I can’t believe I nearly forgot that about myself. Adding on to what you already know. Although everything that you’ve ever been through can be deciphered and re-analysed and seen for what it really is. lol tinkering. taking all of it apart and putting it back the way it was. WITH! THE PIECES THAT YOU NEED TO GET THE CONTRAPTION WORKING AND RUNNING AGAIN. Getting there. =) I’m sure that goes both ways ere. =D

  5. Anne Pham says:


    Do you h

  6. Anne Pham says:


    oppz. =) Do you find that no matter what you do, people are naturally drawn to you? Overwhelmingly so? People can’t help but want a piece of you..? And you know yourself that it’s just their insecurities. Regardless if it’s complimentary or criticism. It’s all the same… insecurities…
    The clingingness of it all lol I find myself having to re assert myself continuously. Guess that’s why I love white when I’m out and about. Especially white and navy blue. Ignorant to all those around me and just going with my own flow. Although I know I produce a bit of a chill when people step over my their boundaries… =) I’m getting the hang of understanding that no matter what reaction I produce… it is neccessary that I remain true to myself at all times and that I don’t doubt my ability to produce actions that only allow progress. Even if it’s tough love, having to embarress someone by walking away from being thrown around like a comodity. =) Because whatever reaction they will have towards me will be that water drop on that seemingly solid rock. =) Because the lessons only harder when you continueous choose to ignore the lesson and refuse to grow. =) There are two things that are the primary foundations of growth. Selflove and going with your own flow. pink and light blue. =) I didn’t have self love but ideals of it until this recent period. =) And boy was it a hard lesson to learn. Without this one thing. I lost it all and had to reconquer and conquer all of my fears all over again. I dunno… but it was an intense redevelopment at such a rate that! lol all in all, got me doing the full circle. =) The one thing I inately wanted most in the world. To be completely free. =)
    Hmm…piecing it all together and being able to apply the theory into practise…geee…very challenging.. sometimes very straining. but once I’m alone and at peace. I can’t help but have a ridiculous smile on my face. =) “yeeeeeeeeraaah!” lol I love sahring with you. =) I guess the reason why I prefer not to find out anything about you other than through this is because. It’s from the source. =) Whatever you say is valid. Everything else? Are just other people’s interpretations and meh! It’s just common sense and logical =P HI 5!


  7. Anne Pham says:

    lol Can’t help myself. I really should just hold on to these thoughts until the very end and then send you something. But I dunno. There’s no point of hesitating. =) My strongest chakra. Orange-daring.
    Hmmm… I know I’ve spoken about violet. Some forms of self sacrifice… I’m sure that you know that the bible is all the lessons and spiritual awakenings/enlightenments in one. One of the first things I brought up. =) The playing Jesus part… =) and then doing prodigal son or however you spell it. =) Most people can not grasp what the prodigal son lesson is all about and what it actually means. More or less not anyone whose bound to relgion.. and hey! I love them all. Atleast I know they have a strong deep appreciation. But because they lack the total acceptance and total appreciation… the conclusion… materialism and money! The power of money…at its most unprogressive state…=) At least they have faith. lol although their really just ignorant. But ah! We all live under one sky. lol can’t help it though… yes…breathe Anne breathe! =) No one’s perfect. And recently I’ve come to my own resolve aswell. As you have. Although we may possess this deep awareness that no one besides you that I have found has, we are still primative in terms of the process of evolution. =) But way cool though none the least.
    Hmm both our past consisted of the purple. That’s the one thing that lead us to this ultimate awareness. But because we know that by medalling into other peoples affairs and being a self sacrifice only does one thing. a slow down of progression around us because we don’t let them face these lessons alone. That’s why I was confused and got very frustrated with myself. How do you sacrifice yourself and not at the same time? =) And when I said I’ll just do whatever and that’s that. =) Now when I think about it… lol it’s silly really. I’ll sacrifice this lifetime. Leaving it to not knowing. Because I know that I can calculate it and come up with a list of possible outcomes in terms of what I would be in my next life to assure my own progress and to be able to continue my work. Really… =) Having that desire to not want to be apart from him/her is quite silly. “Creator” loves us. We are his/her children. Let’s say it! lol I always considered myself to be an “it” To society it seemed like I was degrading myself. But I dunno. I took up a father, mother, sister, brother, friend, employee, whatever. lol I never considered myself to be tied down to anything. As if I never formulated any classification or label. Just “it” =) Souls roaming around. I’ve always lived this way. =)
    Like parents, our happiness is their happiness. Sure… hmm fair enough. life’s just not like that at times. But hey! everyone lives their lives.
    So now I have a much more comprehensible approach. Like I said, my self sacrifice is this lifetime without predeterminations of the next. And when you think about it logically. Everything on this earth is here for a reason. ants teach us society. bees teach us business and production. every living creation. Plants that have been wiped out were cancer cures. =) finding a way to use all that were have I guess is the key to evolution and further progress. soul. mind. body. healthy body. healthy mind. Cows-iron. chikcen-protein. slowly but surely evolution has made it easier for us to progress and enhance ourselves. hmmm…sure because this progress is at a slow rate… Most things are out of context. But.. I don’t think but limiting ourselves to something that is good for our bodies and our minds would undo it. It would just add on to progress and enhancement. there is no such thing as punishment. It’s not something to be proud about. =) and man… did I punish myself for so long… very very silly. But learning the process of better judgment on yourself and allows you to reassert yourself. hmmmz wouldn’t you agree? I dunno…
    I guess I’m really just well…I believe silent gratitude is no good for anyone. And when I know something… I know.. but I would like to share it anyway. Because it has been on my mind and hmmm frankly… I wouldn’t wanna see you torturing yourself… You’ll just keep getting frustrated and the self loathing… hmmm I know find it terribly challenging.. sometimes very unbearable. And hey! I’m sorry for sounding like a “miss know it all” all the time..It’s just I’m honest. direct. have nothing to hide and yeah… daring. highly opinionated…but I always mean well..even if your first reaction takes on a negative response. =) But I’m glad.. Very glad Because as sophisticated as we are spiritually. hmmm I know for a fact, I’m continuously growing. Because Personal strength is the only determining factor that we live for. And being able to know that I can ask for help because that too was a very difficult lesson to learn. I’m glad “creator” did this and I’m not doing this alone. Because it is as scary as it is challenging. It is very scary to be able to throw yourself into society again with all of it. Like Van gogh.. I freaked out a lot…constantly in tears not knowing what to do because the knowing…seeing it so clearly…the world of madness..and destruction..and being so useless and hopeless. But I found you. And knowing that you exist. Geee… =D Now I can’t help but be over whelmed with tears of happiness. I have a friend I can just be myself to. =)
    ok. =) thanks for letting me mellow down with a few thoughts and reflections.

    *hug* thanks Jason.

  8. Anne Pham says:

    Hey dude,

    One song that has always been stuck on my mind. “Time after time” from Cyndi Lauper, Rob Hyman. Dicipher it. =D I hope you find the words quite like yours. I dunno. I haven’t as yet. But. Hmmm my instincts have never failed me before. =)

    Hope I brought a spark to your eyes.

    Catch ya…

  9. Anne Pham says:

    oh! hmm the difference is.. I don’t believe it was created by a Sage.. But something like a sixth sense. It’s also like the movies I mentioned little miss sunshine, oxford murders. hmm.. all created without without actually being aware of what was created. =) Like your song. But the only difference is, you and I are able to dicipher these things.
    Hey! I looked at my hand recently and a line that was never there was present. I’m wondering if you have the same line. It looks like “the health” line but it comes from the centre of your hand near your wrist and heads up and ends just under the pinky finger. Do you have that line? I dunno. It resembles a health line but it’s a rare line. this book I refered it to says its somewhat of a psyhic line. Hmm.. My base chakra’s going back to normal but funny… now my heart chakra’s doing a trip on me..
    hmmm…gotta get my focus back. logic anne…the only way to help is to help yourself. Do not be anyone other then yourself. No easy routes for anyone. You know all of this!!! argh… lol gibber gibber gibber. =P


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