Jason Mraz Talks About Breaking His Smoking Habit

answered another dozen questions from fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (August 10), including one asking the singer songwriter what habit he’s proudest of breaking. Mraz responded:

Smoking Cigarettes.

From 18 to 28 I foolishly puffed away thinking I was looking cool and feeling great. Having been free of smoke for almost 4 years now I look back and see how my life has transformed in every aspect from my physical and emotional state to how much I now participate and feel accepted by my community. Every smoker I know dreams of quitting and says they will stop SOMEDAY. Why not get it over with right now? Stop suffocating your body with harmful poisons. As far as I know, they’re still not making cigarettes with vitamins, minerals, or anti-aging agents. If you love yourself (and for the sake of those who love you,) just walk away from it. Inspire others with your powerful demonstration of volition.

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.

If you or someone you know wants to quit, Click here and order this book. It worked for me and about 20 other people I know.


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12 thoughts on “Jason Mraz Talks About Breaking His Smoking Habit

  1. Anne Pham says:

    We are truly at opposite ends of the spectrum. Meh! Dude… ewwww! lol don’t make me laugh! I have no intent of anything in this lifetime but to focus on myself as you are my friend. I may speak out my opinion but it doesn’t co-inside with an emotional attachment of an ideal that just…well? doesn’t exist because it is what it is and what it is it just lol a loop at best. lol
    Anyways. At the beginning.. I mentioned that you were going through orange and I am still doing blue. Recently however I have picked up momentum. Honestly. I can’t wait until you’re just chilled and kicking back. Means that I’ll be re energised. Meh! take it in whatever way you want. It doesn’t phase me. Idealisms aren’t my cuppa. To share something with a common friend or foe, now! that is something no matter the reaction is a must.
    Because well in the end? The word “whatevers, whenevers” is explanatory in itself.
    Hmmm… multiple chakra issue ay. lol you were a bit hyped up and a tad bit psyched ay? been a rev demon and forgot to down gear whenever you went up a hill. lol I know how that feels. drained out? lol breathe baby girl. lol you funny funny one. chill the f**k down ay? lol And stop being such a fuddy. You ain’t the only one who can enforce a bit of a bitch slap ere n der my friend.
    Hmmm… your karmatic lesson this lifetime is sobriety. Will power ay. Mine’s patience. lol funny. I should of already guessed from the story about your gramps and the one about giving yourself a bevy on ya birthday. The scourge of temptation. And mine? lol it’s actually written on me in black ink across my rhs chest just under my collar bone and the rest on my lhs lower rib cage “good things will happen, to those who wait” patience to others and patience with yourself. Like the way I should in fact be patient with you but meh! I’m human too ay? lol big and round eyes. it’s when you are being truthful. When they become slanted, it’s acceptism and hypcritism. lol hard to explain but it’s also to do with the kind of lines between your eye brows (anger and frustration. usually comes up with faced with illogical matters. criticism) and on your forehead (worried lines. lack of focus on yourself).
    Hmmm… focus on yourself. sure do that. But! focus on it solely from your own soul. taking in the good and discarding the bad….hmmm works to an extent but you have to take all of it all in ok? hmmmm the symptoms will cease if you express yourself from what is within. Without any influences only the factors. Without any negative thoughts only positive. all thoughts. processed through your own mind.. hmmmm Sure… I know you wanna do the world. I wanted to do the same thing…but you have to acknowledge the fact… hmmm and dude…I’m not upset. I’m just sincerely concerned ok? hmmmm my ears started hurting awhile ago and they did two or so days ago also. Honestly? I think all of this is a bit all in the air. The words What the F**k! lol when I went to see a psychologist prior to all of this..multiple mental disorders in fact I found out in the end that I was absolutely normal but that I was surrounded by the abnormal lol primitive beings. The illogical factor to my own degree of understanding was just mind splittingly painful! I nearly died a few times because I sacrificed my whole being for those around me. Seeing idiocracy played right before me was maddening and? like a vacuum I got sucked in. Being able empathize because I understood that although I myself did not see it in the light that they do. It doesn’t invalidate their own choices. Because…in the end? it’s just all about choices. I didn’t learn self love till this year. lol that’s the first thing you learn in life actually. And I didn’t know much about going with my own flow either until recently. I was constantly skitzing running a muck. pushing myself to breaking point again and again and again until I started hating the world, slowly but surely because through this whole course of karmatic events? I had a great task this lifetime to do it all in a short amount of time. lol Without anyone understanding anything my friend Sok tells me that I’m like an old soul in a youthful body. Really brings me smiling my ass off whenever I think about it. Because it actually is the case. And? I’m grateful to be aware of it. Anyway!!!! lol I just went through a trance =P My apologises.
    Believe what you want to believe and don’t try to find justification or someone’s approval of your ideas. =) In the end? meh! did anyone think the light bulb could be invented? lol I dunno caveman or what I’m amazed of the light bulb still!!!! and we live in the 21st century!
    Hmmm and the procrastination thing. The reason why I’m procrastinated is because I do believe love is all around and it shouldn’t be tied down to anything. Again we are talking about idealism. And I did question myself a bit on the topic because it clashes again with total appreciation and total acceptance. But? Only the soul can tell right? having preferences is just? well?? apart of our makeup and its just as it is. simple. I am. And I’m also very very glad you picked up on that. cheers to that!
    Anyway dude. Rest up. Change your sheets so that they are a light blue too. I assure you, it helps with your psy-ki. =)
    Another thing. I’ll tell you a story. I asked my friend why he didn’t put his real name on his Facebook account or that he never shared anything about himself? and he said? because I’m keeping it simple. I responded? “gee! that must of taken you quite a lot of time to come up with” And he retorted “Its easy to read” and I said “what’s so easy about that? you sat there and contemplated on it and re thought about what used put on the damn thing. if it’s the truth, it should just pour right out of you without any second thoughts or edits. what are you on about? short? it took more effort to cut it down to size because you’re more concerned about others? when it’s your account! yours!!!! I say, do what ever the hell you like with it! lol freedom of expression! You don’t ever see me wearing makeup but meh! whenever I’m not expressing myself I use my own face as a sheet of paper or canvas and hey! I may end up looking like Pocahontas or whatever but it doesn’t stop me from running around the streets and doing whatever with whoever and whenever I want!” =D Ok… the end part is true. but I didn’t say that to my friend.

    take it easy.

  2. Anne Pham says:

    a random thing. lol you know how cop cars etc have numbers painted on their roof tops? =) well my wheels k.o.ed on me. One cheeky lesson that was. Any who. I always wanted to paint a black arrow right on top of my roof top. lol From a birds eye view, all anyone will be seeing is this arrow or a cursor going randomly on a page. =P I’ve picked up momentum and relaxing has nearly come to an end. Ahhhh! it was a wonderful walk in the sun before. =) I’ve been feeling a whole surge of energy flushed right into me over the week. Guess it’s my turn to play. =D

    Rest up! And hey, pace yourself you hear? Whatever all this is about, there’s a reason for it. So just be you.

    Cheers friend

  3. Anne Pham says:

    Hmm….Check out on Google “jos-Modern Taoist Sage” ok?
    Under the number 6 subtitle.. I had this from the very beginning when I realised what I am.

    My head’s spinning…badly… It draws back to my very original concern… how do I live a humble life detached from the world? And at the same time… do what I want? How do you role model and be absent?

    =( Hmmm I know what I did… I poured oil on to your fire… Although… Hmmmm I’m sorry. I asked… that I could share my secret with another person…someone who would be able to tell me why.. I got an answer..But now? I do not know what to do… I chose to upset a balance with harmony and make contact with you.. Yet… I don’t regret it. Hmmmm… Take care friend.

  4. Anne Pham says:

    Hey! =) I’m calm again.
    My thoughts of the moment. I had “The secret” for a couple of years. Never opened it. Co incidentally, it too comes from my friend Sok. lol Funny. In terms of Joyologist? I admit now that she is just that to me. Early hours of this morning (btw, it’s 11:13pm atm on Sat) I thought I was loosing my hearing. A buzzing sound pressed against my head, my own voice was faint and everything still registering through, but a blur. I mentioned I did get sick just recently. I needed a medical certificate for Peter Rowland. Co a catering company. so I went to a GP in St. Albans. He asked me if I’d ever had tonsillitis. I don’t take medication. I don’t believe in it. Hmmm the weird thing though is I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t think much of you and your case with the same symptoms either. I dunno. It just went right passed my head. Hmmm I’ve been picking up momentum recently as well. Probably over a weekly period now. And I’ve started painting again.
    I’m slowly getting the hang of living. I’m coming to terms with everything and I’m not afraid anymore. Whatever I believe, I’ll do. I am not sorry nor do I regret anything. =)I was just lol silly. Although my tendencies and attitudes towards things still need improvement. But! I have all the time in the world. And? lol Eternal life is enough of a safe bet. =)
    I already know what I know. I don’t want to re-confirm anything anymore. No room to doubt. =)
    I know, I will see you when we have harmony. =) I can’t help but say though. I’m kinda pleased that your resting. Means I’ll be in action mode. I’m thirsting for the challenge as all this energy surges into my soul. =)

    Cheers Jason.

  5. Anne Pham says:

    love you and light your way. =)

  6. Anne Pham says:

    I used to wonder around the streets very late at night, early hours of the morning. Just wondering. My way to find some peace in myself. Sitting on highways and watching cars go by. I dunno… I always felt safe. I never had a problem with the dark. Hmmmm one night I came to a resolve..I gathered everything I knew, facts, figures, emotional luggage. The whole works. For 10 minutes, I sat and did nothing. Absolutely nothing. And? I was overcome by all the emotions. It was like watching a movie on fast forwards, changing from emotion to emotion. head spinning. And? After all that was done? I wanted to go home. The point being? Although our lives may contradict certain things and as much as we try to correct there will always be another aspect to amend for. We are human. We are not perfect. Our imperfections alone make us perfect. Because? We are governed by emotions. That inclines free-will. So? Hmmm I can sit down and write down everything I know. And? The only life that is entirely affected is? your own. So… Hmmm there is no point in second guessing. Although I’m not superficial or materialistic, I am expressive and creative. And by loving me, I must accept it all. What was and what is in order for there to be, what will be. =) My point is… Jason. Don’t throw away your livelihood ok? don’t do it… you are only hurting yourself… hmmm like the way I was and lol still getting the hang of it. Fcuk it and have fun. =) We have eternity to get it right lol and it doesn’t matter how many life times it will take. Our subconscious know and? time will only tell. I find it very problematic also. What is the real true you all over again scenarios… It already happened. awesome! that was an amazing experience. Like another memory to the memory bank although you will be the only one who can bear any witness to it all. =) It’s like preferences in your personality. It’s unique and special and therefore? there is no need to kick your self side ways. Can’t get it right this time around? Well? It’s all about the effort right? And? What more can a human being do but? To want happiness. Your fame was a given because? You wanted it. And? I believe that you shouldn’t throw away apart of yourself. Forget digging ok? =) There’s no need..It’s like practice. It gets easier and easier. And? hey! next lifetime, you will be able to duplicate the extensive time and also your ability. Hmmm reminds me of The Jabberwockees. They wear masks so that there is focus upon a group not the individual. So…although you will not be Jason Mraz, the next lifetime, you will certainly be the same soul. =) Ok?.. The only thing Creator, the source, God wants is? for us to be happy. Just do that and forget about being a role model. It’s effortless after all. lol It’s like the first time you burn yourself. You become aware of your actions and that becomes second nature… so… Hmmm it’s like writing down all your problems and emotions that are affixed upon those thoughts and memories and? scrunch up the piece of paper and junk it in the bin. It’s gone. But? You are still alive and? That’s all that matters. =) Shock the world. Do what you want. As long as you love you? There is always love in the world. Everyone else? lol get angry lol and? laugh at instinct karma as you knock into something or your fingers get caught and your on the floor in agony but a happy one. =) Think like a snake =) Be able to weave yourself around obstacles the way you have always done. And boy! Can I be a smart ass and a head f**k. People I’ve known have always said that I’m the kind of person who gets your knicker in a knot after a conversation with me, they all tend to question their values and beliefs. lol it’s like I can see cogs spinning in defiance of their idealisms. smashing each ego after another. lol =) SO? Jason. I know you can do the same thing too. I just do. Laughter is ultimately the key to survival. We all know there is more truth in humor but? after the extent of our awareness? lol It’s all a good laugh don’t you think? We can’t mother everyone. That’s just not the point. We are then stopping people from being exposed by things and allowing ourselves to feel the full impact again… and? You and me both.. I don’t want you to go ito a cycle and lose yourself. You are beautiful. And? lol there is no need to prove anything ok? Just remember the surrogate brother and don’t act out Jesus ok? lol
    Oh another thing. I can sense when you’ve written something. =) I think by now you should be aware that I am that I am and so? And that being said. I have no need to prove anything to you what so ever. =)

    Every action is a depiction of a creature. =) Hmmm…. You know Steve Irwin? he died from a jelly fish was it? well it reminds me of the movie with will smith in it and how he commits suicide by the hands of a jelly fish. There’s something peculiar about that creature that I’m unable to assert myself with. lol But meh! who cares! JUST LOL WATCH OUT FOR JELLY FISH! =p LOL boo!!! lol

  7. Anne Pham says:

    Recently I asked you if you changed something in your routine. I right. =) yerah! lol You changed your perspective on procrastination. Well… the subject of love. I have a feeling you’ve been having monologues with yourself on the subject. Unconditional love and love being all around. And? the ultimate thing. If everything is momentary as it is also infinite, is love also infinite. lol The reason of procrastination was because everyone has preferences and by those preferences do we make choices of whom we would like to associate with etc. Same with the matter of love. I drilled head over it. How or where am I going to find myself someone whose of the same caliber? and am I then being a hypocrite on the matter of total appreciation and total acceptance? and the living in the “now” concept… I swear.. I couldn’t stop kicking myself at the same time as laughing at my irrationality. Hmmm lol Eye candy is always good. lol But knowing what you know…there is only potential that stands before me and? Knowing you can’t change or force anyone to do or be anything that they are not ready for? Meh! lol And the unappealing factor of being surrounded by prominent insecurities of primitives? Hmm…. I love mankind and all that exists on this earth, but I believe that no matter what? It should be sincere. Not based on anything but true love. Corney. But hey. I’m willing to wait my whole life time for the right one then settle with make do. =) I also thought about the karmatic relationships before me. But I also know that it’s only due to their own inability to face their own fears. So? being the humanitarian that I am? =P I’ll just go tell them to F**k a sheep =P My own underlying words of love and peace. lol I dunno. It just doesn’t matter. If I can spend the rest of my life dedicating it to narcissism then so be it. =) That’s after all my only way I will be able to role model honest and earnest love ay.
    And as for my previous comment? You do whatever it is that makes you happy. =) Choose the path with least regrets. =) Yeah. lol it sounds silly when you actually understand the principles of life but hey! lol this is where you act like a goldfish and just nod and smile =P

    Change is good. =) All I wanna do is? K.I.S.S. =)
    Jason? I applaud you for a job well done. It was very very challenging… I know… Hmmm Now? The balls in your court ay. Doesn’t matter what you do, you’re doing it. Don’t look up, you may trip. don’t look down, you may bump your head. look straight. and you’ll know where to go. =)
    oh. I smoked cigarettes a couple of months before my sweet 16. I was a chain smoker. Very very heavy chain smoker. I quit many times. Once for 6 months. One day, I decided to pull out a melway and grid out a 2km route. I ran and sprinted the final 100metres. After a week? I ran 6km every 3-5times a week including work and walking 2kms or running lol home from public transport. Id run 9kms straight after a night of booze along with the same routine. The funny thing though. It’s just awareness and will power? Effortless. Funny about will power. I was tempted to having a drink on Friday night at the club. lol It’s still a shocker to everyone how I can be the only one dancing from the start to the end completely sober.
    Anyway. As long as you are sincere. Everything will come. =)

  8. Anne Pham says:

    Go to epaper.hindustantimes.com/

    on the top left pull down menu select Mumbai in city

    Select date 14 Aug from date pull down menu

    Select page 04 from left column

    run mouse over the day. A box will appear with articles on the selected page.

    Then select ‘Inner Voice’

    Or, click the page and the whole page will open then click on Inner Voice, and the article will be selected for viewing.

    PS: An Advert will block out the page, which you’ll need to close each time you select a page…

    Jason, this may clear things up for you some what. =)

  9. Anne Pham says:

    OMG!!! Jason… I figured it out. Just bear with me o.k. it will be a bit of a wow factor once I get my message across.
    You know ants? How they show us society? Infrastructure etc? Ok… think about transformers for a moment and how they all add up together to make the mega bot? ok. think gumbi now. but think billions and billions of mini hims in particle matter. You know how the only way to this is by searching for the truth. The truth within ourselves. Knowing ourselves and knowing what unconditional love is? Ok… Think about the source. And how we are one. We are the source. We are our own God of our own world. Ok… Think about evolution now. But also consider extinction. Ok… Hmmm I dunno what happened before creation exactly but I have a fair idea. Hmmm I was a normal enthusiastic girl who came from the ghetto and all of this???? I’m like omg… what!!!1???!!?? phew… ok… back on track please bear with me. I’m just coming to terms with this and its wow!!!
    you know that the only way to the truth is when you search for it. And the only way you can do that is if you start asking questions about yourself. Fears insecurities etc. Everyone has to go down in order to rise and see the light. Ok… Think of the source as a super human being who can teleport, have telepathic abilities etc, clairvoyance. The whole works. flies even. Ok… And one day the source lost it self and the big bang. creation. The life force on this earth are billions of pieces of the same kind. Because ultimately we all go back to the source and ultimately evolution must take place. Human beings are images of the source in primitive form yet still. We are reliving living the sources soul and gathering up the pieces in other words. Hmmm and you know how humans are irrational and emotional? charged by free will? same as the source. Irrational and emotional which is why the big bang occurred. Like a mental break down, all the pieces of the puzzle are slowly getting closer and fitting together. Evolution. The ultimate supreme being. lol The matrix. But! there is actual only one. The life force doesn’t change. but the quantity of beings and forms does. Just Hmmm…. It’s like… some human beings is made up of five primitive human beings and like you’ve noticed all around you. People are becoming aware. It’s exposure. But! It’s also the sum of different influences and experiences. Like a pyramid. It begins at the bottom and slowly decreases until you are pointing to the top.
    It’s the source trying to figure itself out again by redefining self love and unconditional love. Why? Hmmm… I believe it too is about love and it was something simple as that yet even a supreme being couldn’t figure it out. We are one planet. The source is one super human being. We are the source. The universe… Now that’s another thing… We are ants in this game and the source? may actually be a primitive being within the universe because, we are still not whole yet and we are at a very very slow rate in comparison to everything I suppose. =) I dunno much about the source it self and why it happened. But I know that it was emotional and irrationality that brought us to being. And it was an issue about love. =) I’m satisfied with this result. =) Gosh…. The amount of jelly babies I had to throw down my throat in order to process all of this. Takes a hell of a lot of energy out of me.
    Anyway. I’ve always said to people “we are the aliens” lol Now? I actually know the source of it all. I thought it was a reflection based upon evolution and eventually we will all get there as a population. But? It’s actually not the case. We are all one. We are all the source. And once everyone is aware. I honestly do not know what will happen… Because it’s obvious what will happen. But for the most? it’ll be like Hitler and wiping out unprogressiveness although it will not seem the case because??? lol we are all the source and ultimately? that is our one true goal. yerah…. At the beginning.. I was like.. what? we are nothing and everything is nothing? everything will become extinct anyway? but it’s not the case. although extinction is necessary. But it’s exactly like the saying survival of the fittest. one day, there will be millions of souls within one person. and then? billions and whole. I know…it’s like WDF!!!!!??? Try downing a handful of gummies or something one after another. And I’m sure you will see the exact same thing.
    So? Meh!!! Just be happy and love you and do whatever. lol I’ve concluded that much.

  10. Anne Pham says:

    And yes… I am beyond disbelief… beyond repair…I do not know what on earth to think or do anymore… but? To just push it all to the side and just? live simple and be the happiest person alive. Let’s go hang out some day when all this celebrity thing dies out ay. Just lie around on the beach and just look at the stars. I wonder if hypnosis works on us or only the ignorant? Hmmmm hahahahaha This is all so amazing.

  11. Anne Pham says:

    describing yourself is me in a nutshell. I’m jar filled with goodness yet… I have no idea what to do with it. Being lost isn’t quite the words…more like I’m a found person in a lost world. lol errr…. knowing that stealing is the survival mechanism that ensures life.. in whatever form it may manifest it self. Long walks. Get back to routine and sweat tears… All such a haze now… But don’t get me wrong. =) I am absolutely grateful. Just very…hmmmm Knowledge and application… Again… I’m trying to find an answer or I’ll loose it completely. Hmmm and I know it’s just on the tip of my nose and I just hmmm need that one extra piece…
    Hey dude… I encountered some other souls who share a link…Hmmm but they don’t see everything clearly…everything being connected…Parts… Not disappointed at all… Just…a play on idealisms and ignorance.. lol I am right. you are wrong thing going on. lol Had to really slide away from that asap.
    Gotsta focus on me now. =) Like yourself “focus on you love”.
    And commitment? =) My heart decides on that. But knowing it all for what it is? =) I understand them… I can’t, I don’t and I won’t pity them. I love myself and therefore I will only do what it is that is true to and for me. =) Procrastination is my way of just letting things be because with the energy I project… I can’t help but run up a tree or duck for cover…When someone bursts my bubble on the dance floor. I’m overwhelmed with savage beasts…thirsty creatures… and I do love everyone… But when it comes to this matter? Hmmm It’s not complicated. I do what my heart tells me and? Knowing people’s ego’s..motives.. insecurities and fears… =) I’m only playing God and messing with them and??? lol It demeans me. It demeans them. It’s not fair and it’s not kind either. To help the world progress… Hmmm I need to learn how balance mind body and soul and keep focused. =) I love you Jason. You validated my existence. lol And it sounds funny. But hey! Knowing that there is someone just like me out there? Makes me know that I can do this. Hmmm Anyway! I’m off to roam around the streets at night listening to music and sing to my hearts content. =) This is the one thing I always do when I’m in a fickle.


  12. jeff riley says:

    Anne Pham…hmm… I dunno…hmm…you are an idiot. meh! lol

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