Jason Mraz Teams With Brett Dennen To Create ‘What Mama Say’

Jason Mraz talks about composing 'What Mama Say' with Brett Dennen talked about the song ‘What Mama Say’, off the singer songwriter’s just released EP ‘Life Is Good’ that he wrote with Brett Dennen.

“We had mother on the mind,” Mraz said of the track composed around Mother’s Day. “I had been throwing the verses around forever. Brett is just such a melodical wonderkind that we spent a good half an hour, hour trying to find a path to take chord progression wise that just made us feel good.”

“That’s always the fun part of writing a song is you’re in one spot and then you always want to go in these journeys and find your way back to the root. I remember that was the best part about creating that song, other than both of us going back and forth about things that our mamas say or had said to us over the years because even though I hadn’t met his mom and he hadn’t met mine, it’s pretty obvious what gets said to a kid. It’s funny the similarities and the things we all have heard.”

Watch the comments via YouTube below.

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