Jason Mraz To Start On New Album In Two Weeks

Jason Mraz

updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (November 23), discussing vacations and plans to record a new album. The singer songwriter tells readers:

In 6 days our tour will officially come to an end. The band and crew will pack up their gear and head home. I’ll meander to Europe for a few more promotional waves of the hand and look forward to a mouthful of French on my palette.

In 2 weeks time I will enter the studio and begin recording the next album. Only a handful of songs are written and slated but the momentum of love is with me. Every day new verses get added on. The songs are coming together piece by piece. The process is unlike any of the other records before this. It’s like I’m being gifted the album without having to do the work. I’m creating that in 6 months the project will be complete and then we’ll hit the road again with new sounds and new musicians. From today’s tired perspective I laugh at how soon that sounds, but I know there’s no better way to spend my time and no better way to share and practice what I am learning. We are of service to one another. Earthlings clinging to earthlings for life support, making up acts to entertain its Self. Translation: Being love.

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