Jason Mraz Tours Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Monday (June 7), discussing his tour of the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream factory in Middlebury, Vermont. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Before arriving I’m envisioning the place to be a Wonkaian wonderland, complete with lick-able wallpaper, glass elevators, and a psychedelic steamboat ride on a river of chocolate, all run of course by talented individuals of the shortest stature. With Ben & Jerry – Peace, Love, and Ice Cream is the mantra. So of course I’m anticipating an audio tour read by Trey Anastasio, guided by glowsticks, followed by an Ultimate Frisbee game and some Noodle Dancing to the tune of #41 by DMB, all to shed the weight after all the free samples are said and melted. (I speak from experience btw. When I was 20, I weighed 20 pounds more than I do today thanks to my diet of Chubby Hubby and Cherry Garcia. Were it not for Dave Matthews’ concerts, I doubt I would have exercised at all.)

The ice cream factory tour was everything I’d thought it would be – A peek into the production center and a seven minute video about the history of two fat kids who split the cost of a $5 correspondence course, earning them a degree in ice cream making. From the start the two friends had social consciousness and community in mind. On their first anniversary, they created free-cone day. To this day on their anniversary, every store participates, giving away more than a million cones – roughly 280 million calories heard around the world.

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