Jason Mraz’s Brother Offers Tips For An Enjoyable Flight

After offering fans advice on how to wipe their butts to save the environment, turned to his brother, who works for a major airline, to offer them advice on making a flight a little more efficient and enjoyable. Mraz writes on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz):

– Airline employees can make your flight a positive one if you work together. They can see you coming a mile away, and for those with attitudes, it’s no accident that there are no more windows or aisles. Impatient and ungrateful customers always get the seats over the engine or closest to the toilet. By practicing Gratitude even before you enter the airport, you’ll find yourself happy to be anywhere on board. Also, print your boarding pass at home. Every major airline now offers this service.

– When Checking Bags it’s truer than it is false, that fragile stickers encourage baggage handlers to care less about your items. Therefore, it might be better to write a thank you note to your trusty baggage loader. Thanks for the hard work and delivering me safely. Would you like a blowjob? Something like that.

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