Jason Mraz’s Eco Friendly Gift Giving Ideas

Jason Mraz and assistant

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Thursday (December 10), offering his environmentally friendly ideas for Christmas gifts. The singer songwriter tells readers:

This year, I encourage you to spend as little money as possible while giving more than you ever gave! Don’t panic, here are some ideas to jumpstart your great big generous brain.

1. The best present is your presence! Be a helper – Spend time with loved ones. Maybe commit yourself to cleaning out their junk drawers. Assist someone in proper waste management. Such as, recycle their old cell phones and unwanted electronics to ensure it doesn’t hit the landfill. The good people at Electronic Recyclers can help make this easy. The green goal is to reduce your addiction to clutter. Ban the Phonebook for example. Unless your 80, I doubt there’s a need for a new one every season.

1.a – Help Mom and Dad, your teachers or boss to improve efficiency by living and thinker greener. Spend time demonstrating how easy it is to set up recycling in the home or office. Establish a community water source that eliminates the use of buying water bottles. Make sure Mom and Grandma are fully committed to using reusable canvas bags when shopping for anything. Have your home computer and company switch to eco friendly font! This is a font we use on tour. It’s clever “holy” design allows for printer cartridges to last 20% longer. Check it out here! Eco-Font!

2. Shop from your friends! In every community there are people who make things that could use the boost this season. In my community, I have a friend who bakes, a friend who manufactures hula-hoops, a friend who makes custom guitar straps and bags, a friend who makes musical instruments, a team who serves gratitude, and a sister who works for American Heart Association. Whether I’m sharing crafts or donating time and treasure in the spirit of giving, you are going above and beyond.

3. Re-Gift. A little spit shine on an old item, something you no longer relish, could be of great service to someone else. By re-gifting you’re contributing to the easing up of unnecessary material clutter. Welcome to a new decade that will best be defined by our doing more with less.

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