Jason Mraz’s Speech Had He Won The Song Of The Year Grammy

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Sunday (February 15), talking about what he would have said had he won Song of the Year at the Grammy Awards last weekend, where he was nominated for ‘I’m Yours’. The award went to Coldplay for ‘Viva la Vida’. Mraz says his acceptance speech would have been as follows:

I can’t take credit for a song that wrote itself. I’m only one of millions who sing along to its message of peace & love. AND I THINK HUMANS WERE PUT ON THIS EARTH TO MAKE MUSIC. Each one of us IS a living instrument with a responsibility to sing out, to share, to cry and wail, for progress and for healing. I am grateful I get to sing with so many.

Thank you Bill Silva & my incredible support team at Bill Silva Management. Thanks to Sam Riback and all the caregivers at Atlantic Records. Martin Terefe & The Kensaltown Kings for helping me make a great recording. And to the Gratitude Community in the Bay area, my families in San Diego, and Mechanicsville, VA, thanks for the inspiration.

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