Javine Hylton: I Don’t Want Alesha Dixon’s Forgiveness

Javine Hylton opened up to New magazine about her relationship with MC Harvey, claiming that the public criticism of their affair that led former Mis-Teeq member to end her marriage to the So Solid Crew star made their love stronger. “The more people called me a marriage wrecker and Harvey a love rat, the stronger we became,” she said. “Harvey’s family had a relationship with Alesha so it took a while for me to strike one up with them. It was hard for his family.”

Javine, who is due to give birth to their first to their first child next month, added that she’s not expecting Dixon to forgive her. “She doesn’t know me. I don’t deserve anything from her,” Javine said. “People are going to try their best to create cracks in our relationship. She was hardly going to say ‘He left me because he had fallen out of love with me’. I know how he felt.” Read more.

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