Jaw Dropping Details Uncovered In Madonna Bio

According to the New York Post, Madonna’s unauthorized biography by Barbara Victor entitled “Goddess” has shocking details about Madge. According to the book, has had 11 abortions, including one just before she met husband Guy Ritchie which Victor would only reveal is “a British man” before the release of the book.

Also revealed were that, according to a pal, Ritchie’s parents “Believed that deliberately got pregnant. This was not some teenage girl who didn’t know how to use birth control!”

Since the two have married, Ritchie’s father is said to have warmed to because of Rocco, but Lady Amber still seems to dislike her. A pal said the parents “Always envisioned he would marry someone more proper. They looked down on her because she is in show business, was 10 years older than him, and pregnant.”

Madonna’s former rep, Liz Rosenberg denied claims in the book saying, “The abortion issue is completely untrue. That she tricked Guy into marrying her is ridiculous. This is a love match, period. I was at the wedding and everyone got along beautifully.” HarperCollins says the book has been “thoroughly vetted by lawyers.”

Dish On Madonna Bio

October 9, 2001 – The Village Voice’s Michael Musto reports the bio on Madonna will include further details about her bisexual flings as well as implying a female manager was in love with her and Madonna sort of led her on.

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